AFK Journey Arena Guide & Formations

The Arena section is located inside the Everlight in AFK Journey.

This is the PvP section where players can fight against others from all around the world, get higher rankings, and earn a lot of rewards passively every day.

Every time you open the Arena, 3 random opponents will show up. You can choose to fight one between them or to refresh the opponents for free 5 times every day.

Basic Arena Rules in AFK Journey

  1. In the Arena, you can spend tickets to challenge other players on the same server.
  2. Defeat other players to gain Arena Points and increase your tier.
  3. You can get tier rewards the first time you reach a new tier.
  4. Rewards are calculated and sent out according to your tier at 00 UTC every Monday. The higher your tier, the greater the rewards.
  5. Players who have more than 3,200 Arena Points will be ranked in the Hall of Fame Rankings.
afk journey arena ranking rewards

Every day, players will receive a certain amount of Arena coins, which are for purchasing items and hero shards from Arena shop.

The current ranks at the moment: Novice I, II, III → Adept I, II, III → Elite I, II, III → Epic I, II, III → Legendary I, II, III → Hall of Famer I, II, III

Arena Store

Collect Arena Coins by doing battles every day and get a chance to purchase different Hero Soul SIgils from the Arena Store.

Purchase Priority: Lyca, Hewynn, Lumont, Atalanta, Igor, Merrin, Kruger.

AFK Journey Arena Store

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