Equipment Guide

In AFK Journey, all of the equipment you obtain puts an effect on all heroes in that specific class. In other words, this equipment is class-wise, unlike the other games where you have to equip gears for each hero.

There are 5 tiers of gears at the moment: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, and Expert. The higher tier the gear is, the higher max level it offers.

How to forge AFK Journey Gears

To upgrade your gears in AFK Journey, players need to do some forging steps, which require gold Gold and Primal Casting Shard Primal Casting Shards. Players can get these items from the in-game campaigns, and quests, and by disassembling the unused gears in the Inventory.

Higher-level gears need more resources to forge.

The equipment which is available to forge should have a “forge” icon next to it like this:

forging icons

Equipment Forging Priority

  • Support: Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head → Weapon
  • Mage: Leg → Accessory → Weapon → Body → Hands → Head
  • Tank: Body → Hands → Head → Leg → Accessory → Weapon
  • Warrior: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head
  • Marksman: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head
  • Rogue: Weapon → Leg → Accessory → Body → Hands → Head
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