Spending Guide – Best Packages To Buy in AFK Journey

AFK Journey is quite friendly for free-to-play (F2P) players. Spending money can give you an edge by speeding up your progress, but it’s not mandatory. The game offers a few excellent value ‘monthly’ packs, but beyond those, you’ll need to spend significantly more. Therefore, you should decide whether to remain F2P, purchase the monthly packs, or spend heavily.

Before making any purchases, ask yourself if you truly need the item and, most importantly, if you can afford it.


TL;DR – Best Packages to Buy

  1. Top-tier $1 Offer: Best value for beginners, includes 10 Epic Invite Letters and a special pack with Rowan.
  2. Secret Travelogue: Battle pass offering resources, Epic Invite Letters, and an S-Level character selector.
  3. Classic Gazette: 12,000 Diamonds and VIP Points.
  4. Premium Gazette: 70 Epic Invite Letters and VIP Points.
  5. Growth Bundle: 18,000 Diamonds, 60 Invite Letters, and 60 Epic Invite Letters, unlocked by progressing to stage 951.
  6. Welcome Packs: Available for the first 2 weeks, offering great value, including a $90 pack with Thoran.
  7. Special Timed Packs: Appear occasionally with a 2-hour purchase window, providing good value with varying prices.
  8. Whale Zone: Packs targeting heavy spenders, refreshing every 2 weeks. Permanent packs often have poor value, so timing your purchases is key.

Best AFK Journey Value Packs

1. Best Value: $1 Package

1 dollar package
  1. At the beginning of the game, you’ll encounter a $1 offer which is the best value in the game. This pack includes 10 Epic Invite Letter Epic Invite Letters, enabling you to hit the first pity on the Epic Recruitment banner and start the game with an additional S-Level character. Since you can set up the wish list for that banner right away, you’ll get one of the five characters you choose, significantly easing early progression. There’s a 20% chance you’ll get thoran 1Thoran, one of the top tier hero, right from the start.
  2. Important: This pack disappears 2 hours after appearing and won’t return, so act quickly.
  3. The $1 purchase also grants a first-purchase special pack with rowan 1Rowan, a top-tier support character. Additionally, you receive 2x Invite Letter Invite Letters and the ironwall spell Ironwall Spell Artifact, enhancing your tank’s durability.

2. Secret Travelogue Packages $10/$20

This is AFK Journey’s version of a battle pass. Along with numerous resources and Epic Invite Letter Epic Invite Letters, you can get a selector box with an s level S-Level character.

Initially, there were four choices on the PTR server, but this may change upon release. We’ll update this guide with the available heroes once confirmed.

The pricier battle pass option gives you the first 20 levels, a border, cosmetic items, and 10 more Epic Invite Letters.

afk journey Gazette Monthly Packages

3. Gazette (Monthly Packages)

  1. Classic Gazette $5: The Classic Gazette provides a total of 12,000 Diamonds (3,000 upfront and 9,000 over a month) and VIP Points.
  2. Premium Gazette $15: The Premium Gazette offers 70 Epic Invite Letters (10 upfront and then 2 daily) along with VIP Points, instead of Diamonds.
afk journey growth bundle

4. Growth Bundle $30

The Growth Bundle is packed with 18,000 diamonds Diamonds, 60 Invite Letter Invite Letters, and 60 Epic Invite Letters. However, you need to clear up to stage 951 in AFK mode to obtain them all.

For a player considering this bundle, it should take roughly a month to achieve this.

Welcome Packages

The Welcome Packs are available only for the first 2 weeks after you create your character, and then they will disappear.

Unlike other packs, you need to buy a special in-game currency, Dragon Crystal, to purchase these. To make it easier, the prices in dollars are displayed on the image above, so you don’t need to go back and forth.

All packs in this category offer good value, and many high-spenders will opt for the $90 pack as it contains thoran 1Thoran, the best tank in the game.

Special Timed Packages

Occasionally, special timed packs will appear that you can only purchase within a 2-hour window before they disappear. We can’t review and rate each of these packs individually due to their variety and varying value (ranging from $1 to $50).

Special Timed Packages

Overall, these packs provide great value, offering a decent number of pulls and even S-Level characters. For example, a $41 pack might offer a Hypogean character like reinierReinier.

whale packages

Whale Packages

The packs mentioned above are excellent for low to mid-range spenders. However, once those packs are gone, what’s left is targeted towards whales. The packs in this shop refresh every 2 weeks. Even for whales, it’s advisable to wait for the timer because the permanent packs or raw currency deals often have poor value.

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