Dream Realm

In AFK 2: Journey, Dream Realm is a daily boss where player can fight every day through different level difficulty to get the valuable rewards. After defeating any specific boss level, players can challenge the next boss level immediately.

Until the boss is undefeatable, players have 10 chance every day to get the highest point and earn respective rewards.

Players can access Dream Realm from the EverLight screen.

AFK 2 Journey Dream Realm Screenshot 1

Dream Realm Rules


  • The boss of Dream Realm changes every day for players to challenge. Each boss can be challenged at different difficulty levels and becomes stronger as the difficulty increases. The difficulty of each boss will be retained.
  • There are multiple damage rewards for each boss at each difficulty. These can be collected after challenging the boss successfully in solo mode. Bosses must be cleared at a certain difficulty to unlock the next difficulty.
  • Rewards will be issued every day at 0:00 UTC based on the highest difficulty cleared and players’ ranking.

Endless Mode:

  • Clear all difficulty levels of a boss to unlock Endless Mode for that boss.
  • In Endless Mode, the boss will not die, and players’ objective is to deal as much damage as possible to get a higher ranking and more rewards.

Dream Realm Bosses

AFK 2 Journey Dream Realm Screenshot 1

Fallen Skull Skills

  • Claring Ray: Fallen Skull charges briefly before shooting a laser beam that sweeps through the 10-tile frontal cone, dealing 230% damage to all enemies touched by the laser.
  • Winged Duality: The Fallen Skull summons 2 winged light and 2 winged darkness. Each surviving winged light reduces the damage taken by the Fallen Skull by 10%, while each surviving winged darkness increases the damage dealt by the Fallen Skull by 20%. There can only be 3 winged light and winged darkness, respectively, on the field at any time.
  • Shield of Duality: Grants a different effect based on the Fallen Skull’s current status. Every 15 sec, Fallen Skull casts this skill to switch statuses.
    Status 1: Blessing of Light, which reduces Magic Damage taken by 20%.
    Status 2: Blessing of Darkness, which allows the Fallen Skull to deal 10% more damage to units that attack with Magic Damage.
Marsh Priest

Marsh Priest Skills

  • Magic Barrier: Recovers 60 Energy every sec after the battle starts, but will not recover Energy due to other circumstances. When Energy is full, it gains a magic barrier and its Energy does not recover while this barrier is in effect. When taking damage, it loses 75 Energy and reduces this damage by 50%.
  • Cursed Bubbles: 15/35/55 sec into the battle, shoot a cursed bubble at an enemy hero, killing them outright if it hits them.
  • Water Bomb: After charging briefly, launches a water bomb at the area with the most enemies, dealing 220% damage to enemies within 2 tiles.
  • Tail Smash: Deals 240% damage to enemies within 1 tiles, knocking them back 1 tiles and stunning them for 2.5 sec.
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