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Buffs & Debuffs


Attack, Attack Speed, True Damage


Knock, Penetration, Reduce Vitality

Dionel Skill Summary

  • Dawn Light: Dionel becomes untargetable for 6 seconds, attacking the most populated enemy area and dealing increased damage, especially on the final hit. Upgrades improve damage and potentially extend duration.
  • Starry Void: A passive skill that makes Dionel’s normal attacks penetrate through enemies, with upgrades increasing damage and improving attack positioning.
  • Nectar Feast: Passively boosts attack and speed for each stat boost from allies. Actively, it further enhances attack and speed for a short period. Upgrades intensify these benefits.
  • Celestial Spear: Summons a spear dealing true damage, usable up to three times per battle when fully powered by Intoxication stacks. Exclusive levels increase damage and add extra damage based on the target’s health.

Dionel Skills

Dawn Light


0 tile


Dionel soars into the air and cannot be targeted for 6s, during which he attacks the area with the most enemies using sword shock, dealing 170% damage to all adjacent enemies.
The last hit of sword shock knocks the enemy up, and its damage dealt is increased to 250%

  • Level 2: Gains a Nectar Feast buff within the effect duration. Using this skill won’t shorten its duration until the skill ends if Dionel has already been buffed.
  • Level 3: Increases the damage of sword shock to 180% and the damage of its last hit to 260%.
  • Level 4: The skill duration is extended by 2s if Dionel achieves an Assist or Kill, triggered only once per casting.
  • Level 5: Increases the damage of sword shock to 190% and the damage of its last hit to 27.

Starry Void



Passive. Dionel’s normal attack turns into a Penetration attack, dealing damage to all enemies along the way.

  • Level 2: Increases the Penetration attack damage to 150%
  • Level 3: Flashes to a better attacking position if not in a good spot, triggered once every 6s.
  • Level 4: Increases the Penetration attack damage to 155%.

Nectar Feast



Passive. Dionel gains a stack of Intoxication when receiving the non-permanent stats boost from an ally, increasing 15% ATK and 15 ATK SPD up to 3 stacks, triggered once only by each ally.

Active. Dionel drinks the divine nectar to increase 20% ATK and 20 ATK SPD for 12s.

  • Level 2: For each Intoxication stack, the ATK bonus is increased to 16%, and the ATK SPD bonus is increased to 0.16.
  • Level 3: For each Intoxication stack, the ATK bonus is increased to 18%, and the ATK SPD bonus is increased to 0.18.
  • Level 4: The bonuses from active casting are increased to 25% ATK and 25 ATK SPD.

Celestial Spear



Dionel summons a light spear after a short delay, dealing 200% true damage to all enemies, up to 3 casting per battle.
The skill is only available when the owned Intoxication is fully stacked.

Exclusive Skill Lvl. 2: Increases the skill damage dealt to 210%.
Exclusive Skill Lvl. 3: Deals extra true damage equal to 20% of the target’s current HP when first casting the skill in a battle. Reduces target’s Vitality by 60 in the next 8s. The extra damage is no more than 1000% of ATK.
Exclusive Skill Lvl. 4: Increases the skill damage dealt to 220%.

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