Sinister Jester

mythic Supreme






Buffs & Debuffs


Healing, invincible, Revive


Reduce Energy, Steal Energy

Berial Skill Summary

  • Scared Swamp: Berial becomes invincible, hiding in an enemy’s shadow to deal continuous damage and absorb energy, then emerges to deal a high damage attack and frighten enemies. Damage increases with skill upgrades.
  • Shadow Trick: When hidden, Berial is invincible, attacking isolated enemies or healing if no isolated targets are present. Damage and healing improve with higher skill levels.
  • Devil’s Contract: On defeat, Berial hides and can revive with a portion of health if an enemy is defeated during this period. This effect triggers once per battle, with increased health restoration on higher levels.
  • Shadow Reflection: Isolated enemies lose energy and create a Silhouette mirroring Berial’s stats. The Silhouette’s inherited stats and additional effects improve with skill upgrades.

Berial Skills

Scared Swamp


10 tiles


Berial flies beneath the enemy, hiding within their shadow and dealing 36% damage every 0.25s, absorbing 15 Energy, lasting up to 5s. Berial is Invincible during the effect. Then he jumps out from the shadow, dealing 320% damage to adjacent enemies and frightening them for 4s.

  • Level 2: Deals 38% damage to enemies every 0.25s when hiding in the shadow.
  • Level 3: Deals 40% damage to enemies every 0.25s when hiding in the shadow.
  • Level 4: Deals 42% damage to enemies every 0.25s when hiding in the shadow.
  • Level 5: Deals 45% damage to enemies every 0.25s when hiding in the shadow.

Shadow Trick


10 tiles

Berial hides in shadow, and becomes Invincible while hidden. If there are isolated enemies on the battlefield, Berial will move to each isolated target in turn, dealing damage to each target. Otherwise, he will stay in the shadow, and recover a total of 300% HP before returning to his original tile.

  • Level 2: Increases the damage dealt to the isolated targets to 310%.
  • Level 3: Increases the damage dealt to the isolated targets to 320%.
  • Level 4 : Increases the damage dealt to the isolated targets to 350%

Devil’s Contract

1 tile

Berial hides within the shadow for 10s after being defeated. However, during which, if a non-summoned enemy is taken down, Berial will revive from the vanquished enemy and return to the battlefield with 40% HP.
This effect can only be triggered once per battle.

  • Level 2: Increases Berialts restored HP to 945% after revival.
  • Level 3: Increases Berialts restored HP to 950% after revival.
  • Level 4: Increases Berial’s restored HP to 960% after revival.
  • Enhance Level: lncreases the hiding duration after being defeated by 10s.

Shadow Reflection

10 tiles

If non-summoned enemies remain isolated for over 3s, they lose 180 Energy and generate a Silhouette that inherits 50% of Berial’s ATK, HP, and 100% of other stats.
The Silhouette loses 8% of its max HP per second. This effect can only be triggered once on the same target within 20s, and the Silhouette can only deal damage by normal attacks.

  • Exclusive Skill Lvl 2: The Silhouette inherits 70% ot Berial’s ATK and HP.
    Exclusive Skill Lvl. 3: Enemies lose 40 Energy when they receive damage from the Silhouette. Exclusive Skill Lvl. 4: The Silhouette inherits 80% of Berial’s ATK and HP.

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I want him


How many times does he comes out to get? I wanna get him but he literally goes off sale tomorrow 🙁

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