Snow Stomper Guide & Teams

Snow Stomper

AFK Journey features four Dream Realm bosses to encounter, and Snow Stomper is one of them. In this guide, we will discuss the Snow Stomper mechanics and the best heroes and teams to use against him to get to the highest damage.

Best Teams for Snow Stomper

Crafting the right team to take on Snow Stomper involves balancing high DPS output with sufficient survivability and support. Here are three suggested meta team setups that can be adapted based on your character availability and game focus:

Team #1: Balanced DPS and Support

MarileeMarilee odieOdie rhysRhys thoran 1Thoran krugerKruger

  • MarileeMarilee and odieOdie: Serve as the main DPS carries, dealing the bulk of the damage.
  • rhysRhys: Acts as a sub-DPS, supporting Marilee and Odie by handling additional damage roles or clearing minions.
  • thoran 1Thoran: Provides support primarily by enhancing Marilee’s survivability through damage mitigation or healing effects.
  • krugerKruger: Utilized as the debuffer to reduce the boss’s defenses, amplifying the team’s overall damage.

Alternate Options:

  • thoran 1Thoran can be replaced with shakirShakir, who offers additional DPS while maintaining team survivability.
  • rhysRhys can be switched out for temesiaTemesia depending on your need for mobility or specific damage types.

Team #2: High DPS Output

Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky odieOdie MarileeMarilee rhysRhys krugerKruger

  • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky replace thoran 1Thoran to increase the DPS output slightly while providing bursts of healing, even though it may slightly lower the total team damage due to the loss of Thoran’s defensive support.

Team #3: Double Debuffer High Investment

reinierReinier krugerKruger shakirShakir odieOdie MarileeMarilee

  • reinierReinier and krugerKruger: Both serve as debuffers to severely weaken Snow Stomper and enhance damage from all sources.
  • shakirShakir: Provides additional survivability and DPS, helping to balance the team’s needs between offensive power and durability.
  • Main Carries: Utilize your highest investment DPS characters like MarileeMarilee or odieOdie, ensuring they can exploit the weakened state of Snow Stomper maximally.

Special Strategy:

  • An interesting dynamic occurs when reinierReinier teleports odieOdie next to Snow Stomper, potentially drawing some aggro away from other team members. Odie’s significant life drain, enhanced by Reinier, not only keeps him alive but also provides indirect support to the rest of the team by mitigating some of the focus and damage from Snow Stomper.

General Strategy Tips:

  • Dual/Triple Carry Systems: Utilizing multiple DPS carries ensures that there is no single point of failure in your attack strategy. This setup helps in managing aggro and ensuring consistent damage output throughout the battle.
  • Faction Bonuses: While beneficial, they should not lead to the inclusion of suboptimal characters. Always prioritize character synergy and individual effectiveness.
  • Investment Levels: The effectiveness of these teams can depend heavily on the investment in specific characters. Higher-tier enhancements such as Mythic+ for reinierReinier and Supreme or EX+10 for shakirShakir are crucial for maximizing the potential of these setups.

By carefully selecting and positioning these characters based on their strengths and synergies, you can create a powerful team capable of overcoming Snow Stomper and advancing successfully in your AFK Journey adventures.

Snow Stomper Mechanics

Snow Stomper presents a unique challenge in AFK Journey with a dynamic set of abilities that require strategic handling and specific team compositions. Here’s a breakdown of the mechanics and strategies to consider when facing this icy foe.

Primary Attacks and Abilities:

  • Initial Engagement: Snow Stomper begins the battle targeting the closest hero with alternating melee and ranged attacks.
  • AOE Breath Attack: Periodically, the boss pauses its standard attacks to unleash a powerful AOE Breath attack that can affect multiple team members.
  • Blizzard Summon: 10 seconds into the fight, Snow Stomper casts a Blizzard that lasts 20 seconds. This cycle repeats every 30 seconds (20 seconds of Blizzard followed by 10 seconds cooldown), occurring three times during the encounter.
  • Freezing Mechanic: Concurrently with the Blizzard, Snow Stomper freezes the character that has accumulated the most damage, inflicting damage over time until the snowman imprisoning them is destroyed.
  • Targeted Knockdown: The boss occasionally targets the healthiest character, knocking them down and interrupting their actions for 1 second, which can disrupt skill channeling.

Adapting to Skill Channeling Interruption:

  • Since Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky experience limited effectiveness due to frequent interruptions, alternative healing and buffing strategies must be employed.
  • Characters with life drain abilities are particularly valuable as they provide a consistent means of self-sustain.

Optimal Characters and Strategy:

  • Supreme+ DPS Carries: At high levels, DPS characters like MarileeMarilee can often handle the boss solo with minimal support, capitalizing on their damage output and survivability.
  • Support for DPS: Characters such as thoran 1Thoran, shakirShakir, and reinierReinier are essential for enhancing the durability of your DPS carries. They can add layers of survivability, which is crucial as the boss’s damage over time can gradually wear down the team.
  • Reset Strategy: In scenarios where a character dies prematurely, resetting the fight might be necessary to optimize your approach and ensure all members are available to maximize damage and sustain.

This boss requires a balanced approach that combines strong DPS with reliable sustain and strategic use of characters to counteract the specific challenges presented by Snow Stomper’s mechanics. Careful planning and the right team composition are key to overcoming this formidable opponent.

Snow Stomper In Action

Understanding the sequence and frequency of Snow Stomper’s actions is crucial for developing an effective strategy. Here’s a detailed overview of what this boss can do during the 90-second encounter:

  • Melee Attack: A basic physical attack targeting the nearest character.
  • Ranged Attack / Bleeding Ranged Attack: Targets characters from a distance; the bleeding effect adds a damage-over-time component that can stack and significantly impact health over time.
  • AOE Breath Attack: Performed 6 times throughout the battle, this wide-reaching breath attack can hit multiple team members, requiring good positioning and movement to avoid.
  • Knockdown Attack: Occurs 4 times during the fight, this attack targets the healthiest character, knocking them down and interrupting their actions for 1 second—crucial to note for timing your skill uses.
  • Snowman Freeze Attack: Executed 5 times, this attack freezes the character with the highest accumulated damage, encasing them in a snowman that deals ongoing damage until destroyed. This can severely handicap your team’s output if not managed quickly.
  • AOE Blizzard Cast: Cast 3 times, this blizzard significantly challenges the team by covering the area with intense cold, reducing mobility and visibility, and necessitating rapid response and adaptation.

Snow Stomper Best Team Setup

Successfully challenging Snow Stomper in AFK Journey requires a balanced team that can navigate through the boss’s intense offensive and defensive tactics. Here are the essential roles your team should fill, along with strategic tips for optimizing your lineup:

Essential Roles

  1. DPS Carry
    • Purpose: Your DPS carry is crucial for dealing consistent high damage to Snow Stomper, particularly important for quickly breaking free from the Snowman Freeze attack and mitigating the Blizzard’s impact.
    • Key Attributes: High single-target damage output, ideally with some form of self-sustain or evasion to mitigate the effects of Snow Stomper’s attacks.
  2. Buffer
    • Purpose: Buffers enhance the team’s overall effectiveness by increasing damage output and possibly providing speed or resistance buffs to counteract the boss’s slowing and freezing effects.
    • Key Attributes: Ability to boost attack power and speed; additional benefits might include enhancing critical hit rates or providing temporary shields.
  3. Debuffer
    • Purpose: Debuffing Snow Stomper can significantly reduce the threat level by lowering its damage output or increasing the damage it takes, which is vital for managing the fight’s pacing and survivability.
    • Key Attributes: Skills that reduce the boss’s attack power, increase damage received, or impair its ability to land hits effectively.

spell Debuffer

Debuffers are essential in your team against Snow Stomper, as they can significantly weaken the boss and enhance your team’s overall damage output.

  • reinierReinier: Increases the damage Snow Stomper takes by 25% at [Mythic+], making him extremely effective for boosting overall team damage.
  • krugerKruger: Reduces Physical Defense by 40% and increases Physical Damage taken by 40%, substantially softening up the boss for physical attacks.


  • thoran 1Thoran: Boosts the damage Snow Stomper takes by 17%, a solid choice for increasing damage output.
  • Lyca 1Lyca: Can decrease Physical Defense by up to 37%, which significantly aids physical DPS characters in your team.
  • kokoKoko: Enhances the damage the boss takes by an additional 10%, providing a moderate boost to team damage.
  • eironnEironn: Offers a significant Magic Defense reduction of 40%, highly effective but currently less useful due to a lack of strong single-target magic DPS carriers.
  • brutus 1Brutus: Reduces Physical Defense by 30%. His utility might be overshadowed if krugerKruger is already fulfilling a similar role.
  • CarolinaCarolina: Decreases Magic Defense by 15%, complementing teams that rely on magical damage.
  • walkerWalker: Provides a double debuff of -10% Physical Defense and -10% Critical Resistance, useful in reducing the boss’s offensive capabilities.
  • CassadeeCassadee: At [Supreme+], she reduces Magic Defense by 20%, helping magic-based attackers significantly.
  • fayFay: Flexibly reduces either Physical or Magic Defense by 10%, adapting to the boss’s damage type, which adds strategic value.
  • kafraKafra: Lowers Physical Defense by 15%, straightforwardly supporting physical damage strategies.
  • seth 1Seth: Offers a dynamic debuff that reduces Physical Defense by 15% at 67% boss health and 30% at 34%, making him more effective as the fight progresses.
  • temesiaTemesia: Provides a modest 6% reduction in Physical Defense, a lighter touch that could complement other debuffs.

Selecting the right debuffer(s) will be crucial for minimizing Snow Stomper’s threat while maximizing your team’s damage output. Adjust your choices based on your team composition and the types of DPS characters you plan to include to ensure the best synergy and effectiveness.

buff Buffer

Buffers enhance your team’s offensive capabilities, which is crucial in dealing with bosses like Snow Stomper. Here’s a guide to selecting the best buffers for this battle, focusing on those that maximize team damage output:

  • shakirShakir: Offers 25 Haste and [30% ATK at EX +10], with uptime linked to his ultimate. He also serves as a tank and is highly mobile, which can be both an advantage and a challenge in positioning his aura effectively. Requires [Mythic+] and EX+10 for optimal performance.


  • kokoKoko: Provides a 10% ATK boost to the team and an additional 10% to a single ally, enhancing both group and individual performance.
  • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky: Despite being prone to interruptions by the Blizzard, they offer 20% ATK and 30 Haste, making them a potent option if you can manage their uptime effectively.
  • Lyca 1Lyca: Increases ATK SPD by 40 with a 50% teamwide uptime, excellent for accelerating DPS output, particularly in conjunction with heroes like odieOdie.
  • CassadeeCassadee: Her buffs act as follow-up attacks, which can significantly enhance single-target and teamwide damage, especially valuable in boss fights.
  • damianDamian: Delivers 40 Haste at Mythic+ and doubles as a healer, adding versatility to his role within the team.


  • fayFay: Boosts ATK by 14% and ATK SPD by 15%, though her targeting can be inconsistent. Also serves as a healer.
  • Hewynn 1Hewynn: Provides 30 Haste at [Supreme+] with uptime linked to his healing abilities, making him another dual-role character.
  • ParisaParisa: Enhances a single target with 30 ATK SPD and adds 30% Normal Attack Damage, ideal for supporting high-value DPS characters.
  • reinierReinier: A modest boost with 4% ATK increase, offering a smaller yet consistent enhancement to team damage output.
  • rowan 1Rowan: While he provides 320 Energy which is crucial for ultimates, his effectiveness may be reduced in this particular boss fight due to the lower utility of ultimates against Snow Stomper.

Choosing the right buffer will depend heavily on your team composition and the other roles filled, as well as the specific dynamics of the Snow Stomper fight. Consider the synergy between these buffers and your DPS characters to optimize damage and effectively manage the battle.


Selecting the right DPS carry is critical for effectively dealing with Snow Stomper. This role is centered around delivering sustained high damage, and any added self-sustain is a valuable bonus to help withstand the boss’s attacks.

  • MarileeMarilee: Known for her exceptional single-target damage and efficiency in boss fights, making her a top choice for this role.
  • odieOdie: Delivers powerful single-target attacks and, depending on his build, can offer self-sustain to maintain his effectiveness throughout the fight.
  • korinKorin: Not only strong in terms of damage, but his mobility can be particularly useful in avoiding Snow Stomper’s area attacks.
  • temesiaTemesia: Offers robust damage output and benefits from any self-sustain abilities she might have, making her more durable against prolonged encounters.
  • rhysRhys: Combines high damage with good survivability, helping to maintain consistent DPS even under pressure.


  • dionelDionel: Provides solid DPS and can be especially effective if his skills align well with the team’s strategy to mitigate the boss’s strengths.
  • valaVala: Her capability to deal sustained damage and potentially offer crowd control makes her a useful choice.
  • walkerWalker: His ability to debuff the boss while dealing damage makes him a dual-threat on the battlefield.
  • bryonBryon: Strong in damage output, though typically more effective when he can maintain a safe distance from target threats.
  • CassadeeCassadee: Known for her follow-up attack capabilities, which can significantly boost her damage output in team settings.
  • CeciaCecia: While more known for burst damage, Cecia can effectively contribute to the team’s DPS with the right support.
  • seth 1Seth: Offers not only good damage but also debuffing effects, which can reduce the boss’s defenses and increase overall team damage.
  • shakirShakir: Although primarily a buffer or tank, Shakir can also serve as a DPS in situations where his other roles are less needed.

When choosing a DPS carry for Snow Stomper, consider how these characters’ abilities mesh with the rest of your team. Effective synergy, especially with buffers and debuffers, can significantly enhance the performance of your DPS carries, turning a challenging boss fight into a manageable one.

support Healer

While a dedicated healer isn’t strictly necessary for dealing with Snow Stomper, having one can provide a safety net that allows your DPS carries to maintain their output without the risk of being taken out prematurely. Here’s a look at the best options if you choose to include a healer in your team composition:

  • reinierReinier: Though not traditionally viewed as a healer, Reinier’s ability to grant life drain to a single ally makes him incredibly valuable. This is especially true in battles like this where Snow Stomper tends to focus on the highest damage-dealing DPS carry, such as MarileeMarilee. Reinier can ensure that such a carry remains effective throughout the fight by continuously replenishing their health as they deal damage.


  • Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky: Despite the frequent interruptions caused by Snow Stomper’s blizzard, Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky are able to deliver bursts of healing. Their ability to also act as buffers enhances their utility, making them a robust choice even under suboptimal conditions.
  • Hewynn 1Hewynn: While not the best character for Dream Realm scenarios generally, Hewynn’s ultimate can still be strategically used in the windows between blizzard casts to heal and support the team.
  • damianDamian: Damian’s unique healing mechanism involves summoning a toy carriage that provides healing independently of his own actions. This makes him particularly effective against Snow Stomper, as his healing is not disrupted by the blizzard.

When deciding on a healer, consider how these characters can integrate into your overall strategy, not just for their healing but also for any additional roles they might fill. For instance, reinierReinier not only heals but enhances a DPS carry’s survivability, while Smokey and MeerkySmokey & Meerky can contribute to both healing and damage output. These dual capabilities can be crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of your team against Snow Stomper.

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