Hero Wish List Guide

The up-to-date list of the AFK Journey Hero Wish List you should use to strengthen your account in the shortest amount of time.

To access to the wish list feature, get to Mystical House, go to Noble Tavern, and then click at the Wishlist icon at the top right of the screen.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the essentials of setting up your hero wishlist, a crucial step for both new players and beta voyagers alike. Whether you’re a free-to-play enthusiast or someone who doesn’t mind spending a bit, this guide is your ticket to mastering AFK Journey.

Best AFK Global Hero Wish List

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We will do our best to update this wish list monthly after each game update so make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come and update your list whenever you can.

The Hero Wishlist Guide for AFK Journey

  • Sure, here’s a simplified and straightforward breakdown:
  • Wishlist unlocks after 30 pulls on All-Hero Recruitment banner.
  • Immediately available for Epic Recruitment banner.
  • Fill the wishlist with specific heroes you want.
  • All future pulls from these banners will only include heroes from your wishlist.
  • Focus on adding strong heroes to smooth your game progression.
  • s level S-level and a level A-level heroes of different factions can be added to the Wish List, with 2 s level S-level heroes and 2 a level A-level heroes per faction.
  • If you get an s level S-level or a level A-level hero from All-Hero Recruitment, it’ll be a hero from your Wish List. Meanwhile, obtained s level S-level heroes will be Epic, and a level A-level heroes will be Elite.
  • While S-level heroes are generally stronger and rarer, A-level heroes are more common and require more copies to ascend.

S-Tier Heroes

  • S-Tier heroes like thoran 1Thoran, the game’s best tank, are rare gems. Thoran, for instance, can resurrect twice, making him a formidable opponent.
  • For S-tier lightbearers, Rowan and Vala are top recommendations. They offer a solid foundation for any team.
  • For a balanced team, focus on including healers and tanks in your wishlist. This strategy ensures a robust lineup to tackle various challenges.

A-Tier Heroes

  • A-Tier heroes, though less rare, play a crucial role in your journey. They might not be as strong as S-Tier heroes, but they’re easier to ascend.

AFK Journey Wishlist Guide for New Players

Absolutely, here’s a concise guide on how to prioritize characters for your wishlist, considering the importance of ascension for S-Level and A-Level characters:

S-Level Heroes

  • Dupes and Acorns Needed: Ascension requires both duplicates and Faction Acorns.
  • Choose Wisely: Investing resources or wishlist spots on less impactful S-Level characters can hinder your progress.

A-Level Heroes

  • More Dupes Required: Ascending an A-Level character to Supreme+ requires 64 dupes, unlike 8 for S-Level.
  • Strategic Selection: It’s crucial to carefully select A-Level characters for your wishlist to ensure efficient progression.

Faction Focus and Character Prioritization

When deciding which characters to focus on from each faction, it’s essential to consider your game mode preference (PVE or PVP) as it might influence the best path for your account. Always review additional insights or comments provided below character tables for guidance on available paths and how to tailor your strategy to your gameplay focus.

Hero Wish List Recommendations for New Players


rowan 1Rowan – The Multifaceted Support

rowan 1Rowan is a versatile support hero who excels early in the game even without duplicates. His ability to heal, buff, and restore energy to allies makes him an invaluable asset in any team composition, providing a robust support framework from the get-go.

valaVala – The Assassin Specialist

valaVala is recognized as the top assassin-type hero, adept at eliminating troublesome backline targets, such as healers or high DPS characters. Her skills are crucial for breaking through teams with strong frontlines, making her a key player for overcoming balanced enemy formations.

temesiaTemesia – The Disruptive Force

While classified as a tank, temesiaTemesia’s true role is that of a disruptor. She can bypass physical barriers, disrupting enemy formations and increasing vulnerability. Her damage output, which scales with enemy attack power, also makes her a formidable contender in the Dream Realm.

CassadeeCassadee – The Magical AoE Mage

CassadeeCassadee focuses on AoE attacks and buffs for her allies, thriving in magical teams. Her ability to reduce enemy magical defense (MDEF) enhances her effectiveness in the Dream Realm, where strategic AoE damage can shift the tide of battle.

MarileeMarilee – Dream Realm’s Premier Damage Dealer

MarileeMarilee stands out as the best damage dealer in the Dream Realm, though her performance in other areas may be average. Prioritizing her development is essential for those looking to excel in Dream Realm challenges, despite the broader utility of other heroes.

korinKorin – The Jack-of-All-Trades

korinKorin serves as a secondary DPS/support hybrid, capable of shielding allies, controlling enemies with crowd control (CC), and dealing true damage. His versatility and potency in the Dream Realm are unmatched, especially once his EX is unlocked. Teams achieving high ranks with low power often include korinKorin, underscoring his strategic importance.

lucius 1Lucius – The Early Bloomer Turned Support

lucius 1Lucius may start strong as a main tank, but he transitions to an off-tank/shield role as the game progresses. Investing heavily in lucius 1Lucius means potentially neglecting MarileeMarilee or korinKorin, who might contribute more significantly to your team’s success in the long run.

maulers Mauler

brutus 1Brutus – The Resilient Off-Tank

brutus 1Brutus excels as an off-tank, notably for his ability to become immortal for a few seconds upon his first “death” in battle. This unique trait allows him critical time to enable team ultimates. However, further duplicates don’t significantly enhance his abilities beyond this, suggesting that he may not need a permanent spot on your Wishlist.

Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky – Superior Early Game Support/Healer

Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky shine in the early game as one of the best supports/healers, transitioning well into the endgame, particularly in PVE. Their effectiveness in PVP may decline over time, but their overall utility in PVE modes keeps them highly relevant.

shakirShakir – The Mauler Team Linchpin

shakirShakir is vital for Mauler teams, offering a blend of damage, off-tanking, and ally buffing. His true potential is unlocked with duplicates and his EX weapon, which when upgraded to +10, significantly enhances his capabilities.

odieOdie – The Versatile A-Level Powerhouse

odieOdie stands out as perhaps the most versatile A-level character, delivering exceptional damage across both PVE and PVP modes. His effectiveness spikes with his EX weapon, which enables him to execute targets below a certain health threshold, making him a top choice for any team.

kokoKoko – Tactical Support Specialist

kokoKoko excels in reducing incoming damage to allies by staggering it, which synergizes well with [smokey & meerky], who can mitigate the true damage once her ultimate effect concludes. This makes her an essential support for maintaining team durability.

krugerKruger – Dream Realm Debuff Maestro

krugerKruger is invaluable in the Dream Realm for his permanent debuff ability, which remains effective even if he is taken out early in combat. To truly compete in Dream Realm events, consider advancing him to Mythic+ to unlock his EX weapon.

AntandraAntandra – The Capable Mauler Off-Tank

While AntandraAntandra is a competent off-tank, her place among many strong A-Level Maulers makes her less essential. Allocating her a spot on your Wishlist over odieOdie might impact your Dream Realm performance, but a balanced approach of ascending her for enhanced utility, followed by a focus back on odieOdie, could be effective.

seth 1Seth – The High-Risk, High-Reward Assassin

Initially, seth 1Seth may struggle in combat, often dying before making a significant impact. However, with the right investment, he transforms into a formidable force capable of single-handedly turning the tide of battle with his substantial damage output and self-healing abilities. Despite not being the top choice anymore, he remains a viable option for both PVE and PVP.

wilder Wilder

eironnEironn – The Late Bloomer

eironnEironn starts off weak but becomes indispensable in multiple meta teams once he reaches Mythic+ and unlocks his EX weapon. He doesn’t appear in any shop, which makes him a valuable long-term investment for players looking to dominate in the later stages of the game.

Hewynn 1Hewynn – The Battlefield Healer

Compared to other healers like rowan 1Rowan and Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky, Hewynn 1Hewynn stands out by affecting the entire battlefield simultaneously. Her main drawback is her slow start, which often necessitates pairing her with another healer initially to optimize effectiveness until she can deploy her ultimate.

arden 1Arden – The PVP CC Specialist

arden 1Arden is a core member of one of the strongest PVP teams, especially when teamed with eironnEironn and CarolinaCarolina. He excels in utilizing crowd control (CC) and significantly improves with the right duplicates and team composition, though he might seem lackluster at the outset.

damianDamian – The Versatile PVP Champion

Recently ascending to the upper echelons of PVP, damianDamian is a must-have due to the haste boost from his EX weapon, which enables your team to act swiftly in battle. His ability to heal and debuff enemies further enhances his utility, making him a top priority for players focused on PVP dominance.

Lyca 1Lyca – The Hybrid Damage Support

Lyca 1Lyca is a versatile hybrid character who excels at dealing AoE damage while also supporting her allies by boosting their attack speed (ASPD) and energy. This combination is pivotal in winning the “ultimate race” in battles. However, her DEF reduction effect is less potent compared to krugerKruger, and she faces synergy challenges within her own faction, as most Wilder characters deal magic damage.


thoran 1Thoran – The Indispensable Tank

thoran 1Thoran stands out as the premier tank in AFK Journey, notable for his durability and unique abilities. Unlike other heroes, thoran 1Thoran cannot be purchased from any shop, making him a vital addition to your Wishlist. Initially effective even as a single copy, enhancing thoran 1Thoran with his EX weapon and additional skills is crucial for maximizing his potential.

CeciaCecia – Versatile Yet Focused Damage Dealer

Early in your journey, CeciaCecia proves invaluable, especially since you’ll obtain her from your first 10-pull. She excels in the story and Battle Drills, though her supremacy wanes in other areas as you progress to Mythic+ levels. Conveniently available in the Guild Store, consider acquiring her duplicates there to focus your Wishlist and resources on other characters.

CarolinaCarolina – Late Game Powerhouse

CarolinaCarolina emerges as a formidable force in both PVE and PVP, but unlocking her full potential requires her EX weapon and a tailored team strategy. Her late-game prowess makes her an excellent candidate for your Wishlist, potentially prioritizing her over CeciaCecia for a long-term advantage, despite possibly slowing your early progression.

Igor 1Igor – The Elusive Menace

Despite a pre-release nerf, Igor 1Igor remains a significant threat in both PVE and PVP contexts. Known for his mobility and ability to evade death, Igor 1Igor consistently disrupts enemy formations and chips away at their health, making him a challenging adversary on any PVP defense team.

viperianViperian – Dominant AoE Specialist

Part of the esteemed Graveborn core, viperianViperian is renowned for his extensive AoE damage and energy-draining capabilities. These traits allow him to often tip the scales in your favor by winning the crucial ‘first ultimate’ race, making him highly effective across both PVE and PVP battles.

SilvinaSilvina – Precision Backline Assassin

SilvinaSilvina’s ability to target specific backline enemies based on her positioning makes her a key assassin. She is essential for eliminating critical threats hidden behind enemy tanks, although she requires significant duplication and investment to ensure her survival and effectiveness in executing her roles.

niruNiru – Unique Support with Immortality Twist

niruNiru offers a distinctive support role by not only healing allies but also granting them temporary immortality. This ability opens up various strategic combinations that can simplify certain PVE challenges. However, niruNiru truly shines once he acquires his EX weapon, which is essential for his abilities to perform consistently and effectively.

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