AFK Journey Heroes

AFK Journey offers a wide variety of heroes for players to collect and enjoy. This guide provides a comprehensive list of all available heroes.

You can conveniently organize them by their respective factions, roles, the types of buffs and debuffs they offer, or even by their attack range.

For insights into each hero’s strength, check out the AFK Journey Tier List. This list ranks heroes based on their effectiveness in different game modes, helping you make informed choices for your gameplay.

AFK Journey Heroes

Antandra, , , , , , , maulerphysicaltankcontrol-immunity damage-reduction energy healing reduce-damage-taken shieldreduce-damage stun taunt1
Arden, wildermagicmageentangle stun5
Berial, , , hypogeanmagicroguehealing invincible revivereduce-energy steal-energy1
Brutus, , maulerphysicalwarriorimmunity life-draindecrease-armor taunt1
Bryon, , , wildermagicmarksmanreduce-haste steal-energy stun taunt5
Carolina, , gravebornmagicmagedecrease-haste decrease-magic-resist freeze4
Cassadee, lightbearermagicmagemagic-damageknock stun3
Cecia, gravebornphysicalmarksmanentangle immobile5
Damian, , , wildermagicsupportenergy haste healingblind stun20
Dionel, , , , celestialphysicalmarksmanattack attack-speed true-damageknock penetration reduce-vitality5
Eironn, wildermagicroguedecrease-haste decrease-magic-resist1
Fay, , , , , lightbearermagicsupportarmor attack energy healing magic-resistdecrease-armor decrease-magic-resist3
Granny Dahnie, , , wilderphysicaltankcontrol-immunitydecrease-haste immobile reduce-energy taunt1
Hammie, lightbearermagicsupportattack healing5
Hewynn, wildermagicsupporthaste healingdispel4
Kafra, , , , , wilderphysicalwarriorattack control-immunity hastedecrease-armor decrease-haste knock stun1
Korin, lightbearerphysicalwarriorshieldknock stun2
Kruger, , , maulerphysicalwarriorattack control-immunity healing life-draindecrease-armor1
Lucius, , , , lightbearerphysicaltankhealing shielddecrease-attack knock stun taunt1
Lumont, , , , maulerphysicaltankarmor control-immunity shieldcharge knock taunt1
Lyca, , , wilderphysicalmarksmanattack-speed energy hastedecrease-armor stun5
Parisa, wildermagicmagecrit crit-amplification5
Reinier, , hypogeanmagicsupportenergy healingincrease-damage-taken knock5
Rhys, maulerphysicalmarksmancontrol-immunity movement-speedknock6
Rowan, , , lightbearermagicsupportarmor energy healing magic-resiststeal-energy3
Salazer, gravebornphysicalroguedecrease-attack knock1
Satrana, , , , maulermagicmageattack damage-reduction invincible life-draincharm reduce-healing-effect1
Scarlita, , , , celestialphysicalwarriorattack control-immunity invincible shieldknock stun1
Seth, maulerphysicalroguehastedecrease-armor life-drain1
Shakir, , maulerphysicalroguecontrol-immunity deflect life-drainreduce-healing-effect1
Silvina, , , gravebornphysicalroguedamage-reductionreduce-energy reduce-healing-effect silent stun1
Smokey and Meerky, , , , maulermagicsupportattack attack-speed energy healing true-damage8
Temesia, , lightbearerphysicaltankcontrol-immunitycharge reduce-damage reduce-def1
Thoran, , maulerphysicaltankimmunity life-drain revive1
Vala, , lightbearerphysicalroguehaste movement-speeddecrease-haste stun7
Viperian, gravebornmagicmagecontrol-immunity life-drainreduce-energy5
AFK Journey Heroes

Also, while checking the AFK Journey heroes, you might encounter different types of terms regarding buffs, debuffs, and hero stats that you might want to understand:

Basic Stats:

  1. HP (Health): This is the unit’s health pool. Damage received decreases HP, and reaching zero HP results in the unit’s defeat.
  2. ATK (Attack): This stat enhances the damage output of the unit.
  3. Phys DEF (Physical Defense): It reduces the physical damage that the unit takes.
  4. Magic DEF (Magic Defense): This lowers the magic damage received by the unit.

Rivalry Stats

  1. Crit DMG Boost: Boosts the critical damage in Rivalry Mode. When your unit lands a critical hit, the damage multiplier is adjusted based on the difference between your unit’s Crit DMG Boost and the opponent’s Crit DMG DEF. Normally, the multiplier is 150%, but this can vary between 120% and 300%, changing by 1% for each point of difference.
  2. Crit DMG DEF: Enhances critical damage defense in Rivalry Mode. When your unit takes a critical hit, the damage multiplier is modified by the difference between the attacker’s Crit DMG Boost and your unit’s Crit DMG DEF, starting at a default of 150% and ranging between 120% and 300%, shifting by 1% per point of difference.
  3. Energy Regen Reduction: Increases energy regeneration reduction in Rivalry Mode. For each point in this stat, the target’s energy recovery is lessened by 1% when they take damage from your unit.
  4. Energy Regen On Hit: Boosts energy regeneration on hit in Rivalry Mode. Each point in this stat increases your unit’s energy recovery by 1% when they receive damage.
  5. Debuff Focus: Enhances debuff focus in Rivalry Mode. Each point in this stat extends the duration of most debuffs your unit applies by 1%.
  6. Resilience: Increases resilience in Rivalry Mode. Each point in this stat cuts down the duration of most debuffs inflicted on your unit by 1%.
  7. DMG Boost: Boosts damage in Rivalry Mode. The damage multiplier for your unit is calculated by the difference between their DMG Boost and the target’s DMG Reduction. The default multiplier is 100%, with each point of difference altering it by 1%.
  8. DMG Reduction: Enhances damage reduction in Rivalry Mode. When your unit takes damage, the damage multiplier is determined by the difference between the attacker’s DMG Boost and your unit’s DMG Reduction. The default multiplier is 100%, changing by 1% for every point of difference.

Offensive Stats:

  1. ATK SPD (Attack Speed): Each point increases the unit’s normal attack frequency and attack animation speed by 1%.
  2. Crit: The unit’s crit rate when dealing damage is determined by the difference between its Crit and the target’s Crit Resist. Each point above the target’s Crit Resist boosts the unit’s crit rate by 1%.
  3. Haste: Each point in Haste boosts the frequency of the unit’s normal attacks and skills, as well as the attack animation speed, by 1%.
  4. DEF Penetration: Every point allows the unit to ignore 1% of the target’s Phys DEF and Magic DEF when dealing damage.
  5. Execution: Increases damage dealt by 1% to targets with HP below 50% for every point in Execution.
  6. Crit DMG Boost: The critical damage multiplier for critical hits is based on the difference between the unit’s Crit DMG and the target’s Crit DMG DEF, ranging from 120% to 300%, with the default being 150%. Each point of difference adjusts the multiplier by 1%.

Defensive Stats:

  1. Vitality: Each point increases the effectiveness of received shields and healing, including self-heals, by 1%.
  2. Life Drain: Restores HP equal to 1% of the actual damage dealt for every point in Life Drain.
  3. Crit Resist: When receiving damage, the crit rate is based on the difference between the attacker’s Crit and the unit’s Crit Resist. Each point above the unit’s Crit Resist raises the attacker’s crit rate by 1%.
  4. Ranged DEF: Each point in Ranged DEF reduces damage from non-adjacent enemies by 1%.
  5. Crit DMG DEF: When receiving critical damage, the critical damage multiplier is adjusted by the difference between the attacker’s Crit DMG and the unit’s Crit DMG DEF, with a range of 120% to 300% and a default of 150%. Each point of difference alters the multiplier by 1%.


  1. Healing: Each point boosts the effectiveness of the unit’s shields and healing (including self-heals) by 1%.
  2. Assistance: Every point extends the duration of most buffs provided by the unit by 1%.
  3. Energy Regen on Hit: Increases the unit’s energy recovery by 1% for each point when the unit takes damage.
  4. Debuff Focus: Each point lengthens the duration of most debuffs inflicted by the unit by 1%.
  5. Resilience: For every point, the duration of most debuffs on the unit is reduced by 1%.
  6. Proficiency: If the unit’s Proficiency is lower than the enemy’s level, the effectiveness of some of the unit’s skills is diminished.


In AFK Journey, focusing on key stats is essential for optimizing your team’s performance. The importance of each stat may vary depending on your playstyle, the specific heroes you’re using, and the challenges you’re facing. However, here are some universally crucial stats to pay attention to:

  1. HP (Health Points): Ensures your heroes can withstand damage and stay in battle longer. Especially important for frontline and tank heroes.
  2. ATK (Attack): Directly increases the damage output of your heroes, crucial for dealing significant damage to enemies.
  3. Phys DEF (Physical Defense) and Magic DEF (Magic Defense): Reduces incoming physical and magical damage, respectively. Essential for all heroes to improve their survivability.
  4. Crit and Crit DMG Boost: These stats are vital for damage-focused heroes as they significantly increase the damage output through critical hits.
  5. Energy Regen on Hit and Haste: Important for heroes whose effectiveness relies on frequently using their skills. These stats help in quicker energy accumulation and skill deployment.
  6. Healing and Assistance: For support heroes, these stats enhance their ability to heal and buff allies, making them more effective in their roles.
  7. Debuff Focus and Resilience: Important for controlling the flow of the battle. Debuff Focus extends the negative effects on enemies, while Resilience reduces the duration of such effects on your heroes.
  8. Life Drain: A great stat for sustainability in battle, allowing heroes to recover health as they deal damage.
  9. Proficiency: Ensures your hero’s skills are as effective as possible against higher-level enemies.

Balancing these stats based on your team composition and the challenges you face in the game will lead to a more effective and successful gameplay experience in AFK Journey.