How to Get AFK Journey Diamonds & Gold

Discover the secrets to accumulating Diamonds and Gold in AFK Journey, and you’re on the right track to forming (and maintaining) elite squads.

Wondering how to secure more Diamonds and Gold in AFK Journey? These vital assets serve as the cornerstone of the game’s economy, facilitating a variety of transactions and upgrades.

A shortage of Diamonds could leave you lagging in securing necessary unit duplicates for competitive edge, while a lack of Gold means stumbling blocks in enhancing your units’ capabilities.

diamonds and gold afk journey

How to Earn Diamonds and Gold in AFK Journey

When you hit that inevitable plateau where resources thin out in AFK Journey, you’ll find yourself scrambling for more—almost as if your very survival in the game depends on it.

The absence of Gold to enhance your characters and their attributes, coupled with a shortage of Diamonds to acquire new units and the duplicates needed for upgrades, can significantly hinder your progress.

With each new update and the looming shadow of power creep, finding a reliable method to farm these fundamental resources becomes not just beneficial but crucial. Mastering the art of efficiently gathering Diamonds and Gold is key to advancing in the game without having to dip into your real-world finances.

Ways to Get Diamonds in AFK Journey:

  • Always stay alert for new codes.
  • Progress through the story to unlock chests, and consider revisiting hard mode levels if you’re hitting a wall.
  • Engage in Dream Realm boss battles alongside your guild.
  • Dive into PVP modes, including the Arena, to stand out.

Beyond the temporary boon of codes, the irony is that the most efficient way to amass Diamonds is by consistently engaging with the game. Your dedication over time will gradually increase your Diamond reserves.

Participating in time-sensitive events, especially PVP seasons, often yields the highest Diamond rewards. Naturally, engaging with any new content will grant you Diamonds, albeit in smaller quantities. However, pushing through a PVP season to the best of your ability will significantly boost your Diamond earnings based on your achievements.

There’s hardly any loss in trying PVP. Similarly, tackling the rotating bosses in the Dream Realm with your guild can also significantly boost your earnings. For both strategies, it’s crucial to explore the optimal AFK Journey team compositions to maximize your performance. In essence, the more effort you invest in the game, the richer in Diamonds you’ll become.

Ways to Get Gold in AFK Journey:

  • Advance through the story to discover chests.
  • Utilize redemption codes for rewards.
  • Collect your AFK rewards regularly.
  • Participate in special events, like battling the Primal Lord.
  • Dedicate time to PVP Arena challenges.
  • Collaborate with a guild for extra Dream Realm rewards.
  • Gold can be found through various methods in AFK Journey, with story progression being a prime strategy for accumulating more. Engaging in time-sensitive events also boosts your gold reserves significantly. Regular logins are rewarding.

Even brief daily tasks, which might only take a few minutes, can make a noticeable difference in your gold balance over time. The game’s AFK mechanic is particularly useful; claim these rewards before they max out to ensure you’re always flush with currency.

Many strategies for collecting Diamonds are also effective for amassing Gold. Participating in seasonal events, PVP competitions, and contributing to your guild’s efforts in the Dream Realm can all lead to a substantial increase in your Gold stash, often with minimal additional effort.

Patience is key. If you’re unable to afford an upgrade immediately, focus on what you can achieve with ease. The benefits will accumulate over time.

Rushing for an expensive upgrade isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, a simple change in your team composition or strategy is all that’s needed to progress. Avoid depleting your Gold on upgrades without considering all alternatives first.

If you’re embarking on your AFK Journey adventure, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the AFK Journey tier list to make informed decisions about which units merit your resources.

Moreover, the AFK Journey reroll guide is your go-to for snagging top-notch units early on, and don’t forget that utilizing AFK Journey codes can be a game-changer for your long-term strategy.

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