Emporium Shopping Guide: What To Buy

In the dynamic world of AFK Journey, several shops offer a treasure trove of essentials—from coveted Invite Letters for summoning heroes to Acorns for upgrades.

These resources are critical whether you’re looking to bolster your roster with s level S-Level and a level A-Level heroes or stock up on summoning currencies.

Navigate to the Mystical House and step into the Emporium to explore five unique shops, each refreshed at varying intervals and offering distinct items.

AFK Journey Shops

  1. Recruitment Store: A hub for summoning currencies like Invite Letter Banner Tickets and Stellar Crystal Stargaze Crystals, plus acorn Acorns and Soulstones. Refreshes monthly.
  2. Guild Store: Offers daily and monthly refreshes of Invite Letter Banner Tickets and Stellar Crystal Stargaze Crystals, along with celestials Celestial and hypogeans Hypogeans hero duplicates.
  3. Arena Store: The place for acquiring S-Level hero duplicates, refreshing monthly.
  4. Dream Store: Features A-Level hero duplicates, perfect for bolstering your team, with monthly refreshes.
  5. Friendship Store: Stocks up on Affinity items and Gestures, refreshing daily.

Strategic AFK Journey Shopping: Maximizing Your Resources

Recruitment Store

Focus your efforts on discounted Epic Invite Letter Epic Invite Letters and Stellar Crystal Stellar Crystals.

As a free-to-play (F2P) player, your options are limited by your summoning activity, which generates the necessary currency.

Remember, Stellar Crystals are essential for Stargaze summons as they can’t be purchased directly with diamonds Diamonds.

Important Note: Stellar Crystals become available only after 400 banner summons, unlocking Stargazing.

guild store priority

Guild Store

Daily shoppers should prioritize the discounted Invite Letter Invite Letters, a steal at 210 Diamonds.

For monthly buys, aim for Epic Invite Letter Epic Invite Letters and Stellar Crystal Stellar Crystals to keep your Stargazing active.

If celestials Celestial or hypogeans Hypogeans heroes catch your eye, start with reinierReinier for significant early benefits and aim for Mythic+ to unlock his EX weapon.

Arena Store

In the Arena Store, your priority should be s level S-Level heroes like rowan 1Rowan and brutus 1Brutus, who excel even with a single copy.

As you progress, upgrade Rowan to Mythic+ to fully utilize his capabilities.

Here’s a quick look at other heroes:

  • CeciaCecia: A versatile damage dealer essential for various game modes.
  • Hewynn 1Hewynn: An impactful healer whose ultimate covers the battlefield.
  • Granny DahnieGranny Dahnie: A durable tank with debuff and self-heal abilities.
  • bryonBryon and CassadeeCassadee: Specialize in debuffs and AoE magic attacks, enhancing magical team compositions.
dream store priority

Dream Store

Decisions in the Dream Store hinge on your game strategy and the characters you aim to develop.

Review our tier list and detailed hero profiles to make informed choices, focusing on enhancing your Dream Realm performance for better rewards.

Friendship Store

Simple and straightforward—purchase Gestures once and keep an eye on daily-changing Affinity items. Boosting character affinity rewards you with Diamonds, making every discounted purchase worthwhile.

Ensure your friend list is always full to maximize your gains from the Friendship Store, enriching your AFK Journey experience.

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