Hero Ascension Guide & Costs

Similar to the other hero-collecting games, in AFK Journey, your main job is to collect copies of your heroes and then upgrade them via the ascension system to increase their power, level, skills, and the team’s overall power.

Ascension of Heroes is crucial in the AFK Journey if you want to improve your heroes’ strength and advance further in the game. Ascension is the process of upgrading your heroes to higher tiers, which provides additional stats.

Moreover, when you reach the Mythic Ascension tier, you will unlock exclusive gear.

Currently, there are 10 hero ascension tiers in the game.

AFK Journey Hero Ascension

At the moment, there are 2 different tiers of Heroes in the game. The heroes can be obtained via the Noble Tavern section (gacha).

  • The max level of A-Level heroes is 240.
  • The max level of S-Level heroes is 240, but they require more resources to ascend.

AFK Journey Hero Ascension Requirements

Ascension Tiera levelA-Levels levelS-LevelcelestialshypogeansCelehypoUnlocks
elite plusElite +1xa level token
epicEpic3xa level token
epic 1Epic +4xa level token1xs level token1xcelehypo
legendaryLegendary5xa level token50xacorn Acorns1xcelehypo
legendary 1Legendary +8xa level token2xs level token Sigils1xcelehypoHero Focus
mythicalMythic10xa level token100xacorn Acorns2xcelehypo
mythical 1Mythic +12xa level token2xs level token Sigils2xcelehypoExclusive Weapon
supremeSupreme200xacorn200xacorn Acorns2xcelehypo
supreme plusSupreme +20xa level token2xs level token4xcelehypoSkill Enhancement
Total64xa level token Sigils
200xacorn Acorns
8xs level token Sigils
350xacorn Acorns
14xcelehypo Sigils
Players need to obtain 25 heroes at that same tier to unlock each Paragon level.
At Paragon, you don’t get skill upgrades or unlocks anymore, only stats.
Ascension Tiera levelA-Levels levelS-LevelcelestialshypogeansCelehypo
paragon icon Paragon 145xa level token Sigils6xs level token Sigils4xcelehypo Sigils
paragon icon Paragon 245xa level token Sigils6xs level token Sigils4xcelehypo Sigils
paragon icon Paragon 368xa level token Sigils9xs level token Sigils6xcelehypo Sigils
paragon icon Paragon 468xa level token Sigils9xs level token Sigils6xcelehypo Sigils

Unlocking Features:

  • At Legendary+ Tier: Characters get Hero Focus, boosting a stat or adding a new effect.
  • At Mythic+ Tier: They unlock an Exclusive Weapon, which brings a new skill that gets better as you upgrade the weapon.
  • At Supreme+ Tier: Characters gain Skill Enhancement, making one of their skills even stronger.

Ascension Basics:

  • For A-Level Characters: To reach the top tier (Supreme+), you need 1 original hero plus 63 duplicates of the same hero (64 total) and 200 Faction Acorns.
  • For S-Level Characters: To ascend to Supreme+, it takes 1 original hero, 7 duplicates (8 total), and 350 Faction Acorns.
  • For Celestial and Hypogean: Ascend these special characters with 1 original and 13 duplicates (14 in total).

Paragon Ladder:

  • To get to Paragon 1: You need 25 characters at Supreme+ level.
  • To reach Paragon 2: You need 20 characters who are already at Paragon 1.
  • For Paragon 3: You need 15 characters at Paragon 2.
  • And for Paragon 4: You need 15 characters at Paragon 3.

How to obtain Sould Sigils and Acorns

Leveling up your heroes in AFK Journey is a crucial step, and it involves gathering two key items: a level token Hero Soul Sigils and acorn Faction Acorns.

There are several ways to gather these valuable materials:

  1. Recruitment: Opening invitation letters is the fastest way to earn Faction Acorns and Hero Soul Sigils. The amounts you receive can vary, but the exciting part is the ability to create a hero wishlist for these letters. Prioritize heroes you’re eager to ascend to ensure you get the right materials. Remember, while invitation letters are a primary source for these items, it’s not recommended to spend diamonds on buying them. It’s best to earn free letters through gameplay.
  2. Legend Trial: This battle mode is a fantastic source of Faction Acorns. Engaging in these trials can significantly boost your collection.
  3. Nobel Path: The Nobel Path, similar to a battle pass, offers various rewards, including invitation letters and Faction Acorns. Collecting 60 soul stones from here lets you create a Hero Soul Sigil. If you’re planning to play long-term, consider upgrading to the premium Nobel Path for even more rewards.
  4. Dream Store: Visit the Dream Store to buy Hero Soul Sigils for epic heroes. You’ll need Dream Fragments, which you can earn in the Dream Realm battle mode.
  5. Arena Store: An essential stop for players, the Arena Store allows you to purchase Hero Soul Sigils, especially for those epic heroes that are elusive in invitation letters. To shop here, you’ll need arena coins, so aim high in the rankings to accumulate more.
  6. General Store: While you might find Faction Acorns and invitation letters in the general store, spending diamonds here isn’t advisable. There are more efficient ways to use your in-game currency.
hero ascension materials

Each of these methods provides a unique way to gather the necessary materials for ascension, so plan your strategy accordingly and make the most of these opportunities.

You’ll find several methods to acquire these essential elements. Once you’ve collected enough, head over to the Resonating Hall. Here, simply select the hero you wish to upgrade, and you’ll find the option to ascend them.

Keep in mind, each hero belongs to a specific faction, and they require Faction Acorns unique to their faction for ascension.

Take valen 1 Valen and lucius 1 Lucius, for instance – they both need the same type of Faction: Lightbearers. This means you’ll have to strategize and choose wisely on which hero you’ll spend these valuable resources.

As a beginner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of distributing Faction Acorns across various heroes without a clear plan. This often leads to a shortage of Acorns when you need them for a preferred hero in your team.

Therefore, it’s important to think carefully about where to invest your Faction Acorns. For additional guidance, don’t hesitate to consult the AFK Journey tier list. This resource can be a great help in identifying the top heroes in the game.

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