AFK Journey v1.1.15 Patch Notes

Below is the summary of the upcoming AFK Journey v1.1.15 updated. Detailed patch notes will be available soon!

phraesto 1

New Hero: Phraesto, Abyssal Illusionist

tank Tank [hypogena] s level S-Level Illusion, buffing tank designed to ‘confuse’ an enemy.

Skill Overview

Ultimate: Futile echo

  • Passive
    • Sacrifices HP to create an illusion when placing formation
    • Illusion can attack
    • When battle begins he ‘reveals his true form’
  • Active
    • Deals damage to nearby enemies to restore HP

Crimson Contract

  • Passive
    • Buffs the allied unit placed behind the real, and illusion Phraesto
    • Takes a small amount of HP from the unit to do so
    • Buffs are different depending on which version of Phraesto is providing them
  • Active
    • Deals damage to an enemy infront 3 times

Viscious string

  • Inflicts an enemy with venom
  • Reduces targets HP over time (HP loss?)
  • Reduces targets stats

EX – Foggy Whisper

  • Damages and stuns and enemy if his illusion dies in battle before him
  • Illusion can be resummoned (mechanics unknown)
clan reputation

Clan Reputation

Unlocked after completing the story, daily ‘reputation’ quests can be acquired from krugerKruger in the Grimmaw encampment

  • Completing quests earns ‘reputation points’
  • Reputation level milestones unlock new story quests and rewards
  • Will be the source of the final 2 artifacts.

Celestial Gala

  • Periodic event, rewarding ‘Astral Vouchers’
  • Vouchers can be redeem in the ‘Astral store’
    • Rewards include Invite Letter Invite Letters, Stellar Crystal Stellar Crystal , affinity items and a new purple level soul stone (Cel/Hypo stone?)

Hero drills

  • New limited-time puzzle mode
  • Progression is irrelevant as heroes are provided (similar to tactical drills)
  • Rewards include Tidal Essence Tidal Essence , acorn Acorns and [acorn] and more

Fairy Carnival

  • Quest based event, special events seem tied to Hewynn 1Hewynn
  • Daily letters from different heroes for the first 6 days, reading all letters provides a ‘surprise’ reward
  • Festive ‘sweets’ outfit reward

More: ⁠Fairy Carnival

Journey Unfolds: Overworld Events, Clan Reputation, More... | AFK Journey

Full Changelogs

Major Updates

1.Adding a new S-Level Hypogean Hero: Phraesto – Abyssal Illusionist, who will be available through Stargaze Station and the Guild Store.

2.Adding new Season Artifacts: Fleetfoot Spell and Thunderbolt Spell will be unlocked, and will be obtainable through the Clan Reputation event.

3.Adding a new Magic Charm Merchant, a new vendor where you can exchange Essence for Magic Charm Chests. After the update, the heroes Chippy and Hammie will also be able to equip Magic Charms. Their Charms will be exclusively obtainable from this merchant, and will not drop in Dura’s Trials.

Experience Optimizations

1.Optimizing the drop rates of high-quality Magic Charms in Dura’s Trials, making it easier to target and acquire Rate-Up Class Magic Charms.

2.Adding a feature to switch heroes in the Magic Charms screen.

3.Adding a countdown display for the end of the season in the Equipment and Magic Charms screens of the Hero Details.

4.Adding a feature to view formations in Records. Moreover, formations from other players can be viewed and copied in the Preparation screen of certain modes.

5.Adding a simplified display mode for titles in the world, which can be toggled in the Settings.

6.Optimizing the conditions for obtaining Weekly Rewards in Honor Duel. Rewards will now be obtainable by completing 1/2/4/7/10/12 battles, including draws and defeats.

7.Optimizing the login screen display. After completing all chapters of the “Song of Strife” season, the login screen will alternate between the “Starter Story” and “Song of Strife” season displays.

8.Optimizing the rules and enhanced mode prompts for Treasure Quest.

9.Adding a feature that allows you to automatically pick up gatherable items in the world.

10.Optimizing the Auto Route feature (requires store update).

11.Adding a feature for switching to landscape mode on iPad (requires store update).

12.Optimizing the image interface in Settings and adding a Power Mode option.

13.Adjusting certain enemy characters in battles in the world.

14.Optimizing the formation experience in Supreme Arena. Heroes will no longer be forcibly removed when changing the team order.

15.Optimizing the voice lines for the heroes Brutus, Korin, Thoran, Hewynn, and Dionel.

16.Optimize icons for S-Level and A-Level Soulstones.

17.We’ll update the game to version 1.1.13 in the days following the June 6th update. Once the update is complete, players with a game client prior to version 1.1.14 won’t be able to access the game. To ensure a better gaming experience, please update your game to the latest version.

Combat Mechanics

1.Arden – The Oak Sage

Optimizing the description of the skill “Entangling Roots” without affecting its actual effect.

2.Alsa – Desert Flare

Fixing an issue where “Vigorous Slam” sometimes failed to correctly attack enemies.

Fixing an issue where “Swift Evasion” did not trigger when taking close-range damage from enemies with large physiques.

Fixing an issue where “Rolling Boulder” could be interrupted and fail to deal damage after the SFX appeared.

3.Antandra – Desert Fury

Antandra’s stopping position when she rushes towards an ally with the Exclusive Equipment Skill “Gale Barrier” will now be determined by the positions of both her and the ally when the skill is triggered.

4.Satrana – Ember Enchantress

Fixing an issue where the skill “Ignite Passions” could sometimes ignite allies under certain circumstances.

5.Vala – Phantom of Oakenfell

Fixing an issue where ranged normal attacks could sometimes miss due to the enemy’s height.

Vala will be considered a melee character when wielding a sword and a ranged character when in Skyblaster mode.

6.Lumont – Benign Horn

Fixing an issue where the Ultimate “Lumont’s Charge” sometimes failed to continuously knock enemies back.

7.Reinier – Symmetric Sin

Fixing an issue where the actual enemy characters swapped by the skill “Dynamic Balance” could sometimes differ from the preview during Preparation.

8.”Arcane Spider Eggs” produced by spider monsters will now be in an Unaffected state.


1.In previous versions, a player’s Base Power displayed in systems such as Friends and Guild was erroneously affected by the collection progress of Season Artifacts. Since Base Power should only reflect a player’s strength in the Starter Story, this update will fix this issue. This fix will cause a decrease in the Base Power value for players who have obtained Season Artifacts, but the Power in the season will not be affected, and the actual effect of Season Artifacts in the game will remain the same as before.

2.Fixing several interface navigation issues in Arcane Labyrinth.

3.Fixing several issues with the chat interface.

Honor Duel Adjustments

1.Fixing an issue where some Equipment icons and names did not match.

2.Fixing an issue where Rhys had a chance to infinitely cast his Ultimate when equipped with specific Equipment.

Ending Remarks

That’s all for 1.1.15 Patch Notes. We hope you enjoy! 

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