AFK Journey v1.0.7 Patch Notes

In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on October 24th from 7:00 to 8:00 UTC to update to v1.0.7. You will be unable to log in during this time. To ensure the safety of account data, please exit the game before the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Major Update for AFK Journey

1. Added two Factions: Celestial and Hypogean. Refer to the in-game descriptions for the rules on Faction Strategies and Bonuses for the newly added factions.

2. Added S-Level Celestial Hero: Scarlita – Herald of Compassion

3. Added S-Level Hypogean Hero: Berial – Sinister Jester

4. Added Guild Challenge. Complete Guild Challenges to get abundant Guild Medals, which can be used to redeem Stellar Crystals at the Guild Store, and Celestial or Hypogean heroes.

5. Added Weekly Guild Quests. Complete quests to get Guild Coins, and the completed Weekly Guild Quests grant Guild XP. Meanwhile, Weekly Quests have been removed. Thus, we’ve increased the Diamonds obtained from Daily Quests.

6. Added Stargaze Station card pool. Don’t miss the chance to draw the brand-new Celestial or Hypogean heroes. The Stellar Crystals used in Stargaze Station can be redeemed at the Recruitment Store and Guild Store.

7. Remade the Battle Drills. This mode will be periodically available as an event and is designed to maintain balanced difficulty using a benchmark level. Both the mode itself and the event rewards have undergone substantial changes. Please refer to the actual in-game experience for the most accurate information, and we welcome your feedback.

8. Added Invasion Rift. After passing AFK Stage 391, access it through the Battle Modes. Invasion Rift is a 3-player mode where each deploys 2 heroes to challenge formidable enemies. Upon completion, you can use the daily-recovering Treasure Keys to claim dropped rewards, including random Class Equipment, Essence, and XP. Additionally, you’ll encounter various Corrupt Creatures across the map; defeating them as a team yields substantial rewards.

9. Adjusted the level and effect of Hero Exclusive Equipment and Exclusive Skill. Following the adjustments, the max level for Exclusive Equipment has been changed to Lvl. 25. You will use Dazzling Stone as the resource between levels 6 and 15. The max level for Exclusive Skills has been increased to Lvl. 4 (unlocked when Exclusive Equipment reaches Lvl. 15). Accordingly, we will reset the development progress of all Exclusive Equipment to its initial status (the locked status) and return all unlocking and development materials cost on a 1:1 basis (to be delivered via Mail within 5 working days). Additionally, there will be changes to the Hero Tier requirements for upgrading Exclusive Equipment.

10. Added the one-time reward after dealing a certain amount of damage to the Boss in the Endless Mode of Dream Realm.

11. Adjusted the final rewards in the Hell Mode of Dream Realm, adding Dazzling Stone x5. Accordingly, we will send the additional reward to all players who have already claimed this tier of rewards (to be delivered via Mail within 5 working days).

12. Adjusted the Lvl. 30 reward of Secret Travelogue in Noble Path. The previous prize, Antique Coin, has been replaced with a Select Hero Chest (Epic). Additionally, the Lvl. 100 reward will now include an extra drop of Antique Coin x10. Accordingly, we will send the newly added and modified rewards to players who have already claimed this tier of rewards. The rewards you’ve already received will not be revoked (to be delivered via Mail within 10 working days).

13. When an A-Level Hero upgrades from Elite to Elite+, the number of Soul Sigils required will decrease by 1. When upgrading from Legendary to Legendary+, the number of Soul Sigils required will increase by 1. Accordingly, we will send all A-Level Heroes between the Elite+ and Legendary Tier with an extra Soul Sigil (to be delivered via Mail within 5 working days).

Experience Optimizations

1. Added the guaranteed progress indicators to all Recruitment card pools in the Noble Tavern.

2. Added XP Hourglass rewards temporarily in the Arena and Dream Realm Rankings for game balance. These rewards may undergo adjustments in future patches.

3. Added power saving mode. Now, the game will automatically switch to this mode if there are no game controls for a period. You can customize this option in the settings.

4. Added Arena Store. Available after reaching the champion tier in Arena.

5. Increased the newly-recruited hero level cap from 90 to 100, with no changes to the level cap for subsequent tier promotion.

6. Adjusted the Neverending Book effect in the Mystic Collection due to the removal of Weekly Quests.

7. Adjusted the Equipment Level requirements in the Growth Trials, changing them from the minimum level to the average level.

8. Optimized the dropping experience of certain Random Equipment Chests, which will now open automatically after dropping.

9. Remade the game’s login interface.

10. Optimized the Ultimate animation for certain heroes.

11. Optimized some aspects of the early-stage tutorial for beginners.

12. Added Team Channel.

13. Optimized the interface for the AFK Challenge.

14. Optimized the icons for some in-game items.

15. Added a new NPC for interaction within the Everlight.

16. Disabled the feature to view hero stories temporarily, which will be available after optimization.

17. Reduced the difficulty of the Strategy Challenge in Arcane Labyrinth.

18. Adjusted Equipment Stats to align more closely with their visual representation, ensuring the sum of stats for Equipment from the same class remains consistent.

19. Reduced the difficulty of certain stages.

20. Reduced the pressure of map exploration by automatically clearing Miasma from all areas up to the second-to-last area reached by the player.

21. Added Soulstone (A/S-Level), and removed Random Soulstone (A/S-Level) and Tiered Soulstone (A/S-Level). Optimized the logic of recruiting heroes and adjusted the corresponding outputs accordingly.

Combat Mechanics

1. Thoran – The Fallen King

Slightly reduced the value of Thoran’s HP recovery when allies affected by his Exclusive Skill – Soul Pact deal damage.

2. Vala – Phantom of Oakenfell

Increased the value of the Notice Beforehand’s Energy absorption.

Adjusted the Notice Beforehand’s Energy absorption to trigger only once on the fatal blow of a combo in Sword mode rather than triggering with each damage dealt.

Increased the damage of Ultimate – Swift Shift in Skyblaster mode.

Reduced the damage of Ultimate – Swift Shift in Sword mode.

Reduced the extra damage dealt to enemies with less than half of their HP when in a Sword mode once the Ultimate – Swift Shift reaches Lvl. 3.

3. Hewynn – Tender Leaf

Reduced the Initial Energy provided by Exclusive Skill – Tranquility.

4. Rowan – The Roamer

Rowan now owns Initial Energy at the beginning of battles.

Reduced the value of ally Energy recovery from Ultimate – Fatal Greed.

Increased the cooldown between multiple uses of the health potion by the same ally when healing by Smart Stall.

5. Eddie – Desert Defender

Reduced the initial damage per second of the Dart Poison applied by Ultimate-Corrosive Dart.

Increased the damage ratio per second of Dart Poison based on the character’s ATK, enhanced by Natural Hunter.

Reduced the damage dealt by Triple Tap.

6. Smokey & Meerky – Wasteland Apothecary

Increased the HP recovery per second from the Ultimate – Special Aroma (passive).

Increased the base HP recovery of Ultimate – Special Aroma (active), but the recovery amount is no longer based on the number of allies within the aroma’s range.

Removed the Crit and ATK SPD bonus of Ultimate – Special Aroma, instead increased the Haste.

Ultimate – Special Aroma won’t be available for a while when Smokey & Meerky in the control effects.

7. Cecia – Requiem of Thorns

Increased the HP of Mr. Carlyle that awakened by Ultimate – Queen’s Summons, reducing his HP loss rate over time, but no more Vitality and damage reduction granted.

Reduced the normal attack damage of Mr. Carlyle that awakened by Ultimate – Queen’s Summons, increasing the entangled damage.

Slightly reduced Cecia’s normal attack damage.

8. Granny Dahnie – Forest Guardian

Granny Dahnie now owns Initial Energy at the beginning of battles.

Increased the damage of Ultimate – Threshold of Jade when hitting fewer targets. Check the in-game skill description for details.

Reduced the value of Energy absorption by the Ultimate – Threshold of Jade.

Increased the value of her Energy Recovery when using Seed Cannon.

Increased the Phys DEF value boosted by Exclusive Skill – Glimmerbloom Blessings.

9. Enya – Woodland Belle

Increased the value of her Energy Recovery when attacking and using skills.

Increased the damage dealt by Ultimate – Floral Splendor.

Ultimate – Floral Splendor will no longer reduce the Crit of enemies marked by Floral Mark.

Adjusted the skill effect of Wilder Blessing. Check the in-game skill description for details.

Adjusted the skill effect of Flower Power. Check the in-game skill description for details.

10. Viperian – Shadow Serpent

Reduced the damage dealt by Ultimate – Spiritual Viper.

Increased Viperian’s value of HP recovery from Ultimate – Spiritual Viper and reduced the value of Energy Recovery when an enemy possessed by Darkviper is defeated.

11. Existing Elemental Spirits (e.g., Aquasoul, Woodsoul, etc.) will no longer be immune to physical or magic damage. Instead, they will receive a certain percentage of the physical or magic damage reduction.

12. Fixed the issue with the Artifact – Pointer of Fate not correctly applying Buffs to the rearmost allies at the start of the battle in some cases.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the offline time of the Guild Members was displayed incorrectly in certain exceptional cases.

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