AFK Journey FAQs

Dive into the new world with our AFK Journey FAQs! This guide is designed to help you navigate the complexities of the game and enhance your gameplay experience by addressing the most common questions posed by the community.

AFK Journey FAQs

What is AFK Journey?

AFK Journey is an auto-chess style game set in an open-world environment. It features vibrant 3D art and a diverse cast of unique characters.

The gameplay focuses on building strategic teams and utilizing characters’ skills and Ultimates to overcome challenges.

If you enjoyed the aesthetic of AFK Arena, you’ll find the 3D visuals of AFK Journey equally captivating.

Is There a PC Version of AFK Journey?

Yes, a PC client for AFK Journey is available for download on the game’s official website, allowing for a seamless gaming experience across different platforms.

AFK Journey is a decent idle game with engaging gameplay initially, but players are likely to hit progression walls, where advancing involves waiting for resource accumulation.

How Long Do Daily Tasks Take?

After completing the main story, daily tasks in AFK Journey can be completed in about 5 to 20 minutes:

  • Basic daily quests take around 2 minutes.
  • Arena battles take about 5 minutes (no skip feature yet).
  • Time spent in Dream Realm, Legend Trial, and Battle Drills varies depending on your engagement level.

Should I Reroll My Account?

Rerolling in AFK Journey is generally less beneficial compared to other idle games because the system relies on acquiring duplicates for character progression. The first two pities on the normal banner provide high-value characters, making initial rolls quite impactful.

Is AFK Journey Free-to-Play Friendly?

AFK Journey is very accommodating to free-to-play (F2P) gamers.

Extensive testing on the Public Test Realm has shown that it’s possible to acquire and ascend all characters without spending, with strategy becoming a crucial factor at higher levels of play.

How Do Servers Function in AFK Journey?

The game utilizes a standard idle game server system that creates a fresh server when the current one reaches its limit. These servers are accessible globally, although guilds are specific to each server. There is a possibility that future updates will enable cross-server guild memberships, which is similar to the mechanisms in AFK Arena.

What Are the Summon Rates?

Summon rates for S-Level characters vary from 2.05% to 5.22% across different banners.

Unlike in AFK Arena, A-Level characters here are very competitive and crucial to gameplay success.

How Critical Is the Wishlist Feature?

The wishlist feature becomes available after your first 30 pulls on the All-Hero Recruitment banner and is crucial for targeting specific characters for ascension, as it influences which characters you are likely to pull.

How Should I Form My Team?

AFK Journey places a strong emphasis on strategic team-building and character synergies.

Our guides offer tailored advice for building effective teams within the game’s four main factions to ensure optimal progression.

Which Celestial/Hypogean Character Should I Purchase First?

reinierReinier is a top choice due to his versatility and effectiveness in various game modes, especially against bosses. He is a valuable addition to any team, even at lower ascension levels.

Best Uses for Diamonds?

While most diamonds Diamonds will likely be spent on summons, it’s important to reserve some for discounted items in the store that offer significant gameplay advantages.

What is the Endgame in AFK Journey?

The endgame of AFK Journey includes several engaging modes:

  • Arena: PvP battles to climb the ranks for better rewards.
  • Dream Realm: A boss battle mode with a leaderboard that rewards high damage output.
  • Battle Drill: A guild-based competition that requires coordination and strategy.
  • Trial of Abyss: A challenging mode that unlocks after completing the main campaign and is designed to test your team’s strength against tough opponents.

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