AFK Journey Summon (Gacha) Rates

In AFK Journey, summoning heroes is a thrilling experience, enriched by diverse banners tailored to enhance your roster. Understanding each banner’s unique offerings helps you optimize your strategy and resources.

Comparison of Hero Summon Rates in AFK Journey

BannerS-Level Hero Rate
All-Hero Recruitment2.05%
Epic Recruitment5.22%
Rate-up Recruitment3%
Stargaze3.25% (Celestial/Hypogean only)
Rate Up Recruitment

Rate-up Recruitment


  • s level S-Level Hero: 3%
  • a level A-Level Hero: 10%
  • Omni Acorn x30 – 1.5%
  • Omni Acorn x4 – 15%
  • Omni Acorn x1 – 70.05%

Main Features:

  • Highlight: Focuses on introducing new or promoting existing heroes.
  • Guarantee: Pulling an s level S-Level rate-up hero ensures you receive the featured hero; a level A-Level pulls yield eight copies of the rate-up character.

Pity System:

  • Fixed at 40 pulls, this banner offers a steady path to securing top-tier heroes without an increase in threshold.
All Hero Recruitment

All-Hero Recruitment

Gacha Rates:

  • s level S-Level Hero: 2.05%
  • a level A-Level Hero: 22.5%
  • Faction Acorn x30 – 0.5%
  • Faction Acorn x4 – 15%
  • Faction Acorn x1 – 59.95%

Main Features:

  • Availability: This is the default banner featuring all non-Celestial/Hypogean heroes.
  • Cost: Summon using Invite Letter Invite Letters or 300 diamonds Diamonds per pull, with a discount at diamonds 2700 Diamonds for 10 pulls.
  • Wishlist System: After 30 pulls, you can ‘wishlist‘ two s level S-Level and two a level A-Level heroes per faction to refine your summoning outcomes.

Pity System:

  • Begins at 10 pulls and maxes out at 60, ensuring a higher-tier hero summon by this point. A 10-pull guarantees at least one a level A-Level character.
Epic Recruitment

Epic Recruitment


  • s level S-Level Hero: 5.22%
  • a level A-Level Hero: 18.75%
  • Acorns: Distributed at varying rates totaling 76.03%
  • Faction Acorn x30 – 1%
  • Faction Acorn x4 – 25%
  • Faction Acorn x1 – 50.03%

Main Features:

  • Wishlist: Immediately accessible, allowing up to five character preferences from the start.
  • Currency: Requires Epic Invite Letters, available through gameplay progression and purchases.

Pity System:

  • Caps at 30 pulls, offering more favorable odds for acquiring higher-tier heroes swiftly.
Stargaze Station



  • Selected Celestial/Hypogean Hero: 3.25%
  • Other Rewards: Includes Diamonds, Dazzling and Ruin Stones, and universal Acorns.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive Access: Only available after 400 pulls on other banners, this is your gateway to summoning Celestial and Hypogean heroes.
  • Targeted Summons: Choose the Celestial or Hypogean hero you wish to attempt for.

Currency: Pulls are exclusively made with Stellar Crystals, not Diamonds, highlighting the banner’s premium nature.

Pity System:

  • Set at 40 pulls, providing consistency across your summoning efforts.

Strategic Summoning Tips

  • Maximize Discounts: Always opt for bulk pulls where discounts apply to stretch your Diamonds further.
  • Use the Wishlist: Customize your wishlist to focus your hero collection strategically, enhancing team synergy.
  • Plan for Pity: Keep track of your pulls’ pity count to optimize the timing of your premium summons.

Armed with this knowledge, you can master the art of summoning in AFK Journey to assemble a powerful team tailored to your play style. Happy summoning!

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