AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

Embarking on your adventure in AFK Journey? Fantastic! This vibrant and immersive game can feel like a whole new world, especially if you’re transitioning from AFK Arena. But fear not! This beginner’s guide is packed with essential insights to help you navigate and thrive in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey Beginners Guide

Wish List

One of the very first thing you want to do is to set your Wish List like this (go to Mystical Home > Noble Tavern > Wish List)

afk journey wish list new

All future pulls from these banners will only include heroes from your wishlist. The above heroes are currently the best early-game heroes, according to our Tier List, which definitely help you a lot at the start.

After getting 1 copy of brutus 1Brutus, switch him out for shakirShakir

Epic Requirement: Below are the best picks.

Epic Requirement hero picks

What to Buy?

Dream Store

Hero Purchase Priority: odieOdieMarileeMarileekrugerKrugerkorinKorin

Only buy when you have enough to ascend the hero.

Guild Store:

  • Daily: Invite Letter Invite Letter & acorn Acorns (optional).
  • Monthly: Epic Invite LetterEpic Invite Letter and Stellar Crystal Stellar Crystal.

Hero Purchase Priority: reinierReinierscarlitaScarlitadionelDionelberialBerial

You want to get reinierReinier to Myth+ as soon as possible as he is very versatile in a lot of game modes.

Arena Store:

Hero Purchase Priority: CeciaCeciaIgor 1IgorCassadeeCassadeebryonBryonGranny DahnieGranny DahnieHewynn 1Hewynnrowan 1Rowan

Recruitment Store

Discounted Epic Invite LetterEpic Invite Letter and Stellar Crystal Stellar Crystal

Equipment Upgrades

ClassEquipment Upgrade Priority
supportHead → Leg → Body → Accessory → Weapon → Hands
rogueWeapon → Head → Hands → Accessory → Body → Leg
mageWeapon → Accessory → Head → Body → Hands → Leg
marksmanWeapon → Head → Hands → Accessory → Body → Leg
tankLeg → Body → Accessory → Head → Hands → Weapon
warriorWeapon → Leg → Accessory → Head → Hands → Body

AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

  • Exploration & Collection: Explore, collect treasures, complete quests, experiment with heroes.
  • World Map & Chests: Utilize waypoints, find chests for items.
  • Battle Modes: Participate in Arena, unlock new modes by progressing.
  • Guild Membership: Join guilds, participate in team battles and quests.
  • NPC Combat: Engage NPCs, use quick battle for efficiency.
  • Emporium Shopping & Hero Management: Shop smartly, recruit and ascend heroes.
  • Equipment & Resonating Hall: Equip heroes by class, level up in Resonating Hall.
  • Weekly Events & Quests: Engage in events, complete different quests.
  • Social Connections: Make friends for gifts and tokens.

The World Map & Chest

The world of AFK Journey is vast and filled with wonders, offering a thrilling experience for explorers.

To aid your journey across this expansive map, the game introduces waypoints – a teleportation feature that’s a true game-changer. It’s a smart move to unlock every waypoint you encounter. Here’s why:

Chests are the treasure troves of AFK Journey, randomly appearing across the map.

These chests are your gateway to valuable items like summoning tokens and more.

To efficiently gather these treasures, waypoints are indispensable. Imagine the time saved and the loot amassed!

afk journey heroes reroll
AFK Journey Heroes (Characters)

Heroes (Characters)

For players of AFK Arena, stepping into the world of AFK Journey feels like a reunion with familiar heroes, albeit with a refreshing twist in the character system that distinguishes the two games significantly.


In AFK Journey, heroes are categorized into six unique factions, each bringing its own flair and strategy to the battlefield:

  • maulers Maulers: The fierce warriors.
  • lightbearer Lightbearers: Beacons of hope and light.
  • wilder Wilders: Guardians of nature.
  • graveborn Graveborns: Mystical beings from beyond.
  • celestials Celestials: The celestial beings, akin to angels, rare and powerful.
  • hypogeans Hypogean: The devilish counterparts to Celestials, equally rare and formidable.


Heroes are not just divided by factions but also by their roles on the field, falling into one of six classes:

  • mage Mage: Masters of arcane power.
  • marksman Marksman: Sharpshooters with deadly accuracy.
  • rogue Rogue: Stealthy and lethal.
  • support Support: The backbone of any team, providing aid and buffs.
  • tank Tank: Stalwart defenders bearing the brunt of enemy attacks.
  • warrior Warrior: Brave and bold fighters.

A New Tier System: A-Level and S-Level

AFK Journey introduces a novel categorization of heroes into a level A-Level and s level S-Level, with A-Level heroes being more accessible through gacha pulls and in-game shops.

However, this accessibility doesn’t compromise their potential; some of the most powerful heroes are found within this group.

Both A-Level and S-Level heroes can reach the pinnacle of power, ascending to the Supreme+ tier.

Revolutionizing Progression

Gone is the fodder system, replaced by a more straightforward ascent mechanism. To enhance a hero’s rank, players now only need duplicates or acorn Acorns—a special currency tied to factions. Character skills enhance automatically with levels, and reaching specific tiers unlocks exclusive abilities and equipment:

  • Legendary+ unlocks Hero Focus, enhancing a stat or adding a new effect.
  • Mythic+ introduces the Exclusive Weapon, adding a unique passive skill.
  • Supreme+ allows for Skill Enhancement, further empowering a skill.

Simplifying Equipment and Leveling

The game does away with individual gear management in favor of a class-based equipment system, streamlining the process and ensuring heroes are battle-ready without manual intervention.

Furthermore, the Resonating Hall feature ensures all your heroes level up in unison, based on the five highest-leveled characters, eliminating the need for constant swapping and resetting.

This innovative approach ensures a seamless and engaging experience, allowing players to focus more on strategy and less on micromanagement. Whether it’s tweaking your top heroes in the Resonating Hall or exploring the unique abilities of each faction, AFK Journey offers a rich and dynamic adventure for both veterans and newcomers alike.

Resonating Hall

The Resonating Hall in AFK Journey is a game-changer, cleverly adopting the best features from various idle games and refining them for an even smoother player experience.

This innovative feature, accessible early in the game, ensures that players can swiftly reap its advantages without the usual grind associated with character management.

How the Resonating Hall Works:

  • Unlocking the Feature: Once you access the Resonating Hall, your five top-leveled heroes are designated as Hands of Resonance.
  • Level Resets: Heroes leveled prior to unlocking the Resonating Hall are reset, with all invested resources returned to you.
  • Leveling System: The collective level, known as the Resonance Level, matches that of the lowest-level Hand of Resonance. All heroes you own then match this unified level.
  • Focused Leveling: Only the Hands of Resonance can be directly leveled up, though any hero can become a Hand of Resonance without cost, allowing for flexible strategy adjustments.
  • Level Caps: The Hands of Resonance cannot exceed the group’s Resonance Level by more than 10 levels, ensuring balanced progression.

This system brilliantly addresses common frustrations by allowing for effortless corrections and adjustments. Accidentally focused on the wrong character? Swap them out, and your new choice instantly matches your highest levels, ensuring no effort is wasted.

Leveling Mechanics Explained:

  • Pre-Level 240: Leveling requires gold Gold and Experience, obtainable through AFK stages and rewards. Every 10 levels, Essence Essence is also needed, often becoming the scarcest resource.
  • Post-Level 240: After hitting the level cap of 240 on your top five heroes, you shift focus to leveling the Resonance Hall itself. The level cap increases with each Supreme+ character you own. From this point, Essence Essence is the sole requirement for leveling, with the added bonus of earning diamonds Diamonds for each level past 300.

The Resonating Hall not only streamlines the leveling process but also enriches the strategic depth of AFK Journey. It allows players to concentrate on the joy of gameplay and strategy without the usual tedium of micromanagement, making every moment in the game as rewarding as it is enjoyable.

Battle Modes

afk journey Battle Modes

In AFK Journey, the ‘Battle Modes’ section is your gateway to varied combat experiences, each offering bountiful rewards.

Initially, as a beginner, you’ll have access to the Arena. It’s crucial to engage in Arena battles daily, as they provide tokens for purchasing heroes in the Arena Store.

Unlocking additional modes requires progression in AFK Arena stages.


Joining a guild in AFK Journey is more than just a social activity; it’s a strategic move, especially for new players.

Guilds are a hub of camaraderie and learning where you can connect with both new and veteran players.

By the time you reach AFK Stage 391 and unlock battle drills, you’ll be ready to team up with guildmates for boss fights and earn exceptional rewards. Plus, don’t miss out on the weekly guild quests for extra currencies and prizes.

Combatting NPCs

While you’re out and about, collecting chests or venturing into new zones, you’ll encounter various NPCs. Engaging with these NPCs is an integral part of your adventure.

The beauty of AFK Journey lies in its streamlined combat system. Here, battles can be swift and decisive.

To initiate an instant battle, simply tap on the enemy. Look for the orange sword icon on the left – a tap here, and the battle concludes instantly. Perfect for when you’re confident of victory! Curious about your opponent? The icon on the right lets you scrutinize enemy troops, helping you gauge your chances and potential rewards.

Remember, proximity matters. If you get too close to an NPC, a battle will automatically trigger, bypassing the instant fight option. Keep this in mind to maintain control over your encounters and strategy. Happy exploring and battling!

Mastering Battle Modes and Navigating Social and Trading Aspects in AFK Journey

Emporium (Shop)

The Emporium in AFK Journey is a bustling marketplace offering various stores (General Store, Arena Store, Adventure Store, Recruitment Store, Friendship Store, Guild Store), each with unique items.

You can easily access to it via the Mystical House.

As a newcomer, you might find your currency resources limited.

A smart shopping tip is to look for items with a 30–50% discount.

Hero Recruitment and Ascension

The heart of your AFK Journey lies in building a robust team of heroes.

The noble taverns house a recruitment section where you can summon heroes.

With a diverse range of heroes in AFK Arena, your strategy should be to gather as many as possible. Unsure about which heroes to choose? Our AFK Journey Tier List is an excellent resource to identify the strongest and weakest heroes.

Don’t worry if you end up with duplicate heroes; they play a crucial role in the ascension process.

Ascending a hero means upgrading them from one rank to another, like from epic to epic+ or from elite+ to epic. This process not only boosts their stats and level cap but also enhances their skills, significantly increasing their power.

This is a vital strategy for strengthening your team and advancing in the game.


In AFK Journey, equipment strategy is unique and efficient.

Instead of outfitting each hero individually, you only need one set of equipment per class.

For instance, a single tank gear set benefits all your tank heroes.

While equipment is crucial for advancing in the game, new players need not worry excessively at the start.

Just ensure that each class is equipped and gradually upgrade your gear.

The Resonating Hall

The Resonating Hall is a special feature in AFK Journey, serving as the hub for leveling up your main five heroes, known as the Hands of Resonance.

The level of your other heroes will match the lowest level among these five.

Therefore, it’s strategic to upgrade your Hands of Resonance evenly and keep them at comparable levels to maximize the overall strength of your team.

This approach ensures balanced progression and effective use of resources.

Weekly Events

AFK Journey keeps the excitement alive with weekly events, each offering a plethora of rewards. These events are particularly beneficial for new players, providing an array of freebies like heroes, soul stones, gems, equipments, and more.

Stay active and participate in these events to boost your progression in the game.

Quests: The Key to Success

In AFK Journey, quests play a pivotal role in your progress and offer substantial rewards.

Here’s a breakdown of the different quests you’ll encounter:

  1. Daily Quests: These are straightforward tasks, like collecting instant AFK rewards. Accumulating 100 points from daily quests unlocks a chest containing 300 gems – a significant boost for any player.
  2. Guild Quests: Participating in guild quests is not only manageable but also essential. Completing these quests earns you guild tokens, which can be spent in the guild shop. Keep in mind the weekly limit of 3500 tokens.
  3. Growth Path and Trials: While these quests offer attractive rewards, they don’t require immediate focus. They have no time limit and naturally unlock as you progress in the game.

Making Friends

In the vast world of AFK Journey, building connections with other players and your guild members is key.

To access the friends feature, simply click on the three-line icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select ‘Friends’.

Here, you can add friends by searching for specific players or by connecting with random players.

The more friends you have, the more you can exchange gifts and earn tokens for shopping.

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