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AFK Journey features four Dream Realm bosses to encounter, and Necrodrakon is one of them. In this guide, we will discuss the Necrodrakon mechanics and the best heroes and teams to use against him to get to the highest damage.

Best Teams for Necrodrakon

The ideal team composition largely depends on your specific game account and the characters you have at higher rarities.

Utilize your best DPS carries and support them with characters who can maximize their damage output. It’s generally advantageous to run Dual/Triple carry setups, as currently, there’s no feasible way to amplify a carry’s damage sufficiently to justify using only one.

While maintaining faction bonuses is beneficial, avoid using suboptimal characters just to fulfill this criterion.

Team Necrodrakon #1

krugerKruger temesiaTemesia korinKorin valaVala MarileeMarilee

  • Role: This setup includes krugerKruger as the debuffer, with temesiaTemesia and korinKorin as self-sustaining sub-DPS, valaVala also as sub-DPS, and MarileeMarilee as the main DPS carry. This composition works well if you do not have reinierReinier at Mythic+.
  • Alternatives: You can replace krugerKruger with reinierReinier for enhanced effects, or run both to maximize the damage output, especially for physical attackers like MarileeMarilee.

Team Necrodrakon #2

krugerKruger temesiaTemesia korinKorin valaVala MarileeMarilee

  • Composition: rhysRhys is used for his high mobility and sustained single-target damage, serving as a reliable alternative if valaVala isn’t available. seth 1Seth is also a good fit in this team for additional versatility.

Team Necrodrakon #3


  • Optimal Setup: If you have reinierReinier at Mythic+ rarity, pairing him with krugerKruger creates a powerful debuffing duo that significantly boosts the damage output of MarileeMarilee, and to a lesser extent, korinKorin and temesiaTemesia.
  • Artifact: The Awakening Spell is utilized here to compensate for healing needs, focusing entirely on enhancing offensive capabilities.

Choose characters that synergize well to maximize your effectiveness against Necrodrakon.

Necrodrakon Mechanics

Necrodrakon begins the battle by targeting the nearest hero as the “tank” and focusing attacks on them.

However, if the tank moves out of range, Necrodrakon will switch its focus to the next closest character.

Throughout the early to late game, the best choices for the tank role against this boss are thoran 1Thoran and, surprisingly, temesiaTemesia.

This is due to Necrodrakon’s two formidable abilities that penalize stationary characters:

  1. Between its regular attacks, Necrodrakon places a “Crest” on each character. This crest acts as a bomb that will detonate if the character remains motionless for 15 seconds, inflicting significant damage and reducing their attack power and energy regeneration.
  2. Necrodrakon unleashes an Area Denial Attack targeting the largest cluster of heroes, which could be either the frontline or the backline depending on your team setup. It’s advisable to limit the number of backline heroes to two to minimize the impact of this attack. Active movement from your heroes can effectively mitigate this threat.

Additionally, Necrodrakon executes a massive AOE attack three times during the encounter, dealing substantial damage to all heroes. This becomes particularly challenging for healers like Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky, who encounter significant difficulties due to Necrodrakon’s final attack: a ranged interrupt targeting the two healthiest heroes, often including the healer.

This continuous disruption necessitates a different approach to healing, favoring heroes with life leech or shielding capabilities such as temesiaTemesia, korinKorin, seth 1Seth, shakirShakir, krugerKruger, thoran 1Thoran, and reinierReinier.

While Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky can still be used, their effectiveness is reduced compared to their performance against other bosses like Skyclops and King Croaker.

Necrodrakon In Action

In the course of a 90-second battle with Necrodrakon—if you manage to last the entire duration—the boss executes approximately 38-39 actions.

Here’s a breakdown of all possible actions Necrodrakon may take:

  1. Basic Melee Attack
  2. Basic Ranged Attack
  3. Area Denial Attack: Targets the area with the most characters, executed 9 times.
  4. Teamwide AOE Attack: Occurs 3 times during the fight.
  5. Teamwide Crest Cast: Cast 5 times, this attack places a potentially devastating bomb on all heroes.
  6. Ranged Interrupt Attack: Targets the two healthiest characters, executed 7 times.

Necrodrakon Best Team Setup

Team Composition for Necrodrakon

To stand a chance against Necrodrakon, your team should ideally include:

  • Tank: A robust hero who can withstand heavy attacks.
  • DPS Carry: A hero who delivers high damage output.
  • Debuffer: A character that can apply negative effects to weaken the boss.

When assembling your team, consider the faction bonuses. Aligning at least three characters from the same faction can significantly boost your team’s effectiveness.

Optimally, you want to maximize the utility of each hero. For instance, shakirShakir can serve both as the Tank and the Buffer, providing great value.

Heroes that frequently move around are particularly advantageous for this boss due to Necrodrakon’s targeting mechanics and area-based attacks. Make sure to choose characters that can keep up with the mobility required.

role tank Tank

Best in Slot:

  • temesiaTemesia: Excelling in mobility, temesiaTemesia can effortlessly dodge crests and sustain less damage from Necrodrakon’s mire attacks compared to stationary tanks. She also serves as a DPS carry. Recommended at [Mythic+] and EX+5 or higher.


  • thoran 1Thoran: While he remains stationary, thoran 1Thoran’s robustness and life drain ability allow him to endure significant damage. He also acts as a debuffer.
  • krugerKruger: Known for his shielding and life drain capabilities, krugerKruger is stationary but his debuffs are invaluable, making him a strong choice for the tank role.
  • seth 1Seth: Combining the roles of debuffer and DPS carry, seth 1Seth is dynamic, moving across the battlefield while benefiting from life drain.
  • shakirShakir: A versatile hero, shakirShakir not only provides life drain but also buffs the team. He requires [Mythic+] and EX+10 or higher to be fully effective.
  • korinKorin: Known for his agility, korinKorin moves around the battlefield and doubles as a DPS carry, making him a flexible pick for the tank spot.
  • brutus 1Brutus: Although brutus 1Brutus is stationary and not as optimal as other tanks, he still offers debuff capabilities and can be a serviceable option if other heroes are not available.


For DPS carries against Necrodrakon, prioritize heroes with strong sustained single-target damage and mobility skills.

  • MarileeMarilee: With her combination of movement skills and top-tier damage output, MarileeMarilee is the ideal DPS carry for this boss encounter.


  • korinKorin: Offers both mobility and decent damage, making him a solid choice for consistent damage delivery.
  • rhysRhys: Similar to korinKorin, rhysRhys combines movement with effective damage output.
  • temesiaTemesia: Known for her mobility and reliable damage, temesiaTemesia can be a strong asset in your team.
  • valaVala: Provides good mobility and damage, ensuring she can stay out of harm’s way while contributing significantly to the team’s DPS.
  • odieOdie: Although lacking mobility, odieOdie’s high damage output compensates, making him a powerful choice if positioned well.
  • CeciaCecia: Like odieOdie, CeciaCecia doesn’t have movement skills but offers enough damage to justify her inclusion.


  • dionelDionel: While stationary, if highly invested, dionelDionel can still provide valuable DPS.
  • walkerWalker: Another stationary option that can be effective with high investment levels.
  • bryonBryon: Although not mobile, bryonBryon’s damage output at high investment levels can be advantageous.
  • CassadeeCassadee: Stationary but capable of significant damage, CassadeeCassadee can be used effectively if better options aren’t available.

buff Buffer

Buffers are key in maximizing team damage output. We’ll prioritize offensive buffs, as defensive enhancements are less critical if your team can maintain its survivability.

  • shakirShakir: Offers 25 Haste and [30% ATK at EX +10], with effectiveness tied to his ultimate’s activation. Notably, shakirShakir doubles as a tank and is highly mobile, which may make it challenging to keep his aura consistently positioned without manual control. He is best utilized at [Mythic+] and EX+10 or higher.


  • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky: Provides 20% ATK and 30 Haste. Although typically effective, his performance may dip against this boss due to frequent interruptions affecting his buff and heal uptime. Still, he remains a solid choice.
  • Lyca 1Lyca: Enhances the team with 40 ATK SPD and has a 50% uptime teamwide, making her particularly effective in combination with odieOdie to amplify his damage output.
  • rowan 1Rowan: Delivers 320 Energy, with benefits linked to his ultimate. He pairs well with heroes like odieOdie or MarileeMarilee who rely on their ultimates for damage but may not be as effective with CeciaCecia.
  • CassadeeCassadee: Her buffs act as follow-up attacks, offering high single target and teamwide effectiveness when her ultimate is active.
  • damianDamian: Provides 40 Haste at Mythic+ and doubles as a healer, adding versatility to his role within the team.
  • kokoKoko: Boosts team ATK by 10% and grants an additional 10% ATK to a single ally, supporting overall team damage output.


  • fayFay: Gives 14% ATK and 15 ATK SPD, but the utility of her buffs, which are tied to her ultimate, can be inconsistent due to unreliable targeting. She also serves as a healer.
  • Hewynn 1Hewynn: Offers 30 Haste at [Supreme+], with benefits linked to his healing abilities, making him a dual-role character as both buffer and healer.
  • ParisaParisa: Enhances a single target with 30 ATK SPD and an additional 30% normal attack damage, ideal for boosting specific heroes.
  • reinierReinier: Provides a modest 4% ATK increase, offering a smaller yet consistent enhancement to team damage output.

spell Debuffer

Debuffers play a crucial role in your strategy against Necrodrakon by reducing enemy defenses or increasing the damage the enemy takes. This focus on debuffs that maximize team damage output is critical.

  • reinierReinier: Increases damage taken by the enemy by 25% at [Mythic+], making him a top choice for debuffing.
  • krugerKruger: Applies a 40% reduction in Physical DEF and increases Physical Damage taken by 40%, severely weakening enemy resistances.
  • thoran 1Thoran: Enhances enemy damage intake by 17%, contributing significantly to overall team damage.


  • Lyca 1Lyca: Can reduce Physical DEF by up to 37%, softening targets for physical attacks.
  • kokoKoko: Adds a 10% increase to the damage enemies take, boosting overall damage output.


  • eironnEironn: Offers a potent -40% Magic DEF debuff; however, the lack of effective single-target magic DPS carries currently makes him less desirable.
  • brutus 1Brutus: While he reduces Physical DEF by 30%, krugerKruger is generally preferred for this role due to overlapping abilities.
  • CarolinaCarolina: Applies a -15% Magic DEF reduction.
  • walkerWalker: Debuffs include -10% Physical DEF and -10 Crit Resist, offering a dual debuff capability.
  • CassadeeCassadee: At [Supreme+], she reduces Magic DEF by 20%, aiding magic-based attacks.
  • fayFay: Reduces either Physical or Magic DEF by 10%, depending on the enemy’s damage type, providing flexible debuffing.
  • kafraKafra: Lowers Physical DEF by 15%, a straightforward debuff to bolster physical attacks.
  • seth 1Seth: Reduces Physical DEF by 15% at 67% boss health and 30% at 34% boss health, becoming more effective as the boss’s health decreases.
  • temesiaTemesia: Offers a modest 6% reduction in Physical DEF.

support Healer

While traditional healers are less effective against Necrodrakon due to frequent interrupts, you can still support your team’s health through alternative means.

It’s advised to forego traditional healers in this encounter. Instead, utilize the Awakening Spell (Healing Artifact) to meet your healing needs, allowing you to concentrate on maximizing damage output. Relying on your characters’ life drain abilities combined with the healing artifact can often suffice.

  • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky: If you feel a healer is necessary, [smokey ] can still perform well, though be prepared for possible interruptions.
  • Hewynn 1Hewynn: Offers healing capabilities, but like others, may face disruption from the boss’s interrupt attacks.
  • damianDamian: Another healer who can provide valuable support, though his effectiveness might be reduced due to the same interrupt issues.
  • rowan 1Rowan: Known for his energy boosts as well as healing, rowan 1Rowan can be a useful addition to any team, especially if paired with DPS characters who benefit from his energy regeneration.
  • kokoKoko: While primarily a buffer, kokoKoko can also offer some level of healing support, making him a flexible choice if additional healing is deemed necessary.

Detailed Guide for Each Dream Realm Boss

King Croaker




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