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AFK Journey (or AFK Arena 2) is a stunning 3D world video game with the strategy role-playing style. In the game, you wake up, you enter the fantasy world of Esperia, and you realize that you are the chosen one.
You have to explore the world and protect it from the Faceless, your enemy.
In AFK2, you can collect and build up a lot of heroes. Each one has their own abilities, mechanics, and play styles. Start the journey with them through a ton of exciting battles, defeat the outstanding enemies, solve hidden puzzles, and bring peace to the kingdom.

AFK Journey Global Launch is now available. Enjoy your new adventure.

Witness Enchanting 3D Views

Breathtaking views of the Estrilda 3D Fantasy world.

Endless Secrets to Discover

There are a ton of secrets and puzzles awaiting you to solve. Enjoy the rewards yourself!

Hundreds of Heroes

There are a huge amount of heroes for players to collect and grind up. Each one has their own abilities, features, mechanisms, and styles.


Communicate with other players directly on the map of the game. Add friends, participate in PvP battles, and defeat the bosses together.

Closed Beta Official Trailer | AFK Journey
Quick Review

AFK Journey (3D) by FarlightGames

Dive into the enchanting world of AFK Journey, the latest sensation in strategy card RPGs. Set in the captivating realm of Esperia, this game invites players on a journey filled with fantasy and adventure, reminiscent of a beautifully illustrated storybook. As you navigate through Esperia, you’ll engage in battles against the enigmatic Faceless and strive to cleanse the land of the corrupting Miasma with a diverse team of heroes.

Playable on both mobile and PC platforms.

Playable on both mobile and PC platforms.

AFK Journey is an evolved version of the popular AFK Arena.

Equip your heroes with powerful gear to enhance their abilities.

Stunning graphic design accompanied by an immersive soundtrack.

Generous rewards and in-game currency.

Earn rewards while away from the game.

Multiple battle modes and events to keep the gameplay exciting.

Accessible to free-to-play users; no mandatory spending to acquire all characters.

Balancing Action with Rest

A unique feature of AFK Journey is its emphasis on balance between action and rest. The game rewards players even during downtime, allowing for progression and hero upgrades without the need to be constantly active.

Exploring the Wonders of Esperia

AFK Journey offers a unique experience, combining the freedom of exploration with stunning, immersive graphics that bring the magical world of Esperia to life. As you journey through this vibrant landscape, you’ll uncover hidden treasures, experience the beauty of changing seasons, and encounter various foes, rewarding you with valuable loot and new heroes to add to your roster.

Each of the heroes in the game boasts a distinctive skill set, design, and backstory, enriching your journey and adding depth to your strategic choices.

Gameplay Dynamics

At its core, AFK Journey blends traditional strategic card game elements with exhilarating real-time battles. Mastering your characters’ ultimate abilities is crucial in overcoming enemies. The game’s diverse terrains and obstacles play a significant role in combat, requiring you to adapt your troop formations to the ever-changing battlefields.

Diverse Game Modes and Events

AFK Journey ensures a fresh and engaging experience with its variety of game modes and events. These offer substantial rewards and opportunities to collaborate with guild members, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

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