Dream Realm Guide & Team Formations

In AFK Journey, Dream Realm is a daily boss where player can fight every day through different level difficulty to get the valuable rewards. After defeating any specific boss level, players can challenge the next boss level immediately.

afk journey Dream Realm Guide

Until the boss is undefeatable, players have 10 chance every day to get the highest point and earn respective rewards.

Players can access Dream Realm from the EverLight screen.

Best Dream Realm Team Formations

King Croaker King Croaker

thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky MarileeMarilee odieOdie krugerKruger
thoran 1Thoran Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky reinierReinier odieOdie rhysRhys

necrodrakon Necrodrakon

krugerKruger temesiaTemesia korinKorin valaVala MarileeMarilee
krugerKruger temesiaTemesia korinKorin valaVala MarileeMarilee

snow stomper Snow Stomper

MarileeMarilee odieOdie rhysRhys thoran 1Thoran krugerKruger
Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdie MarileeMarilee rhysRhys krugerKruger
reinierReinier krugerKruger shakirShakir odieOdie MarileeMarilee

skyclops Skyclops

Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky krugerKruger MarileeMarilee odieOdie CassadeeCassadee
scarlitaScarlita reinierReinier Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky MarileeMarilee korinKorin

Detailed Guide for Each Dream Realm Boss

King Croaker




Dream Realm Battles in AFK Journey


Dream Realm is a competitive boss rush mode in which players on the same server vie to inflict the most damage on a boss.

afk journey monsters

The mode features four Dream Realm bosses that rotate daily. Each boss boasts unique skills and mechanics, requiring you to strategically select your team for optimal performance. The bosses are: King Croaker, Necrodrakon, Skyclops, and Snow Stomper

attacking dream realm teams

Your success in damaging the boss determines your score and the quality of the rewards you receive. Rewards are categorized into two types:

Ranking Rewards: These are based on your daily ranking and include Dream Fragments Dream Fragments (for purchasing character duplicates in the Dream Realm store), Tidal Essence Tidal Essence (for upgrading Exclusive Weapons from levels 1 to 5 and Hero Focus skills), Temporal EssenceTemporal Essence (for upgrading Exclusive Weapons from levels 6 to 15), and limited-time Titles and Fashion items.

Damage Dealt Rewards: These depend on the percentage of the boss’s HP you deplete, rewarding you with Dream Fragments Dream Fragments, diamonds Diamonds, and boxes containing Character Equipment.

attacking dream realm teams 1

Each boss can be challenged on six different difficulty levels.

Defeating a boss on one level moves you to the next, increasing both the challenge and the rewards. The final difficulty level is Endless Mode, where the boss is indestructible, and the goal is to deal as much damage as possible.

For your first victory against each boss at any difficulty level, you’ll earn an Invite Letter Invite Letter. When a boss reappears in the next cycle, you’ll start directly at the highest difficulty you previously reached, saving you from having to repeat lower levels.

Players initially receive 5 daily attempts to face the bosses, though this can be expanded to ten through the Mystic Collection. Once you begin an attempt, it counts as used, and you cannot restart it, so it’s crucial to make every try count!

General Rules

  • The boss of Dream Realm changes every day for players to challenge. Each boss can be challenged at different difficulty levels and becomes stronger as the difficulty increases. The difficulty of each boss will be retained.
  • There are multiple damage rewards for each boss at each difficulty. These can be collected after challenging the boss successfully in solo mode. Bosses must be cleared at a certain difficulty to unlock the next difficulty.
  • Rewards will be issued every day at 0:00 UTC based on the highest difficulty cleared and players’ ranking.

Endless Mode Rules

  • Clear all difficulty levels of a boss to unlock Endless Mode for that boss.
  • In Endless Mode, the boss will not die, and players’ objective is to deal as much damage as possible to get a higher ranking and more rewards.

Dream Realm Rewards

RankDream Fragments Dream FragmentTidal Essence Tidal EssenceTemporal Essence Temporal Essence

The rewards you receive in the Dream Realm are based on your daily ranking, with higher ranks earning greater rewards.

In addition to the standard rewards, players who achieve top rankings receive exclusive cosmetic items that can be used for 7 days after they are obtained:

  • Top 1-10: Earn the “Dream Monarch” Title and the “Master of Nightmares” Cloak.
  • Top 11-20: Receive the “Dream Walker” Title and the “Guardian of Dreams” Cloak.
  • Top 21-50: Are awarded the “Dream Consciousness” Cloak.

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