AFK Journey v1.0.9 Patch Notes

In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on December 21st from 7:00 to 8:00 UTC to update to v1.0.9. You will be unable to login during this time. To ensure the safety of account data, please exit the game before the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Major Updates

1. Added S-Level Celestial Hero: Dionel – Venus Blade.
2. Added S-Level Hypogean Hero: Reinier – Balanced Evil.
3. Added the Hero Enhancement system. You can strengthen heroes to bestow powerful effects on their skills. The enhancement item, Impure Divine Ash, can be obtained through Reputation Treasure in Battle Drills.
4. Added Honor Duel (Beta). This standalone mode operates independently of individual development. You can choose from a variety of Artifacts at the beginning. Recruit and level up heroes, acquire Equipment and engage in battles against other players to claim victory. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback.
5. Added Glory Expedition Ranking in Guild. Guild members achieving high ranks in modes such as Dream Realm, Arena, Arcane Labyrinth, and Honor Duel contribute Glory Points to the Guild. The higher the Glory Points, Grants more rewards in the tally.
6. Added Guild Chest in Guild. The number of Guild Chests increases with the activity of Guild members and high rankings in specific modes. These Guild Chests are distributed weekly with valuable rewards.
7. Invasion Rift has been temporarily disabled in order to make significant improvements in response to player feedback. Stay tuned for the revamped version, which offers better rewards and experiences.
8. Removed the level cap based on Hero Tier.

Experience Improvements

1. Added Individual Loot selection in Battle Drills. You can now choose the type of resources, allowing for personalized loot selection.
2. Added Reputation Treasure item – Impure Divine Ash in Battle Drills, used for enhancing hero skills. Also, the Jolly Pass has been replaced by Guild Medals.
3. Adjusted Treasure Key drop rules in Battle Drills for a more reasonable output.
4. Adjusted the Gold rewards in Battle Drills.
5. Bosses in Restless Warrior mode of Battle Drills can now be defeated and immediately respawn after death.
6. Added and adjusted Corrupt Creatures with increased rewards.
7. Increased the rewards for Corrupt Creature battles. You can now earn a higher quantity of Soulstones, both A-Level and S-Level.
8. Adjusted the participation rewards for Corrupt Creature battles. Now, every team member receives the same reward as the Captain after defeating the Corrupt Creature for the first time.
9. Optimized the team-up interaction experience in Corrupt Creature battles.
10. Added conditions for claiming Crimson Treasure. Defeating all guards to claim rewards.
11. Added Duo Gesture reward. The first three times Duo Gesture made daily grants Pal-Coins. The icon of Pal-Coin is also adjusted.
12. Added the feature of auto-claiming rewards. Some rewards in the World can be picked automatically.
13. Adjusted the number of battles with the Miasma Guard. Only one battle is required now.
14. Redesigned the AFK Challenge interface. Diamond rewards, previously obtained by completing AFK Stages in the Growth Trials, are now directly claimed on the AFK Challenge page. Additionally, Diamond rewards in the Growth Trials have been removed.
15. Increased the number of AFK Challenge stages.
16. Added temporary bonus effects for AFK Rewards. You can activate these effects to boost Hero XP and Hero Essence output in AFK Rewards by meeting specific conditions.
17. Optimized the interface experience for the Arcane Labyrinth.
18. Optimized the distribution ratio of various materials in the Equipment Forging Box for Arcane Labyrinth.
19. Adjusted the difficulty of battles in the Arcane Labyrinth.
20. Adjusted the difficulty of battles with certain Monsters on the Map.
21. Adjusted the difficulty of certain AFK Challenge stages.
22. Adjusted the rotation cycle of Bosses in the Dream Realm from 2 days to 1 day. Consequently, the ranking tally rewards for this mode have been halved, but the Dream Coins earned in the ranking tally have been increased.
23. You can now purchase 10 additional challenge attempts in the Dream Realm using Gold.
24. Increased the Arena Coin rewards for the ranking tally in the Arena.
25. Adjusted the items available for exchange in the Arena Store. The Godseye Stone has been removed from the Champion Store, and the Arena Store now primarily offers a channel for exchanging S-Level heroes.
26. Adjusted the items available in the Dream Store. The Dream Store now primarily serves as a channel for exchanging A-Level heroes.
27. Removed the Jolly Fair, and the existing Jolly Pass will be converted into Diamonds at a certain ratio.
28. Adjusted the display rules for red dots in the main interface and Battle Modes.
29. Adjusted the unlocking conditions for the Legend Trial. You can now experience the Legend Trial earlier, and the total number of floors for each trial has been increased to 90.
30. Adjusted the rules for upgrading Artifacts. Gold is the primary resource, while Celestial Dew is now necessary at levels 4 and 8, acquired from the Legend Trial. Due to these Artifact adjustments, certain Legend Trial rewards are now substituted with Essence. Also, Sprite Dew, once available in the General Store, World, and Quests, has been removed.
31. Removed the Essence in the General Store. To compensate for this adjustment, Essence rewards in Daily Quests have been increased.
32. Removed XP Hourglass from the ranking rewards for the Arena and Dream Realm.
33. Renamed Lyrical Echo to Dolly Ticket and adjusted its icon accordingly.
34. Optimized the Ultimate performances of certain heroes.

Combat Mechanics

1. Kafra – The Gale Rider
Adjusted Kafra’s skills. Check in-game descriptions for details.
2. Parisa – Woodland Belle
Increased the damage dealt by Floral Splendor.
Increased the damage dealt by normal attacks and Flower Power.
Increased Energy regeneration when casting skills.
Increased the buff effect value of Wilder Blessing.
3. Cecia – Requiem of Thorns
Increased the HP of Mr. Carlyle summoned by Queen’s Summons. Increased the normal attack damage and increased the damage dealt during the entanglement.
Increased the ATK SPD boost for Earth’s Offering slightly.
Increased Energy regeneration when casting Earth’s Offering.
Increased the damage when triggering enhanced normal attacks with Thorned Cluster.
4. Damian – Woodland Wonder
Increased the attack animation speed of Explode, my chariot!
5. Silvina – The Taken Breath
Increased Silvina’s Initial Energy in battle.
Increased the stun duration of First Strike.
6. Bryon – Evergreen Sentinel
Increased the normal attack damage of Falcon Kara.
Reduced the additional damage of Kara’s thunderbolt attack.
7. Skyclops – Dream Realm Boss
Adjusted the timing of the first casting of Winged Duality.
Increased the base HP of the summons from Winged Duality and decreased their base ATK.
The summons from Winged Duality will now become stronger as the Boss loses HP.
Increased the base damage of Glaring Ray but significantly reduced the damage boost based on the number of summons on the battlefield.
Reduced the max HP of Skyclops in Dimension III and Dimension IV.


1. Fixed the issue where there was a chance of the battle freezing when playing the Ultimate animation for heroes.
2. Fixed the issue of the red dots not displaying correctly when bundles are available in the Trolley.
3. Fixed the issue with incorrect animation performance when Dura’s Statue reaches max level.
4. Fixed the issue of being unable to enter Keith’s Treasure Hut.

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