Battle Drills Guide & Team Formations

The Battle Drills feature is the Guild Boss event in AFK Journey. Together, players are able to join the battles against bosses in many different maps. Defeating the enemies to get so many valuable rewards!

AFK Journey Battle Drills

AFK Journey Battle Drills

1. A new round of Battle Drills starts at 00:00 UTC every Tuesday. Each round consists of several areas and 1 final boss.

2. You’ll start each round at the base camp and can challenge connected areas. Each area is guarded by a number of enemy pieces. Destroy all enemy pieces in the area to capture the area for your guild.

Battle Drills Map

3. Guild members will need to use Action Points to challenge enemy pieces. Challengers will receive Gold and Treasure Keys corresponding to their battle performance. Treasure Keys are used to open Member Chests after each round of Battle Drills.

4. The challenge progress of enemy pieces is shared by the whole guild. When pieces are destroyed, the guild will get a blessing (the skill bonus of the blessing will take effect on the whole guild from the following day and will only apply to Battle Drills), and the unlock progress of the final boss will also increase. The guild will need to destroy enough pieces until the final boss is unlocked.

5. The current round of Battle Drills ends at 0:0 UTC on Monday. If the guild defeats the final boss, it will start the next round at a higher difficulty (depending on the max difficulty unlocked on the server, the highest being Epic). If the guild does not manage to defeat the final boss in this round, it will start the next round at the same difficulty.

6. Once a player fights in a battle in this round of Battle Drills, they will be linked with their guild’s progress until this round of Battle Drills ends. If the player changes guilds, they will not be able to loan out an Assist Team, and their battle results won’t increase the guild’s progress. However, they will still get rewards from their own battles. After this round of Battle Drills ends, Keys will be converted into rewards and issued via mail.

Endless Mode

1. Endless Mode (only for the current round) starts after the final boss has been defeated in each round. The initial difficulty is 1, and this mode includes boss battles.

2. Whenever Endless Mode starts, the areas connected to the base camp will start a countdown, and the bosses will respawn and become challengeable once the countdown ends.

3. The next difficulty level of Endless Mode (up to the difficulty of 5) starts after you defeat all the bosses of the current difficulty level.

4. Each hero can only be deployed once every day in Endless Mode.

guild treasure in AFK Journey

Guild Treasure

Member Chest

1. After defeating the final boss in each round or after the time runs out, Treasure Keys can be used to open Member Chests, which contain many items and Diamonds. The more enemy pieces the guild destroys in this round, the higher the level of the treasure chest. The drop rates of rare rewards are affected by chest level.

2. If there are Treasure Keys that have not been used before the next round of Battle Drills starts, they will be used to open Member Chests, and rewards will be issued via mail.

Team Chest

1. The more bosses the guild defeats in each round (including Endless Mode bosses), the more rewards the guild will receive. The “claimable” rewards can be claimed once by each guild member.

2. Team Chests that have not been claimed before the next round of Battle Drills starts will be issued via mail.

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why can’t I change the members of the team I selected? I got some additional heroes from the few days before but can’t add or change the team

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