Download & Play AFK Journey for Mac (Silicon & Intel)

Download the AFK Journey Mac version, a game by LilithGames & Farligh Games, from the button below, and start the never-ending journey. No more worrying about battery draining, farm and grind your AFK 2 account a lot faster and easier. This version works great for both Mac Silicon and Mac Intel.

Download & Play AFK Journey on Mac Intel

download AFK Journey for PC

Download AFK Journey for Mac Intel

Avoid battery draining and play multiple accounts at once effortlessly, even while working!

The game will automatically get installed after installation. If it doesn’t work, try to download the APK version of the game here and then drag-and-drop it onto the AFK Journey PC you have just downloaded above.

apple [#173] Created with Sketch. How to Download and Play AFK Journey on Mac Silicon (M1/M2/M3)

  1. Download the latest Android Studio Installer here.
  2. After installing, open Android Studio then go to Device Manager.
  3. Create a new device.
  4. Select Pixel 2 or any that comes with Google Play Store then press Next
  5. Download API S (Level 31) then press Next.
  6. Increase the size of your Android Virtual Machine to at least 10 GB If you want to play AFK Journey smoothly on your Mac Silicon.
  7. Press Play to start running the Emulator.
  8. Double click on the emulator screen to enter the full screen mode.
  9. Sign In Google Play and start downloading AFK Journey and enjoy the game.

Note: Download the APK version of the game here and install it on your virtual device if the game is not available in your country.

Follow this video for detailed instruction:

Emulate Android apps on M1/M2 Mac WITHOUT Bluestacks? Gaming test using Android Studio

AFK Hourney Hotkeys on Mac

  • Direction keys – WASD
  • Inventory – B
  • Everlight- T
  • Guild – G
  • Mystical House – H
  • Main Quests- L
  • Hall of Heroes – C
  • Friends – O
  • Exit the current interface – ESC
loading AFK Journey on PC

Why do I need to download AFK Journey on Mac?

AFK Journey is an impressive 3D open-world mobile game featuring stunning graphics, captivating soundtracks, and dynamic combat effects. While your main resources in the game are generated passively, there’s a lot more to experience beyond the AFK (away from keyboard) rewards.

To fully enjoy AFK Journey, you need to complete various chapters, raid bosses, battle other players, and undertake daily tasks. These activities are essential for progressing your account and immersing yourself in the expansive 3D world of AFK 2: Journey.

If your phone struggles with the game’s demands or if you prefer longer play sessions, playing AFK 2: Journey on a Mac is a great option. The game’s stunning 3D graphics can be resource-intensive and quickly drain your phone’s battery. Playing on a Mac ensures a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience without the constant worry of battery life.

AFK 2: Journey Mac Features

  • Immersive 3D Fantasy World: Experience the breathtaking 3D fantasy open world, taking your adventure to the next level.
  • Strategic Role-Playing Battles: Engage in role-playing battles with a vast array of heroes and endless strategies at your disposal.
  • Battery-Friendly Gaming: Enjoy gaming without worrying about draining your battery, unlike the mobile version.
  • Faster Load Times: Benefit from significantly faster game loading times on your Mac.
  • Enhanced Controls: Utilize your keyboard for easier hero and skill management.
  • Smooth Navigation: Use your mouse to navigate the open world effortlessly.
  • Hidden Puzzles: Discover and solve hidden puzzles throughout your journey.

AFK 2: Journey Mac Quick Review

In the world of AFK 2, you are the Chosen One who must lead a team, explore the 3D fantasy world, navigate various game maps, and gain idle resources daily.

Discover the vast world of Esperia, form your own team, and protect the realm from the Faceless force.

The game features countless heroes, each with unique designs, skills, and talents. Collect resources to upgrade your heroes, enhance their talents based on your strategies, and assemble the best team.

As you explore the world, you’ll encounter different types of puzzles, enemies, bosses, and even other players. Not all battles are easy, so use your resources wisely.

With each new stage, new functions are unlocked: fresh challenges, game modes, enemies, rewards, and more.

Farlight Games and Lilithgames are offering the beta test version of the game in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, no worries—we’ve already shown you the easiest way to download AFK 2: Journey on Mac above.

We hope you enjoy the game. Many adventures await you—see you in Esperia!

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download AFK Journey for PC

Download & Play
AFK Journey

Avoid battery draining and play multiple accounts at once effortlessly, even while working!

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