AFK Journey Mechanisms

The complete list of all combat mechanisms in AFK Journey to help you understand the in-game battles easier while making the most of the items to win the combats.

AFK Journey Mechanisms

flamethrower FlamethrowerDeals damage equal to 16% of Max Health per second to enemies in the frontal area for 3 sec. The skill requires a cooldown of 10 sec after taking effect.
spiked barrel
Spiked Barrel
A Spiked Barrel can roll over the whole battlefield in a line after taking effect, dealing damage equal to 10% of Max Health to units that are hit, pushing them back by 2 tile(s), and Paralyzing them for 3s.
explosive barrel
Explosive Barrel
An Explosive Barrel can explode after being triggered, dealing damage equal to 45% of Max Health to adjacent units.
ice splitter
Ice Spitter
Deals damage equal to 5% of Max Health per second to units in the frontal area for 3s, and Paralyzing them for 4s. The skill has a cooldown of 10s.


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