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Story (Mid Game)Trial of AbyssPVPBattle Drill
SkyclopsCroakerNecrodrakonSnow Stomper

Soren Skills

Whirlwind Swing




Soren selects a tile and rushes there to swing his weapon, dealing 250% + 10% damage to adjacent enemies and knocking them back tile.

If the targets collide with allies, enemies, terrain, or battlefield borders along their path, they take 400% + 20% damage and are stunned for 2.5s.

This skill prioritizes targeting the tile that will cause the most enemies to collide when cast automatically.

  • Unlocks at level 51: Soren deals 400% + 20% damage and stuns another enemy for 2.5s if the target knocked back by this skill collides with them.
  • Unlocks at level 111: Increases the collision damage to 400% + 20%.
  • Unlocks at level 171: Increases the collision damage to 420% + 20%.
  • Unlocks at level 231: Increases the collision damage to 430% + 20%.

Repel Sweep


1 Tile

Soren swings his weapon to deal 180% + 10% damage to an enemy in melee range, knocking them back tile.

If the target collides with allies, enemies, terrain, or battlefield borders along their path, they take 250% + 20% damage and are stunned for 1.5s.

Soren repositions himself to ensure maximum collisions between targets when casting this skill.

  • Unlocks at level 71: Increases base damage to 210% + 10%.
  • Unlocks at level 131: Increases the collision damage to 270% + 20%.
  • Unlocks at level 191: Extends the stun duration upon collision to 2s.

Deflecting Swing

1 tile

Soren reduces the damage taken from a single attack that exceeds 10% of his max HP by 70%, resetting the cooldown of Repel Sweep. This effect can be triggered once every 7 – 1s.

  • Unlocks at level 91: Increases the DMG Reduction ratio to 80%.
  • Unlocks at level 151: Increases the DMG Reduction ratio to 90%.
  • Unlocks at level 211: Reduces the skill cooldown to 6 – 1s.

Hero Focus

1 tile

Increases Haste by 12 during battle.

  • Level 2: Increases Haste by 16 during battle.
  • Level 3: Increases Haste by 20 during battle.

Dusk Rejuvenation

1 Tile

Soren gains 60 Haste and recovers 4% of max HP and 40 Energy per second for 12s when his HP ratio is below 60%. This effect can only be triggered once per battle.

  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Soren removes all active control effects when this skill is triggered. It can be triggered repeatedly in a single battle, with a cooldown of 25s
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: Increases the bonus Haste to 80 while this skill is active.
  • Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: Increases the HP recovery to 5% of the max HP every second while this skill is active

Enhance Force

Affects: Skill 1

Increases the knockback distance of Repel Sweep to 2 tiles when Deflecting Swing is triggered, dealing extra damage equal to 50% of the blocked damage.

Battle Rush

1 Tile

Increases own Haste by 21 for 10s after each Ultimate cast.

  • Unlocks at level 101: Increases the Haste bonus to 23.
  • Unlocks at level 151: Increases the Haste bonus to 25.
  • Unlocks at level 201: Increases the Haste bonus to 27.
  • Unlocks at level 251: Increases the Haste bonus to 29.
  • Unlocks at level 301: Increases the Haste bonus to 31.
  • Unlocks at level 351: Increases the Haste bonus to 33.
  • Unlocks at level 401: Increases the Haste bonus to 35.

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Investing Guide

EX Weapon Investment

PriorityPVE InvestmentPVP Investment

Given the scarcity of Temporal Essence Temporal Essence and Twilight Essence Twilight Essence, careful consideration is crucial when upgrading EX weapons. This guide ranks characters by their dependency on EX weapon upgrades for optimal performance, outlining the most cost-effective stopping points to maximize return on investment.

A commonly recommended milestone is the +8 upgrade level.

This breakpoint is emphasized because the statistical enhancements provided by upgrading the EX weapon often surpass the benefits of the passive abilities. Additionally, advancing the EX weapon from +5 to +8 requires only 30 Temporal Essences. In contrast, progressing to the final two levels demands an extra 45 Temporal Essences. Therefore, halting upgrades at +8 offers a significant efficiency, ensuring you utilize your resources without excessive expenditure.



  • Versatile Abilities: Combines damage with crowd control.
  • Consistent Harassment: Can continually pressure enemies if circumstances are favorable.


  • Fragile in Melee: Often defeated quickly due to a lack of survival skills.
  • Weak Self-Healing: Healing is insufficient, often resulting in death before it takes effect.

sorenSoren is a new A-tier Rogue from the Mauler faction. Similar to valen 1Valen, his skillset is impressive, but he struggles to execute his abilities effectively without getting taken down quickly.

Ultimate Skill: Whirlwind Swing

sorenSoren’s signature move is the ‘Whirlwind Swing’, which boasts a global range. He moves to a chosen spot and swings his pole, damaging enemies and knocking them back by one tile. If these enemies collide with others, obstacles, or the edge of the battlefield, they take extra damage and are stunned. This works well with alsaAlsa’s ‘Stone Barrier’, which can set up collisions for stunning. However, this ultimate isn’t auto-friendly, often requiring manual control to target high-priority enemies like DPS or supports instead of the frontline.

Skill 1: Repel Sweep

The ‘Repel Sweep’ is useful for its utility, knocking back and stunning enemies that collide with objects or other units. sorenSoren repositions himself to execute the knockback, which can be risky. This movement can sometimes place him in vulnerable spots where his teammates can’t easily assist him.

Skill 2: Deflecting Swing

‘Deflecting Swing’ is a passive ability that only blocks a single hit, making it less effective due to its long cooldown. It triggers on any attack that deals more than 10% of sorenSoren’s HP, which is frequent for a Rogue. On the plus side, it resets the ‘Repel Sweep’, adding more utility by allowing additional stuns. His Hero Focus on Haste is beneficial for his abilities, ensuring quicker execution.

Mythic+ Skill: Dusk Rejuvenation

‘Dusk Rejuvenation’ at Mythic+ seems promising but falls short in practice. It heals sorenSoren for only 4% (or 5% at level 4) of his max HP per second, which is insignificant given his already low health pool. At Supreme+, his ‘Enhance Force’ increases the knockback distance of ‘Repel Sweep’ to two tiles when ‘Deflecting Swing’ is triggered, adding extra damage equal to about 50% of the mitigated damage.

Season of Strife Skill

The ‘Battle Rush’ skill is potentially good for sorenSoren, but his fragile nature makes it less effective. He would benefit more from a defensive skill that enhances his survivability rather than one that focuses on offense.


For players wanting to use sorenSoren, pairing him with alsaAlsa and a tank like AntandraAntandra with her Shield Formation or thoran 1Thoran with his Soul Pact can help improve his survivability. Support characters like rowan 1Rowan can accelerate his ultimate and provide emergency healing, while damianDamian or Hewynn 1Hewynn can heal him in situations where Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky cannot reach.

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