AFK Journey Battle Modes

AFK Journey has provided players with a diverse range of battle modes since its launch, offering them various ways to engage with its vast world. Below is a brief overview of each mode, with detailed guides on each mode to follow soon!

AFK Journey Battle Modes

AFK Journey Battle Modes

World Map

Unlocks: Tutorial


  • Open World Adventure: Transitioning from the linear stages of its predecessor, AFK Arena, AFK Journey features an open-world format where players can freely explore, complete quests, defeat enemies, uncover treasures, gather resources, and solve puzzles.
  • Progression: The world is divided into various areas and chapters. Completing quests in each area is essential to advance.
afk journey world map

AFK Stages

Unlocks: Stage 16


  • Continuous Combat: Players battle against increasingly powerful foes. Progressing through these stages is crucial as it unlocks other game modes and functionalities.
  • Idle Rewards: The furthest stage reached determines your idle rewards. With the auto-challenge feature, players can automatically progress to the next stage without manual intervention, enhancing efficiency in gameplay.
  • Current Limits: The maximum stage available in the Public Test Realm (PTR) is 1125, with AFK loot collections possible every 12 hours—a frequency that can be improved through achievements.
afk stages in afk journey

Dream Realm

Unlocks: Post-tutorial


  • Boss Rush Mode: Compete against other server players to inflict the most damage on daily rotating bosses.
  • Scoring and Rewards: More damage translates to better scores and superior daily rewards.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Each boss has six difficulty levels; defeating a boss at one level moves you to the next. First-time boss kills on any level grant Invite Letters.
  • Efficiency: Upon a boss’s return in the cycle, you’ll begin at the highest difficulty previously achieved, saving time on easier levels.
attacking dream realm teams

Honor Duel

Unlocks: Stage 16


  • Even-Footed PVP: This mode offers a balanced PvP environment where players don’t use their own heroes but select from a shared pool provided by the game’s unique card/shop system.
  • Strategic Deployment: Players must strategically place heroes on the battlefield, watching for enemy moves to counter effectively. The game allows adjusting formations in response to the opponent’s tactics.
  • Rewards: Weekly rewards are based on the number of victories achieved, encouraging consistent participation.
Honor Duel


Unlocks: Stage 20


  • Player vs. Player Combat: Utilize your own roster to battle against other players’ defense teams.
  • Ranking and Rewards: Winning battles earns you rank points, which help you ascend through various leagues—from Novice to Champion. Higher leagues offer greater daily and weekly rewards.
  • Format: Engage in team vs. team battles. As of now, the game does not feature 3v3 PvP.
afk journey arena

Arcane Labyrinth

Unlocks: Stage 100


  • Classic Mode Reimagined: The beloved Labyrinth from AFK Arena returns with enhancements.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Choose your path by selecting from two rooms, each offering unique enemies and rewards.
arcane labyrinth afk journey

Battle Drills

Unlocks: Stage 121


  • Guild-Exclusive Challenges: This mode is akin to the Abyssal Expedition but on a smaller scale, making it more accessible yet still challenging.
  • Strategic Map Conquest: Progress through a monster-filled map by defeating scouts, camps, and bosses. Conquering strongholds grants buffs that strengthen your heroes.
  • Teamwork: Success in this mode requires careful coordination with guild members to achieve high rankings.
afk journey battle drills

Legend Trial

Unlocks: Stage 166


  • Evolved Factional Tower: This mode is a revamped version of the Factional Tower from AFK Arena, now called the Legend Trial.
  • Rotating Challenges: Trials open according to the day of the week, offering tailored challenges.
  • Rich Rewards: Earn Acorns, Essence, and materials necessary for ascending artifacts through trial completions.
afk journey legend trial

Primal Lord

Unlocks: Cyclical event


  • Server-Wide Cooperation: Primal Lords are formidable boss monsters appearing periodically on the map. These events require the collective effort of the entire server to overcome.
  • Dynamic Challenges: The frequency and variety of Primal Bosses ensure that players must adapt and strategize differently for each occurrence.
  • Reward System: The quicker a Primal Lord is defeated, the better the rewards dispensed to all participants, incentivizing rapid and efficient teamwork.
Primal Lord

Trial of Abyss

Unlocks: AFK Stage 1125


  • Endgame Content: This mode becomes available after completing the initial story campaign and all 1125 AFK Stages, with an additional requirement that the server be at least 18 days old.
  • Dungeon Crawl: Players descend through a dungeon, encountering and defeating guardian teams on each floor.
  • Formidable Opponents: The guardians often feature teams composed of powerful Celestial and Hypogean characters, providing a significant challenge to players’ strategic abilities and hero rosters.
afk journey legend trial

Both “Primal Lord” and “Trial of Abyss” offer unique challenges that test the collective and individual prowess of players in AFK Journey. Primal Lord events foster community and cooperation across the server, while Trial of Abyss provides a rigorous test of strength against some of the game’s toughest opponents. Engaging in these modes not only enhances your strategic gameplay but also offers substantial rewards that can significantly boost your progress in the game.

Stay prepared for these challenges by continually upgrading your heroes and refining your strategies to ensure you’re ready when these epic battles commence. Victory in these modes is not only a testament to your skill but also a gateway to some of the best rewards in AFK Journey.

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