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AFK Journey (or AFK Arena 2) is a stunning 3D world video game with the strategy role-playing style. In the game, you wake up, you enter the fantasy world of Esperia, and you realize that you are the chosen one.
You have to explore the world and protect it from the Faceless, your enemy.
In AFK2, you can collect and build up a lot of heroes. Each one has their own abilities, mechanics, and play styles. Start the journey with them through a ton of exciting battles, defeat the outstanding enemies, solve hidden puzzles, and bring peace to the kingdom.

AFK Journey Closed Beta is now available. Enjoy your new adventure.

Witness Enchanting 3D Views

Breathtaking views of the Estrilda 3D Fantasy world.

Endless Secrets to Discover

There are a ton of secrets and puzzles awaiting you to solve. Enjoy the rewards yourself!

Hundreds of Heroes

There are a huge amount of heroes for players to collect and grind up. Each one has their own abilities, features, mechanisms, and styles.


Communicate with other players directly on the map of the game. Add friends, participate in PvP battles, and defeat the bosses together.