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In AFK Journey, all of the equipment you obtain puts an effect on all heroes in that specific class. In other words, this equipment is class-wise, unlike the other games where you have to equip gears for each hero.

There are 5 tiers of gears at the moment: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, and Expert. The higher tier the gear is, the higher max level it offers.

AFK Journey’s equipment system stands out for its user-friendly design, especially when compared to other Gacha games. It’s particularly accommodating for free-to-play gamers, minimizing the need for extensive gear grinding for each hero.

Our guide dives into the essentials of equipment in AFK Journey. We’ll explore how to obtain and craft gear, enabling you to further strengthen your heroes.

AFK Journey Equipment Explained

In AFK Journey, equipment refers to the various items assigned to each class, rather than individual heroes. This innovative system allows for all heroes within a specific class to share the same set of equipment. For instance, if you equip items to the support class, every hero in that class automatically gains those same equipment benefits.

This approach significantly reduces the time and effort typically required to outfit each hero individually. However, there’s an exception: exclusive equipment is unique to each hero, which we’ll delve into later in our guide.

Each class in AFK Journey can be equipped with six different types of gear: Weapon, Gloves, Ring, Helmet, Chest armor, Boots

    As of now, there are no additional sets or bonus perks available through equipment. Should such features be introduced in the future, we’ll be sure to update this guide accordingly.

    How to forge AFK Journey Gears

    To upgrade your gears in AFK Journey, players need to do some forging steps, which require gold Gold and Primal Casting Shard Primal Casting Shards. Players can get these items from the in-game campaigns, and quests, and by disassembling the unused gears in the Inventory.

    Higher-level gears need more resources to forge.

    The equipment which is available to forge should have a “forge” icon next to it like this:

    forging icons

    Resonance Level and Crafting: Your ability to craft higher-level gear is directly tied to your Resonance Level. For instance, at Resonance Level 79, you can craft level 75 gear. Upon advancing to Level 80, level 80 gear becomes craftable. This progression highlights the importance of evenly boosting your heroes’ Resonance Levels.

    Focus on Relevant Equipment: For new players, it’s advisable to concentrate on crafting equipment for the classes of your strongest heroes. Avoid expending resources on classes you seldom use.

    Equipment Forging Priority

    • Support: Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head → Weapon
    • Mage: Leg → Accessory → Weapon → Body → Hands → Head
    • Tank: Body → Hands → Head → Leg → Accessory → Weapon
    • Warrior: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head
    • Marksman: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head
    • Rogue: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head

    Acquiring Equipment in AFK Journey

    In AFK Journey, obtaining equipment for your classes is quite straightforward and can be accomplished through various methods:

    1. Exploring for Chests: As you journey through the game’s world, keep an eye out for chests scattered across the map. These chests often contain random items, including equipment, making it crucial to collect them whenever you encounter one.
    2. Free Equipment Chests: Upon reaching certain resonance levels in the game, you’ll be rewarded with free chests. These chests are special as they allow you to select the equipment you desire.
    3. AFK Progress Rewards: A significant portion of your equipment will come from the game’s AFK progress system. The type and quantity of equipment you receive are random. However, if you obtain items that aren’t needed, they can be salvaged for crafting materials.
    4. Growth Path and Trials: Completing specific quests and tasks within the game can earn you both equipment and materials for crafting. These rewards are tied to your progression and achievements in various in-game activities.
    5. Purchases from General and Adventure Stores: These in-game stores let you buy equipment using diamonds and antique coins. It’s advisable to spend diamonds judiciously, preferably on essential or discounted items. These purchases can also be salvaged later for materials.
    6. Some AFK Journey codes give free equipment as well.

    With these diverse sources, you’ll find that gradually equipping each class to its maximum potential is a manageable and enjoyable part of your AFK Journey experience.

    Exclusive Equipment

    Exclusive equipment is tailored for individual heroes. Here’s how it works:

    1. Unlocking Exclusive Equipment: This unique gear becomes available when you ascend a hero to the Mythic tier. Post-ascension, you can use and enhance this exclusive equipment.
    2. Upgrading Process: Stones, which are somewhat challenging to obtain, are required for upgrading exclusive equipment. Given their rarity, prioritize upgrading equipment for your most potent heroes and those you frequently use.
    3. Current Limitation: Each hero currently has only one piece of exclusive equipment. Should there be additions to this system, we’ll update this guide accordingly.

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