Arcane Labyrinth

Arcane Labyrinth is one of the most interesting game modes of AFK 2: Journey, where players join a quick journey defeating different enemies when getting to the new floors, obtain the right relics to get stronger, and get a ton of valuable rewards.

AFK 2 Journey Arcane Labyrinth Guide

AFK 2: Journey Arcane Labyrinth Guide

Basic Information

The Arcane Labyrinth refreshes at 0:00 UTC every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Every time it refreshes, all progress, exploration rewards, and monsters will be spawned afresh.

Each labyrinth exploration uses up 1 exploration chance. You will be given 3 exploration chances by default whenever the labyrinth refreshes and will get an additional 5 exploration chances when clearing level 20 for the first time.

The labyrinth has various dimensions. The higher the dimension, the more difficult the exploration will be. You can only choose to explore 1 dimension every time the labyrinth is refreshed, and you can’t change it later.

Clear level 20 of the previous dimension to unlock the next dimension. From dimension 2 and higher, the number of heroes that can enter the labyrinth for each exploration will be limited.

When starting the journey, players have to defeat the enemies on each floor. After defeating, players will be able to pick 1 from the given relics, which boost the team power, weaken the enemies, or offer some special abilities.

After that, players have to select a door between two. Each door has different enemies and relics.

In the end, you will be able to face the final boss, Mistal Berserker. Optimize your strategies to defeat him and get the rewards.

Final Boss Mistal Berserker

Mistal Berserker Abiliies

  • Tearing Claw: Attacks enemies in a cone 6 times and then gains increased Attack.
  • Controlling Sweep: Pulls in an enemy and deals damage.
  • Furious Punishment: Deals damage to an enemy and the enemies near them and stuns them.

Exploration Rewards

Every time the labyrinth refreshes, exploration rewards can be obtained after clearing level 5, 10, and 15. These rewards can only be obtained once.

Deep Labyrinth

Players will enter the Deep Labyrinth after clearing level 20 of the labyrinth. Players who enter the Deep Labyrinth and have their results calculated will enter labyrinth rankings.

The Deep Labyrinth ‘s boss is in Endless Mode and doesn’t die. You only have 1 chance to challenge it. Players will be ranked in the Labyrinth Rankings based on the total damage they deal to the Deep Labyrinth boss.

Exit Midway

After entering the labyrinth, players can move to the exit at the bottom to calculate the results and end the exploration early.

After exiting midway, players will keep all obtained exploration rewards, but the exploration chance will not be returned.

AFK Journey Difficulty

DifficultyUnlock Conditions
1Unlocked by default.
2Complete AFK Challenge Stage 1-34
Clear Difficulty 1 Floor 20
3Complete AFK Challenge Stage 2-8
Clear Difficulty 2 Floor 20
4Complete AFK Challenge Stage 2-28
Clear Difficulty 3 Floor 20
5Complete AFK Challenge Stage 2-44
Clear Difficulty 4 Floor 20
6Complete AFK Challenge Stage 3-8
Clear Difficulty 5 Floor 20
7Complete AFK Challenge Stage 3-28
Clear Difficulty 6 Floor 20
8Complete AFK Challenge Stage 3-44
Clear Difficulty 7 Floor 20
9Complete AFK Challenge Stage 4-20
Clear Difficulty 8 Floor 20
10Complete AFK Challenge Stage 4-44
Clear Difficulty 9 Floor 20
11Complete AFK Challenge Stage 5-8
Clear Difficulty 10 Floor 20
12Complete AFK Challenge Stage 5-24
Clear Difficulty 11 Floor 20

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