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The up-to-date list of the AFK Journey Hero Wish List you should use to strengthen your account in the shortest amount of time.

To access to the wish list feature, get to Mystical House, go to Noble Tavern, and then click at the Wishlist icon at the top right of the screen.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the essentials of setting up your hero wishlist, a crucial step for both new players and beta voyagers alike. Whether you’re a free-to-play enthusiast or someone who doesn’t mind spending a bit, this guide is your ticket to mastering AFK Journey.

Best AFK Global Hero Wish List

afk journey wishlist guide

We will do our best to update this tier list monthly after each game update so make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come and update your list whenever you can.

The Hero Wishlist: A Game-Changer

  • Your hero wishlist is a critical element in AFK Journey, influencing the heroes you’ll likely pull from your adventures.
  • s level S-level and a level A-level heroes of different factions can be added to the Wish List, with 2 s level S-level heroes and 2 a level A-level heroes per faction.
  • If you get an s level S-level or a level A-level hero from All-Hero Recruitment, it’ll be a hero from your Wish List. Meanwhile, obtained s level S-level heroes will be Epic, and a level A-level heroes will be Elite.
  • While S-level heroes are generally stronger and rarer, A-level heroes are more common and require more copies to ascend.

S-Tier Heroes

  • S-Tier heroes like Thoran, the game’s best tank, are rare gems. Thoran, for instance, can resurrect twice, making him a formidable opponent.
  • For S-tier lightbearers, Rowan and Vala are top recommendations. They offer a solid foundation for any team.
  • For a balanced team, focus on including healers and tanks in your wishlist. This strategy ensures a robust lineup to tackle various challenges.

A-Tier Heroes

  • A-Tier heroes, though less rare, play a crucial role in your journey. They might not be as strong as S-Tier heroes, but they’re easier to ascend.

Strategic Hero Selection for Wishlist in AFK Journey

  • For a short-term adventure, like the six-day expedition, your approach to selecting heroes will differ. Consider heroes that provide immediate benefits. Tanks and healers are crucial for quick progress. Heroes like Rowan and Granny, or Huan and Brutus, make excellent combinations.
  • When setting up your wishlist, pay attention to the faction of each hero. You can include both S-level and A-level heroes from the same faction.
  • This approach gives you a balanced team, capable of handling various challenges.
  • The game continuously evolves, with new heroes being introduced and existing ones receiving updates. Stay informed about these changes to make the best choices for your team.
  • For those participating in the beta voyage, your strategy might differ slightly. Prioritize heroes that offer immediate value and can help you progress quickly in the beta phase.

Hero Recommendations for New Players


For S-tier lightbearers, Rowan and Vala are top recommendations. They offer a solid foundation for any team.

It’s essential to note that some heroes, like Temesia and Cassade, require more time to build up and may not be ideal for short beta tests.

Merrin, with her exceptional physical damage capabilities, is must-have on your wishlist.

Valen, an early-game carry, can be extremely effective, especially in tactical drills. His ultimate ability is a game-changer in difficult battles.


For a hybrid between a rogue and a tank, Shakir is an excellent choice. His unique abilities can serve as both offense and subtank.

Heroes like Smokey, known as the strongest healer.

Brutus, an excellent tank, are valuable assets in the beta phase If you don’t have any other tank yet.

Lumont is not really good at the moment.

For beta players, heroes like Eddie (now renamed to Odie) and Seth offer great value.


Eironn and Hewynn are pivotal. Eironn, exclusive to card pulls, and Hewynn, a healer, can greatly enhance your team’s capabilities.

Once you get a healer, you can swap Hewynn out for Granny.

Lyca is also a great choice, offering Haste for the very first copy of her.


Thoran is unreal, the strongest tank, can die 3 times, and can boost the damage of your entire team.

Cecia is an incredible DPS, can carry you easily through the first chapters of the game alone.

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