AFK Journey v1.0.6 Patch Notes

In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on September 21st from 7:00 to 8:00 UTC to update to v1.0.6. You will be unable to login during this time. To ensure the safety of account data, please exit the game before the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Major Update

1. Added A-Level Graveborn Hero: Viperian – Shadow Serpent. Obtainable through Noble Tavern.

2. Using Epic Invite Letter grants the Omni-Acorn now, which can be used to ascend heroes of any faction (all players will get Omni-Acorn x20 when the update is complete).

3. We’ve revamped the Arcane Labyrinth rules. Each round now lasts a week, with unlimited attempts for point gathering. Moreover, we’ve introduced a Standard Level where Resonance Level and Class Equipment are automatically determined based on difficulties. We’ve also adjusted difficulty settings and improved interfaces for a smoother experience. Please refer to the game for more details.

4. Added AFK Challenge. New challenges will be available after clearing all the AFK Stages. Complete the challenge to increase the AFK Rewards.

5. Added Gesture and Status Display. Players can use and respond to gestures from others in the World and view each other’s current status. Respond to a Matched Gesture to get the ‘Joyful’ and obtain a slight boost in your movement speed.

6. Added Mutual Help. After some battle defeats, players can seek assistance in two ways: Synergy Battle for an extra hero slot and Proxy Battle with skilled players’ help. Express gratitude with “Like” or “Gift” and earn Pal-Coins for Gesture purchases in the Friendship Store.

7. Added Dura’s Quests (unlocked by completing the Chapter 4 Main Quest: Lucky Turnaround. You can complete the Dura’s Quests daily to get the tokens, which can be used to get level-up rewards in Holistone.

8. Added Keith’s Treasure Hut. Defeating enemies on the map to get Holistone Coins, which can be used to purchase items at Keith’s Treasure Hut. Complete the corresponding side quest – Ryeham Merchant to unlock Keith’s Treasure Hut (the compensated Holistone Coins will be sent via Mail based on your defeated enemies after the update is complete).

9. Adjusted Artifact upgrading conditions. Upgrades now require meeting specific Resonance Level requirements. Skill unlock levels have also changed, but the effects at the maximum level remain consistent with the previous version. Please refer to the game for details.

10. Added Custom Avatar settings. You can also set and display Gestures on the Profile page.

11. Added Weekly Quest: Purchase from Adventure Store x1.

12. Added Trolley Item: Growth Bundle.

Combat Mechanics

1. Ella – Wave Dancer

Extended the damage range of Ultimate – Running Tide by 1 tile.

2. Arden – The Oak Sage

Reduced the initial cooldown of Exclusive Weapon Skill – Thorned Protection, which can be cast immediately after a battle starts.

3. Kruger – Dauntless Warrior

Added the skill overview of Exclusive Weapon Skill – Lone Warrior at battle preparation to see if it’s qualified to be triggered.

4. Necrodrakon – Dream Realm Boss

Fixed the skill description error of Abyss Crest to make it consistent with the in-game conditions.

5. Merrin – Forest’s Arrow

Adjusted the Ultimate – Mid-Air Shot to make it select the targets wisely when being auto-cast.

6. Atalanta – Ruthless Recurve

Fixed the issue of Ultimate – Wild Sniper can’t deal damage in some circumstances.

Experience Optimizations

1. Added a new effect for Mystic Collection – Victorious Helm: increases the Arena Ticket storage limit.

2. Increased the Lyrical Echoes obtained from Epic Recruitment and optimized the items in the Recruitment Store.

3. Adjusted the Noble Path rewards. The newly added rewards will be sent to your Mail as compensation if you’ve claimed the corresponding level rewards before.

4. Added the 1st Downloading Rewards. Each character can claim Diamond x300 for once only after completing the download.

5. Adjusted the Growth Trials rewards. The newly added rewards will be sent to your Mail as compensation if you’ve met the requirements.

6. Reduced the cost of Daily Instant AFK. The 1st and the 2nd Daily Instant AFK have each been lowered by Diamond x100.

7. Adjusted the quality of Casting Shards obtained when dismantling Equipment at certain level ranges, allowing for the early dismantling of higher-quality Casting Shards.

8. Improved some effects in Mystic Collection – Dreamland Soulgem.

9. Added Recommendation and Video Share, which can be used in some stages.

10. Adjusted the level of dropped Equipment in AFK Rewards. There’s a chance to get higher-level Equipment now.

11. Closed the Treasure Adventure. You can use Antique Coins to purchase resources at Emporium (all players will be granted Antique Coin x500 after the update is complete).

12. Reduced the Power requirement for One-Shoting enemies in map battles.

13. Adjusted the contents and prices of certain items in the Emporium.

14. Optimized the artistic presentation of borders, item icons, certain interface displays, and button layouts for some heroes of various tiers.

15. Optimized the display of icons on the mini-map for cave and other instances, making it possible to check the progress status of enemies and chests through the icons.

16. Optimized the issue where vision was lost during teleportation and wasn’t focused on the player.

17. Optimized the Ultimate animation for certain heroes.

18. Optimized the chat interface to make it concise and clear.

19. Increased loading speed when entering the game.

20. Enhanced the default graphics quality for PC and optimized the overall display performance.

21. Optimized the PC gaming experience by adding shortcut keys for PC settings and displaying specific shortcut keys below some interactive buttons.


1. Fixed the issue where the display of some hero models in the hero details occasionally appeared abnormal.

2. Fixed incorrect guidance for the acquisition of some items.

3. Fixed the issue where the red dot did not disappear after completing the Noble Path.

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