AFK Journey Reroll Guide & Auto Reroll

Let’s discover the best ways to reroll AFK Journey accounts to get the best heroes right at the beginning for a better overall gameplay to get ahead of everyone else.

Initiating a fresh start in any mobile gacha game early can save you from the hassle of a weak character lineup later. By capitalizing on the game’s initial generous offerings, you can assemble a powerful team that’s built to last.

If you’re seeking a method to automatically complete all the tutorial steps for rerolling Heroes in AFK Journey, I have some helpful information for you! I’ve recently received a few requests about this and finally got around to creating a guide today.

This script helps you auto-finish the Tutorial of AFK Journey, and it will open your Mailbox in the end so that you can obtain those Invite Letter Invite Letters quickly to do the pulls, and get your first S-Level Heroes(Good luck!).

Tip: Don’t forget to use the latest working AFK Journey Promo Codes for your rerolls so you can actually get more pulls! There are a lot of codes available right now.

Auto macros are designed to record and replicate specific actions performed on your game screen. Once set up, these macros can execute recorded tasks repeatedly with just a simple command. This feature is incredibly useful for performing routine activities in AFK Journey, such as daily quests or farming specific resources.

  1. Safety and Security: It’s important to clarify that using an auto macro is not a form of hacking. The macro merely replicates player actions and does not modify game data or interact with the game servers in any unauthorized way. As a result, employing an auto macro will not jeopardize the security of your account.
  2. Exclusively for PC: Currently, this auto macro functionality is available exclusively for PC. It’s designed to work seamlessly with PC gaming setups, providing a stable and efficient tool for automating game tasks. A version for mobile devices, including phones and tablets, is in development and will be released soon.
  3. Performance Considerations: While auto macros are highly effective, their performance can be impacted by external factors such as internet connectivity. For optimal results, ensure that your PC is connected to a stable and fast internet connection. This minimizes the chances of lag or delays that could affect the macro’s performance.

How to Use AFK Journey Auto Reroll Macro

  1. Click the above button to download Bluestacks. It’s the most popular Android emulator right now that lets you play AFK Journey on your PC.
    Note: This Auto Reroll only works with BlueStacks.
  2. Open BlueStacks and follow the first instruction, the game should now be installed. If it is not, you can download the APK version of the game here and then drag and drop it onto the Emulator screen.
  3. Download AFK Journey Auto Reroll Script here.
  4. Open the Macro Recorder or press Ctrl + Shift + 7.
  5. Open the Macro Setting menu, select Import Macro, browse to the downloaded script file at step 3 and import it.
  6. The auto reroll macro is now available on your Macro Manager screen as shown below.
  1. Open AFK Journey, select the Download basic resource (~130 MB) for a faster Reroll.
  2. Wait for the game to be downloaded, and leave your game on the “Tap to begin your journey” screen as below.
  3. Do not touch anything. Do not link your game to any account.
  4. On the Macro Manager screen, press Play for the Auto Reroll to start working.
how to start the reroll for afk journey
Leave your game screen like this before using the reroll. Do not touch anything else while it is running.

We tested this multiple times before publishing this post, and it has been working great.

Your final inventory after the auto reroll finish should look like this, including mail gifts, Grow Path gifts, and Journey’s Gift:

This is your final pulls:

Tip: If you don’t like the results, simply remove the game from your Bluestacks instance and re-install it, then launch the auto again.

How to Perform AFK Journey Reroll Manually

Currently, there are two main strategies for rerolling in AFK Journey. One might slow down your progress compared to other players, while the other involves managing several email accounts. Choose the approach that aligns with your priorities.

1. Rerolling AFK Journey on PC with accounts at the sam time.

If you are looking to optimize your time while rerolling your AFK Journey accounts, then the multi-instance feature in BlueStacks is an ideal solution. It is also useful when you want to play multiple accounts simultaneously.

Just follow these simple steps to reroll your accounts quickly:

  1. Download BlueStacks here and open it.
  2. The game should be installed automatically. Sign in with Google Account to download if required. You can also download the APK file of the game here and then drag-and-drop it onto the Blustacks screen.
  3. Do not open the game yet.
  4. Close your current Bluestacks instance.
  5. Open Multi-Instance Manager via the sidebar (Ctrl + Shift + 8)
  6. Rename your main instance to AFK Journey.
  7. Clone your main instance to a few more, as long as your PC can handle it. Let’s create 3 instances first.
  8. Use the Synchronize feature to replicate your mouse and keyboard movements between all instances, meaning you can play on 3 devices at the same time:
    1. To sync multiple instances of a game, you need to first open BlueStacks and then launch the AFK Journey on each instance.
    2. Wait for the game to be fully loaded. Make sure the screens of your instances are on the same page.
    3. Click on Multi-Instance Sync (Control + Shift + 9) on your side panel.
    4. On your main instance, open Multi-Instance Sync again.
    5. Select the instances you’d like to imitate.
    6. Use the Reroll Script above on the main instance to start running it automatically. You can also follow the AFK Journey Reroll Process below.
  9. Enjoy!
reroll afk journey

2. Using Multiple Email Accounts to Reroll

If staying ahead of the competition is crucial for you, prepare multiple email accounts for rerolling in AFK Journey.

The process is straightforward: Create a new account, utilize the initial summonings, and if the results aren’t satisfactory, start over with a new email.

The quicker you are, the better your chances of keeping pace with fellow gamers.

3. Rerolling Through Server Hopping

For those who prioritize variety over competition, server hopping offers a great way to reroll.

Simply use your preferred email to sign up, exhaust the free summons, and if you’re not pleased with what you get, switch servers and try again.

Your progress is saved separately for each server, allowing you to begin anew with each server change. Ideally, start with the newest server and work your way backward until you achieve the desired reroll outcomes.

The more time you spend, the more you’ll lag behind other players on the server.

AFK Journey Reroll Process

Launch the game, progress through the initial tutorial, and within about 10 minutes, you’ll have unlocked the Summoning feature. This allows you to complete your first 10-pull.

After another 5 minutes of gameplay, you should have accumulated enough Invite Letter Invite Letter and Diamonds to complete an additional 20 pulls, securing 2 S-Level characters.

Don’t forget to always check for promo codes to gain extra resources. There are a lot of codes available at the moment!

1. Start the Game:

Open the game, and when prompted to download data, opt for the minimum setting (~150 MB).

downloadbasic resources

Skip any animations by touching / holding your mouse on the screen for 2 seconds.

Skip all conversations.

Choose your character’s gender, customize it, and proceed.

Remember, names are unique per server, so pick new unique names during rerolls.

2. Optimize Settings

Tap at your avatar at top right:

open setting menu 1

Open the Cog icon at the right.

open setting menu 2

Go to the Battle tab and set ‘Play Ultimate Animation’ to ‘Never’. This will speed up your rerolls.

turn off ultimate animation

Additionally, go to the Graphics tab, and set the Graphic Quality to Energy Saver. This could make your game a lot more smooth.

afk journey graphic quality

3. Tutorial and First Summons

Complete the tutorial up to the battle with the Twister. This unlocks the Noble Tavern where your first mandatory single pulls occur.

The first is always fayFay, and the second yields a random A-Level damage dealer.

4. Initial 10-Pull:

Collect 10 Invite Letter Invite Letters from the Journey’s Gift (accessible via the gift icon at the bottom right).

Use these for a 10-pull on the All-Hero Recruitment Banner. This guarantees CeciaCecia at your tenth pull.

first 10 pulls

As you had 2 earlier single pulls, your count towards the next pity starts at 18.

5. Level Up:

Level your characters to level 10 in the Resonating Hall, focusing on CeciaCecia, who will be your main as you progress.

level up cecia to 10

6. Progress and Growth Path

Continue the story for a few minutes until the Growth Path unlocks, rewarding you with additional pulls and resources:

2x Invite Letter Invite Letters + 1x Epic Invite Letter Epic Invite Letters + 300 diamonds Diamonds + 60x Soulstone (for random A-level characters)

7. Visit Holistone and Collect Mail:

In Holistone, complete Hogan’s quest to unlock the Mail feature, where you’ll find pre-registration rewards including:

10x Invite Letter Invite Letters + 1000 diamonds Diamonds + Lyca 1Lyca and a main character skin

And the Launch Celebration Mails that offers 20x Invite Letter Invite Letters.

mail rewards

8. Complete 20 Pulls:

With the resources gathered, perform 20 pulls on the All-Recruitment banner. This will net you another S-Level character, which will be either rowan 1Rowan, Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky, or Hewynn 1Hewynn, all excellent in Support/Healer roles.

By following these steps, you can maximize your initial setup in AFK Journey, potentially easing your gameplay significantly as you start exploring this vibrant world.

first s level pull

Top Picks for Rerolling in AFK Journey

When optimizing your start in AFK Journey, understanding which characters to aim for during your reroll can significantly impact your gameplay strategy.

Optimal Reroll Goals

Initially, you’ll secure CeciaCecia, a formidable damage dealer, along with a top-tier support from your second pity pull.

Given these strengths, your reroll focus should ideally be on enhancing your team composition with a robust tank or an additional support, especially if it complements the one you’ve already obtained.

Targeting a Tank: thoran 1Thoran is the premier choice for a tank in AFK Journey. Renowned for his durability and offensive capabilities, he can survive lethal damage once per battle, and his powerful counterattacks can potentially eliminate enemy tanks in one blow. With his EX weapon, thoran 1Thoran can forge a pact with an ally, absorbing damage on their behalf and healing himself whenever his protected ally deals damage.

Strategic Team Synergy: Pairing CeciaCecia with thoran 1Thoran creates a formidable duo known as the “Graveborn core,” a team configuration that remains highly effective from early to late game. This synergy not only provides a solid foundation for progression but also enhances overall team resilience and offensive output.

Character Availability:

It’s important to note that characters from the Celestial and Hypogean factions are not available through regular banner pulls. These exclusive characters can only be acquired through the Stargaze feature or purchased from the Guild Store, so they should not be targets in your initial reroll attempts.

By focusing on securing a strong tank like thoran 1Thoran during your rerolls, you’ll set a strong foundation for your team that supports both immediate impact and long-term viability, complementing CeciaCecia and your chosen support for a balanced and powerful lineup.

Is Rerolling in AFK Journey Worth It?

In idle games, rerolling often seems unnecessary due to the game’s heavy reliance on character duplicates. However, in AFK Journey, those aiming to maximize their starting lineup should think again.

Early Game Pity Pulls:

  • First Pity (10 pulls): Guarantees CeciaCecia, arguably the best early-game damage dealer, who remains effective in various modes but may become less viable in late-game due to speed limitations.
  • Second Pity (20 pulls): Ensures one of the top three healers or supporters—rowan 1Rowan, Hewynn 1Hewynn, or Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky—with equal probability.

Strategic Advantages of Rerolling

  • A single strong S-Level character can significantly ease progression through the early game.
  • Certain characters, particularly supports and tanks, can remain effective with just one copy into the endgame.
  • The Ascension system in AFK Journey is simplified, reducing the need for numerous duplicates to upgrade characters, alongside a favorable pity system and additional purchase options in various shops.
  • While guaranteed pulls provide a robust DPS and healer/support, a tank is still missing. lucius 1Lucius is available for free but is more suited as an off-tank later in the game. For a more robust frontline, consider thoran 1Thoran or Granny DahnieGranny Dahnie, top tanks that can smooth early progression.

Note: Random S-Level draws before the second pity do not reset the pity counter

Rerolling itself takes about 10 minutes, but it’s not devoid of complications.

Challenges of Rerolling:

On mobile, rerolling options include server-hopping and email-hopping, which restricts starting on the newest server. Although the PC client allows for guest accounts, a full uninstall is required for a new account setup. Emulators streamline this process significantly, making rerolling quicker and more efficient.

By understanding the benefits and potential pitfalls of rerolling, players can make informed decisions to optimize their start in AFK Journey.

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