AFK Journey Talents Guide

AFK Journey Talents play a huge role in the game as it gives you a ton of buffs and exclusive abilities that can easily help you change the results of the battles.

What are AFK Journey Talents?

l. Talents are ancient powers the Chosen One has inherited. They can only be used by the Chosen One.

2. Talents consist of Innate Abilities and Artifacts. Only I Innate Ability and I Artifact can be selected for each battle.

3. Innate Abilities’ effect can be enhanced with matching Artifacts.

4. Dew Drops can be used to level up Artifacts. When an artifact reaches the highest star level, its exclusive Dew Drop will be converted into a General Dew Drop.


Night Feather

  • ATK Boost +3.2% (Level 1)
  • Unlocks at 5-Star to increase normal attack’s crit rate by 14.

The greatest Forgemage in the long-distant Age of Arcana, Pasta the “Archforger” handmade a set of imbued items powerful enough to be named the “Living Artifacts” or “Artifacts”. It is said Pusta fashioned the ink for this quill from the darkness of the stellar void drawn during the dead of night. “The glorious interplay between dark and light forms the very first song of the universe.”


Blooming Horn

Blooming Horn

At the start of a battle, the ATK SPD of 1 allied hero in the backline is increased by 75 for 16s . While the ability is active, the buffed allies are immune to control effects, and any Energy they receive is increased by 45%.

The bonus ATK SPD is increased to 90.

Blazing Inferno

Blazing Inferno

Every 4 ultimate skills cast by allies creates a flame wave that attacks all enemies, dealing true damage equal to 24% of their current HP and reducing their ATK SPD by 60 for 4s.

Triggered after allies use 3 ultimate skills.

Radiant Life

Radiant Life

5s after the battle starts, summons Radiant Life to restore 3 weakest allied heroes’ max HP by 10% every 10s.

The number of allies to receive this buff is increased to 4.

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