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Buffs & Debuffs



Knock, Life Drain

Florabelle Ratings

Story (Mid Game)Trial of AbyssPVPBattle Drill
SkyclopsCroakerNecrodrakonSnow Stomper


Pounding Blow


1 tile


Florabelle summons Spiny when a battle starts. Spiny inherits 80% of Florabelle’s Max HP, dealing 60% damage with normal attacks. Spiny retreats to the pod when defeated, then rejoins the battle after 10s.

Active: Florabelle selects a tile to summon Smash to smash the ground, dealing 300% damage to all adjacent enemies and knocking them into the air. Smashy inherits 220% of Florabelle’s Max HP, dealing 120% damage with normal attacks. Smashy takes 100% extra damage when under control effects.

Florabelle casts the skill to remove all debuffs on Smashy and restore its HP to full, commanding Smash to smash the target area ground again.

  • Unlocks at level 51: Increases Spiny’s normal attack damage to 70%.
  • Unlocks at level 111: When all three petalia are on the battlefield, summoning Smashy will trigger a coordinated attack from all petalia, dealing 400% damage to all enemies within 3 tiles and knocking them into the air.
  • Unlocks at level 171: Increases Spiny’s normal attack damage to 80%.
  • Unlocks at level 231: Increases Smashy’s normal attack damage to 220%.




Feeds a petalium with petalplum to transform them into a giant for 8s. Giant petalia will gain an extra 60 Haste and 60 Life Drain. When multiple petalia are on the field, this skill targets them in the order of Smashy, Swifty, and Spiny.

  • Unlocks at level 71: Increases Life Drain in giant form to 80.
  • Unlocks at level 131: Increases Life Drain in giant form to 100.
  • Unlocks at level 191: Increases the duration of the giant form to 10s.

Tiny Sharpshooter


1 tile

Summons Swifty in the back. Swifty has a 6-tile attack range and inherits 45% of Florabelle’s Max HP, and its normal attack deals 80% damage. Casting this skill while Swifty is already on the battlefield initiates Swifty’s Rapid Fire, unleashing 8 arrows at random targets, each dealing 70% damage. Swifty cannot be summoned again for the next 8s after being defeated.

  • Unlocks at level 91: Increases Swifty’s normal attack damage to 95%.
  • Unlocks at level 151: Increases the damage of each arrow to 88% when Swifty casts Rapid Fire.
  • Unlocks at level 211: Increases Swifty’s normal attack damage to 110%.

Hero Focus

1 tile

Florabelle increases her ATK by 10% during battle. She gains an extra 4% ATK when at least 2 of her summons are on the battlefield.

  • Level 2: Florabelle increases her ATK by 14% during battle. She gains an extra 6% ATK when at least 2 of her summons are on the battlefield.
  • Level 3: Florabelle increases her ATK by 18% during battle. She gains an extra 8% ATK when at least 2 of her summons are on the battlefield.

Gale Barrier


Grants a Natural Blessing to allied summons upon their entrance to the battlefield, providing them with a permanent shield capable of absorbing damage equal to 280% of Florabella’s ATK. This skill can be activated once every 0.5s.

  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Boosts the shield granted by this skill to 330% of Florabella’s ATK.
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: Feeds the allied summon with the highest ATK with an unripe petalplum when Flora belle casts Overgrowth. This transforms the summon into a giant, increasing their Haste by 27 and Life Drain by 32.
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: Boosts the shield granted by this skill to 330% of Florabella’s ATK.

Enhance Force

Affects: Skill 1

Allied petalia in their giant form are immune to control effects.

Enhance Force


Increases the damage dealt to a target by 11% for 3s after dealing damage to that target with normal attacks. This effect can’t stack.

  • Unlocks at level 101: Increases the damage taken by 12%.
  • Unlocks at level 151: Increases the damage taken by 13%.
  • Unlocks at level 201: Increases the damage taken by 14%.
  • Unlocks at level 251: Increases the damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlocks at level 301: Increases the damage taken by 16%.
  • Unlocks at level 351: Increases the damage taken by 17%.
  • Unlocks at level 401: Increases the damage taken by 18%.

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Investing Guide

EX Weapon Investment

PriorityPVE InvestmentPVP Investment

Given the scarcity of Temporal Essence Temporal Essence and Twilight Essence Twilight Essence, careful consideration is crucial when upgrading EX weapons. This guide ranks characters by their dependency on EX weapon upgrades for optimal performance, outlining the most cost-effective stopping points to maximize return on investment.

A commonly recommended milestone is the +8 upgrade level.

This breakpoint is emphasized because the statistical enhancements provided by upgrading the EX weapon often surpass the benefits of the passive abilities. Additionally, advancing the EX weapon from +5 to +8 requires only 30 Temporal Essences. In contrast, progressing to the final two levels demands an extra 45 Temporal Essences. Therefore, halting upgrades at +8 offers a significant efficiency, ensuring you utilize your resources without excessive expenditure.



  • Excellent Summon Support: Provides outstanding assistance to summoning allies like CeciaCecia, berialBerial, and damianDamian after unlocking her Exclusive Weapon.
  • Versatile Offense: Offers a well-rounded mix of different offensive abilities.
  • Aggro Diversion: Multiple summons help to divide enemy focus, reducing overall damage to the team.


  • Needs Exclusive Weapon: Her summons are fragile and require her Exclusive Weapon to become effective.
  • Relies on Summons: Heavily dependent on her summons for damage output.

Florabelle – S-Level Warrior from the Wilder Faction

FlorabelleFlorabelle is a dazzling S-tier Warrior from the Wilder faction. Her gameplay is a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses, focusing primarily on summoning various creatures to fight for her. Her unique approach involves summoning three different critters, each with its own distinct mechanics: Spiny, Smashy, and Swifty.

Main Skills and Summons

The passive effect of FlorabelleFlorabelle’s “Pounding Blow” calls forth Spiny, who specializes in dealing continuous damage. The active use of this skill brings out Smashy, who knocks enemies into the air upon summoning. Meanwhile, her “Tiny Sharpshooter” skill summons Swifty, a ranged attacker that excels at dealing consistent damage from the backline. Casting this skill while Swifty is already on the field triggers a rapid-fire mode, significantly increasing its attack speed.

Additionally, FlorabelleFlorabelle enhances her summons with the “Overgrowth” skill, which summons food that seeks out her critters (in the order of Smashy, Swifty, then Spiny) to provide them with a boost in Haste and Life Drain.

Exclusive Weapon and Enhancements

Her Exclusive Weapon unlocks the “Protective Blessing” skill, which grants Natural Blessing to her summons upon entering the battlefield, providing them with a protective shield. At +10 enhancement, she boosts the summon with the highest attack whenever she casts “Overgrowth”, giving them an extra burst of Haste and Life Drain.


FlorabelleFlorabelle may not seem impressive at first compared to characters like CeciaCecia, who is effective even with a single copy. It’s important to consider this if you’re thinking of using her as a main carry on a new account, especially since CeciaCecia is available for free and her duplicates can be purchased from the shop. Currently, FlorabelleFlorabelle is only available through her rate-up banner, but she will eventually be added to the general pool.

Both CeciaCecia and FlorabelleFlorabelle excel in similar game modes, particularly in story progression and Battle Drill, thanks to their combination of single-target and area-of-effect damage. However, their damage output isn’t sufficient for high-end Dream Realm content. In PvP, FlorabelleFlorabelle might have a slight edge in the current meta, fitting well into the eironnEironn team and potentially creating a powerful “Zoo” team with berialBerial, although this requires significant investment.

As the game evolves and more characters are introduced, FlorabelleFlorabelle is likely to become even more effective. Her ability to support her summons, combined with her Exclusive Weapon, makes her a standout character for summoner-based teams. This includes not only her own summons but also those of CeciaCecia, damianDamian, and berialBerial, leading to a swarm of units that can overwhelm enemy AI.

While it’s unfortunate that there aren’t many other offensive summoners besides CeciaCecia, this could change in future updates, potentially making FlorabelleFlorabelle even more valuable.

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