Hero Ascension Guide

Similar to the other hero-collecting games, in AFK Journey, your main job is to collect copies of your heroes and then upgrade them via the ascension system to increase their power, level, skills, and the team’s overall power.

AFK Journey Hero Ascension

At the moment, there are 2 different tiers of Heroes in the game.

The heroes can be obtained via the Noble Tavern section (gacha).

  • The max level of Elite heroes is 240.
  • The max level of Epic heroes is 240 but require more resources for ascending.

Players can upgrade Elite and Epic heroes to the next level, Supreme, which require a lot for materials. Below, we are going to show you how.

AFK Journey Hero Ascension Requirements

Elite Hero

Ascension TierRequirement
EliteStarting Tier (Elite Hero)
Elite+2 copies of the same hero
Epic10 Faction Acorns
Epic+6 copies of the same hero
Legendary50 Faction Acorns
Legendary+13 copies of the same hero
Mythic150 Faction Acorns
Supreme Stars

Epic Heroes

Ascension TierRequirement
EpicStarting Tier (Elite Hero)
Epic+1 copy of the same hero
Legendary50 Faction Acorns
Legendary+2 copies of the same hero
Mythic200 Faction Acorns
Mythic+copies of the same hero
Supreme Stars
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