AFK Journey Artifacts Tier List

Investing your valuable resources in the top-tier AFK Journey Artifacts can give you a significant advantage in the game modes they excel in.

What are Artifacts in AFK Journey?

  • Complete Main Quests to unlock all Artifacts.
  • Select suitable Artifacts during battle preparation to increase all heroes’ stats and use their Assistance effects to change the tide.
  • Level up Artifacts to increase the stats. Reach the designated level to enhance their Assistance effects.

These vital enhancements are crucial for a character’s development journey. Neglecting to dedicate time to discover and enhance them means you’ll likely fall behind on your server. Before you rush into leveling up your characters, it’s crucial to optimize your Artifact configuration.

Just starting out in this strategic RPG? Dive into our guides for the AFK Journey tier list and how to reroll effectively in AFK Journey to ensure your adventure begins on the right note.

For those further along, grabbing the latest AFK Journey codes could provide the boost needed to maintain your competitive edge.

The Best Artifacts in AFK Journey

Artifacts, a concept borrowed from AFK Arena, return with a twist in their operational dynamics during battles in AFK Journey.

Let’s take a closer look at how AFK Journey Artifacts rank, with the top-tier ones being versatile across various game modes and teams, countering popular strategies effectively:

Sconfining spell Confining
starshard spellStarshard
Aenlightening spell Enlightening
Bawakening spell Awakening
ironwall spell Ironwall
Cblazing spell Blazing


  • S Tier: These are the elite artifacts that offer unparalleled advantages in multiple scenarios, making them the most sought-after for their versatility and strength.
  • A Tier: A notch below the S tier, this artifact still provides significant benefits and can be a game-changer in the right hands.
  • B Tier: Useful in specific situations, these artifacts offer solid benefits but don’t have the broad applicability of the A and S tiers.
  • C Tier: While not as impactful as the others, the Fireball artifact can still offer some utility in certain contexts.

These rankings indicate which artifacts to prioritize for a competitive edge in AFK Journey, focusing on those that adapt well to various game modes and team compositions to tackle the prevailing meta tactics effectively.

How to Unlock & Enhance Artifacts in AFK Journey

When you start playing AFK Journey, you will be introduced to six Artifacts that you can access gradually as you progress through the main storyline. If you choose to deviate from the main path and explore other game modes, you may not have the best Artifact for certain challenges, which could put you at a disadvantage.

Given their context-specific utility, the strategy often leans towards unlocking and enhancing each Artifact over time. However, it’s worth noting that some may find less frequent use than others.

Artifacts are upgraded in the Resonating Hall, utilizing Sprite Dew collected from chests encountered throughout the main storyline and the Legend Trial. Additionally, these essential resources can be purchased at the Emporium with AFK Journey Diamonds.

Enhancing your Artifacts boosts their effect strength and the overall stat bonuses your team benefits from while they are equipped.

Below is an overview of the Artifacts available for unlocking at the moment: Awakening Spell, Enlightening Spell, Starshard Spell, Ironwall Spell, Confining Spell, and Blazing Spell

afk arena artifact list

Focusing on unlocking and upgrading these Artifacts will ensure your team is well-equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in AFK Journey.

Exploring the Powers of AFK Journey Artifacts

In AFK Journey, each of the six Artifacts serves to bolster specific aspects of your team, making them indispensable tools for particular scenarios. Whether it’s countering enemy Artifacts in PvP, shoring up your team’s weaknesses, enhancing their strengths, or tackling unique boss mechanics, there’s an Artifact tailored for every need.

Here’s a brief on what each Artifact brings to the battlefield:

awakening spell

Awakening Spell

Phys DEF+26.4%
Magic DEF+26.4%
  • 5s after the battle starts, summons Radiant Life to restore 3 weakest allied heroes’ max HP by 7% every 10s.
  • Increases the healing amount to 10% of max HP.
  • The number of allies to receive this buff is increased to 4.
  • Primary Use: Enhances healing in Legend Trial and Arcane Labyrinth modes, perfect for teams relying heavily on a single powerful character.
  • Key Abilities: Begins healing your weakest allies every ten seconds shortly after combat starts, with the potential to increase attack stats and defenses significantly at higher levels.
enlightening spell

Enlightening Spell

  • At the start of a battle, the ATK SPD of 1 rearmost allied hero in the back is increased by 80 for 15s.
  • While the skill takes effect, the buffed allied hero gains control immunity.
  • The bonus ATK SPD is increased to 100. The effect duration is increased to 20s.
  • Primary Use: Increases the attack speed of your team’s rearmost unit, designed as a countermeasure against teams using the Confining Spell.
  • Community View: Seen as somewhat limited in utility, it’s best suited for boosting assassin-like characters in the backline without overlapping with their inherent buffs.
starshard spell

Starshard Spell

  • Every 4 times allied heroes cast their Ultimate, a flame wave is unleashed on all enemies. The flame wave deals true damage equal to 16% of the target’s current HP and up to 60% of Team ATK. The flame wave also reduces the target’s ATK SPD by 60 for 4s.
  • Increases damage to 24% of the current HP, capped at 90% of Team ATK
  • Triggered after allies use 3 Ultimates.
  • Primary Use: Ideal for boss fights and PvP Arena, thanks to its true damage capabilities.
  • Key Abilities: Activates a stage-wide attack every fourth Ultimate move cast by your team, dealing true damage and reducing enemy attack speed.
confining spell

Confining Spell

ATK SPD+6.6%
  • 3s into a battle, deals magic damage equal to 25% of the Team ATK to 2 enemies in the back every 12s, making them unable to move or act for 1.5s.
  • The Prison duration is increased to 2.5s.
  • The cooldown of this ability is reduced to IOS
  • Versatility: Known for its broad applicability, you’ll find this Artifact in a wide array of setups.
  • Key Abilities: Targets and stuns high-impact enemies in the backline, dealing magic damage and disrupting enemy formations effectively.
blazing spell

Blazing Spell

DEF Penetration+7.8
Phys DEF+13.8%
Magic DEF+13.8%
  • Shoots a fireball at the weaket enemy every 5s, dealing magic damage equal to 20% of the Team ATK.
  • The damage dealt is increased to of the Team ATK.
  • Deals extra damage equal to 4% of target’s lost HP, capped at 20% of TeamATK
  • Primary Use: Often overlooked in favor of Confining or Starshard Spells once they’re available.
  • Key Abilities: Launches a targeted fireball at the enemy’s weakest unit, dealing magic damage and offering defense penetration and boosts at higher levels.

Each Artifact in AFK Journey is designed with specific uses in mind, empowering players to strategically enhance their teams based on the challenges they face. Understanding and leveraging these Artifacts can significantly influence your game’s outcome, whether in PvE or PvP battles.

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