Primal Lord – Lone Gaze Guide

Embark on the thrilling Primal Lord event in AFK Journey, where cooperation across the server leads to substantial rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about conquering the Lone Gaze Primal Lord and maximizing your gains.

Primal Lord System

The Primal Lord event pits players against a formidable Raid Boss that appears on the world map. The objective is clear: defeat the Primal Lord swiftly to enhance rewards for everyone on the server.

Event Rules and Participation

  • Daily Challenges: Players can confront the Primal Lord up to 3 times per day.
  • Immediate Rewards: After each attempt, players receive individual rewards based on the damage inflicted. These rewards include Essence Essence, gold Gold, EXP, and chests containing valuable equipment.
  • Leaderboard Incentives:
    • The top 20 damage dealers earn the prestigious title of “Wolfslayer.”
    • The top 200 contributors are awarded a unique border and varying quantities of Twilight Essence Twilight Essence.
  • Eternal Recognition: Upon the Primal Lord’s defeat, an Eternal Inscription memorializes the top 20 players at the site of its demise, celebrating their contributions.

Server-Wide Benefits

The entire server benefits from the event through collective rewards distributed upon the Primal Lord’s defeat. These include diamonds Diamonds, Invite Letter Invite Letters, A-Level Soulstones, and additional equipment chests—rewards that improve as the server’s overall performance increases.

Strategies for Success

  1. Maximize Daily Attempts: Use all three permitted daily challenges to contribute meaningfully to the server’s efforts and increase your personal damage tally.
  2. Optimize Hero Lineups: Tailor your team to exploit the Primal Lord’s weaknesses. Understanding and adapting to the boss mechanics can significantly boost your effectiveness.
  3. Coordinate with Allies: Collaborate with other players to strategize and synchronize attacks. Group efforts can lead to quicker defeats and better rewards.
  4. Track Progress: Keep an eye on the leaderboard to gauge your standing and adjust your strategies as needed to break into the top ranks.
Lone Gaze Guide AFK Journey

Primal Lord: Lone Gaze

Lone Gaze stands as a formidable Primal Lord boss in AFK Journey, offering unique challenges that test even the most seasoned players. This guide delves into the key mechanics of Lone Gaze and recommends optimal strategies and hero configurations to defeat this mighty adversary.

Understanding Lone Gaze’s Mechanics

Lone Gaze has undergone adjustments that align him more closely with Dream Realm bosses, though he presents unique challenges that may require additional tactical considerations, especially for new players.

  1. Ultimate: Mist Summoning
    • Timing: Activates at 10, 40, and 70 seconds.
    • Effect: Enshrouds Lone Gaze in mist, enhancing his evasion and allowing him to summon wolf packs that target mist-covered enemies.
  2. Skill 1: Spectral Charge
    • Action: Charges towards and strikes the farthest enemy.
    • Mist Effect: Summons spectral wolves to attack the farthest target when mist is present.
  3. Skill 2: Arc Assault
    • Action: Attacks targets within a 1-tile arc twice, followed by a wider range attack that also interrupts enemies.
  4. Passive: Predator’s Boost
    • Effect: Gains a stat boost upon defeating any non-summoned enemy.

Strategic Recommendations

  • Healers: Given the nerf to Lone Gaze’s damage output, running dual healers is usually sufficient to maintain team longevity, though spenders might manage with just one. Free-to-play (F2P) players are advised to opt for two healers to ensure survivability.
  • Damage Dealers: Choose heroes who not only deal high damage but also possess self-sustaining abilities and can offer additional team utility. This dual role is crucial in managing the tougher phases of the battle.
  • Adapt Healer Use: While the default recommendation is for two healers, adjust based on your team’s durability and the healers’ effectiveness. If your main damage dealers are robust enough, consider scaling down to one healer.
  • Utilize Mist Mechanics: Position your team to mitigate the impact of the mist—spread out your units to avoid giving easy targets for the spectral wolves. Understanding the timing of the mist can also help you prepare defenses or counterattacks.
  • Counterplay: Incorporate heroes that can interrupt or have evasion abilities to counter Lone Gaze’s mist advantage. Heroes that can clear or manipulate enemy formations will also be beneficial.

Best Heroes for Lone Gaze

General Strategy

  • Leverage Ascended Heroes: Often, heroes with the highest ascension levels perform best due to increased stats. For example, a well-invested CeciaCecia can significantly outperform others in terms of damage.
  • Dual Supports for F2P: Despite recent nerfs, free-to-play players should consider maintaining two support heroes to prevent the boss from gaining buff stacks through team member defeats.

Supports and Healers

  • Core Choices:
    • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky are essential for their healing and buffing capabilities, forming the backbone of any team facing this boss.
    • kokoKoko excels in reducing incoming damage, helping the entire team endure longer fights. If kokoKoko is unavailable, consider Hewynn 1Hewynn or damianDamian as alternatives.

Top Damage Dealers

  • odieOdie and MarileeMarilee: Both heroes offer substantial ranged DPS, making them particularly effective in the Dream Realm. odieOdie is preferable for activating the Mauler faction bonus.
  • shakirShakir: Known for his mobility and self-sustenance through Drain, shakirShakir also reduces damage taken by nearby allies while boosting their capabilities.
  • valaVala: Exceptional in her sword mode, especially as the boss’s HP drops below 50%, due to her enhanced damage and mobility.
  • korinKorin: At Mythic+ level, korinKorin supports the team with damage and protective shields.
  • seth 1Seth: Combines high damage output with impressive mobility and self-preservation skills.

Effective Debuffers

  • reinierReinier: A top choice at Mythic+ for spenders, reinierReinier dramatically enhances a team’s performance.
  • krugerKruger and thoran 1Thoran: Serve as robust front-line options, especially effective with the reduced boss damage. They provide debuffs and increase the team’s overall damage output.

Building Your Own Team

  • F2P Players: Focus on maximizing the potential of high-ascension heroes and maintain dual supports to mitigate boss mechanics effectively.
  • Spenders: Can often streamline their support needs to one healer if their characters are sufficiently ascended, allowing more room for aggressive damage-dealing heroes.

Best Lone Gaze Teams

Free-to-play Teams

  • Support: 1
  • Debuffer: 1 or 2
  • DPS: 2 or 3
  • Artifact: Starshard Spell.

This configuration focuses on maximizing offensive capabilities without compromising the team’s sustainability in battle.

If you have highly ascended CeciaCecia, don’t hesitate to use her in any comp.

Team 1: thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdieCeciaCeciakokoKoko

Team 2:thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdieshakirShakirkokoKoko

Pay-to-win Teams

  • Support: 1
  • Debuffer: 1 or 2
  • DPS: 2 or 3
  • Artifact: Starshard

Team 1: thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdieshakirShakirMarileeMarilee

Team 2:thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdiereinierReinierMarileeMarilee

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