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Decrease Haste, Decrease Magic Resist

Eironn Ratings

Story (Mid Game)PVPTrial of AbyssBattle Drill
SkyclopsCroakerNecrodrakonSnow Stomper

Eironn Skills

Elemental Realm


2 tiles


Eironn combines the power of two swords and selects a tile, pulling in enemies within 2 tiles to the center. Then causes an explosion after a short delay, dealing 250% damage to enemies within 2 tiles and immobilizing them for 3s. Eironn prioritize choosing a tile with the mostsurroundine enemies.

  • Unlocks at level 51: Increases damage to 270%.
  • Unlocks at level 111: Increases damage to 290%.
  • Unlocks at level 171: Increases damage to 310%.
  • Unlocks at level 231: Increases damage to 330%.

Ice Spike


1 tile

Eironn slashes to deal 110% damage to enemies within a 3-tile arc and reduces their Haste by 50 for 5s. Later, Eironn stabs the target, deals 220% damage to the target and enemies standing in a line within 2 tiles, and decreases their Magic DEF by 40% for 5s.

  • Unlocks at level 71: Increases the damage of slash to 115% and the damage of stab to 230%.
  • Unlocks at level 131: Increases the damage of slash to 120% and the damage of stab to 240%.
  • Unlocks at level 191: Increases the damage of slash to 125% and the damage of stab to 250%.

Elemental Barrier


1 tile

Eironn gains a shield that blocks 280% damage for 10s, Additionaly, Eironn gains 50% Dodge Rate while the shield is active.

  • Unlocks at level 91: Increases shield value to 300%.
  • Unlocks at level 151: Increases shield value to 320%.
  • Unlocks at level 211: The Dodge Rate bonus is increased to 80%.

Hero Focus

1 tile

Eironn increases his Ranged DEF by 15 during battle. He gains an extra 50% Ranged DEF when his HP drops below 7.

  • Level 2: Eironn increases his Ranged DEF by 19 during battle. He gains an extra 50% Ranged DEF when his HP drops below 9.
  • Level 3: Eironn increases his Ranged DEF by 23 during battle. He gains an extra 50% Ranged DEF when his HP drops below 12.

Howling Hurricane


Eironn’s first casting of Ultimate in battles does not consume Energy, but the damage is reduced to 50% of the original damage.

  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: The damage is reduced to 70% of the original.
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: Increases immobilize duration to 6s.
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: The damage is reduced to 80% of the original.

Enhance Force

Affects: Ultimate

Eironn reduces an extra 15% Magic DEF on an immobilized target if they are immobilized by Elemental Realm.

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Investment Guide

EX Weapon Investment

PriorityPVE InvestmentPVP Investment
Very high+10+10

Given the scarcity of Temporal Essence Temporal Essence and Twilight Essence Twilight Essence, careful consideration is crucial when upgrading EX weapons. This guide ranks characters by their dependency on EX weapon upgrades for optimal performance, outlining the most cost-effective stopping points to maximize return on investment.

A commonly recommended milestone is the +8 upgrade level.

This breakpoint is emphasized because the statistical enhancements provided by upgrading the EX weapon often surpass the benefits of the passive abilities. Additionally, advancing the EX weapon from +5 to +8 requires only 30 Temporal Essences. In contrast, progressing to the final two levels demands an extra 45 Temporal Essences. Therefore, halting upgrades at +8 offers a significant efficiency, ensuring you utilize your resources without excessive expenditure.

Eironn Overview


  • Exceptional at crowd control after EX.
  • Integral to top-tier PVP teams.
  • Strong debuffs with -Haste and -MDEF.


  • Not very effective before EX.
  • Shield does not provide enough survivability.
  • Slow to charge his ultimate without his EX weapon.

Eironn stands out as an s levelS-Level Assassin from the wilder Wilder faction, uniquely combining AoE burst with debuffing and crowd control, rather than focusing on typical single-target damage. His ability “Ice Spike” not only slows enemies by reducing their Haste and MDEF but also synergizes well with magic damage dealers, giving tanks an edge against their adversaries. Additionally, his “Elemental Barrier” provides a protective shield and boosts his Dodge Rate, offering crucial survivability until he can unleash his ultimate ability.

His ultimate, “Elemental Realm,” is a formidable force in his arsenal. This ability pulls all nearby enemies to a chosen point, then detonates the area, immobilizing them temporarily. This setup is generally slow to activate, but with his Exclusive Weapon, Eironn gains “Howling Hurricane,” enabling an immediate, zero-energy cast of “Elemental Realm” at battle’s start—though at reduced damage. This instant cast disrupts enemy formations and strategies reliant on early ultimate activation.

Eironn evolves from a challenging early-game character to a pivotal figure in top-tier PVP and various PVE scenarios, provided he’s equipped with his EX weapon and supported by a team that maximizes his control effects. Alongside heroes like Carolina and Arden, he dominates the current PVP meta, though reaching Mythic+ to fully utilize his potential can be a lengthy process as he isn’t readily available in any shop.

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