Legend Trial Guide

Legend Trial is a great place for players to try out faction-focused team formation while defeating the challenging enemy teams on the ladder and gaining a ton of valuable rewards in AFK Journey.

Legend Trial Towers
Tower of LightMonday, Friday, and Sunday
Lightbearer Only
Tower of NatureWednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
Wilder Only
Tower of EternityThursday, Saturday, and Sunday
Graveborn Only
Tower of WillTuesday, Friday, and Sunday
Mauler Only

Legend Trial Rules

  1. Legend Trial takes place in four towers: Tower of Light, Tower of Nature, Tower of Eternity and Tower of Will.
  2. Tower of Light is open on Monday, Friday, and Sunday. Tower of Nature is open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tower of Eternity is open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tower of Will is open on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  3. In Tower of Light, you can only deploy Lightbearer heroes. In Tower of Nature, you can only deploy Wilder heroes. In Tower of Eternity, you can only deploy Graveborn heroes. In Tower of Will, you can only deploy Mauler heroes.
  4. Upon victory, you can get sprite dew Sprite Dews (Used to enhance an Artifact) or acorn Acorns (for ascending heroes) as rewards.
  5. The higher the floor, the better the reward.
Legend Trial Floors

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