Bounty Board

Bounty Board is a great way to earn passive rewards in AFK 2: Journey by simply sending your heroes to complete different missions automatically.

The Bounty Board is located inside the Everlight building.

Bounty Board Rules

  1. The Bounty Board accepts various requests from villagers. Players can dispatch heroes to help villagers for rewards.
  2. Only 1 dispatch can be made every day. This is refreshed at 0:00 UTC every day.
  3. Each dispatched hero has a basic number of Action Points. The number of Action Points heroes have increases with their tier.
  4. Dispatched heroes will get additional Action Points if they meet special bounty quest conditions, such as having
  5. certain specialties, being of a certain faction or class, or being the Star of the Day.
  6. The total number of Action Points of all dispatched heroes determines how many times hamsters will come to your aid, which is capped at 5 times.
  7. Players can take advantage of the hamsters who have come to your aid to increase the rewards from the dispatch quest. Each quest has main rewards and secondary rewards. Only main rewards benefit from hamsters’ aid.

Bounty Board Rewards

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This is for afk arena. This doesn’t exist in afk Journey

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